ADD ADHD and Change of Schedule – – – ADD Tip o the Day 521

I changed my schedule. And Oh, my!

Wake up.

Pills, pills, and more pills.

Kegl exercises (don’t ask).

Quiet time.

Check net.

Breakfast and read paper.

Brush teeth.

And so my day is begun –

Change of schedule

But recently I realized that I feel better if I eat breakfast earlier. But that changed everything, and I’m forgetting to do things, forgetting to brush my teeth, forgetting quiet time, etc.

Forgetting to brush my teeth!?!

Can’t anything be counted on?

I need structure.

See recent post, # 519.


I made out a new schedule and put it on a whiteboard next to my computer. It will eventually become habit and I won’t have to think about it. Thank God.


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structure and schedule

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isn’t that enough already?



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Things will get better!




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Daytrana Patch (Ritalin) — ADD Tip o the Day 520

My Daytrana patch is helping.

This is Ritalin absorbed through the skin. It gives me more control and doesn’t have the G.I. side effects I get from Ritalin. But I need to remember to take it off early, so that hopefully I can get to sleep at night (that’s another topic).

But I don’t remember.  


So I set the alarm on my wonderful iPhone for 1:30.


1. Set alarm for 1:30

2. Alarm rings.

3. Turn off alarm.

4. Set iPhone to the side.

5. Say, “Oh yes, I need to take off the Daytrana patch.”

6. Do something else instead.

7. Try to figure out how to cope with insomnia.

New strategy:

1. Set alarm for 1:30 and also for 1:40

2. Take off patch when alarm rings

3. Try to figure out how to cope with insomnia – but it’s not as bad.


When what you’re doing isn’t working, try doing something different.

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bonus link

homey on processing mail




Nearly bedtime




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Don’t Need Structure — ADD Tip o the Day 519

Escape from structure

Camil and others write about being free of structure, “Relief from all this silly rules.” And “Just let my mind fly anywhere it wants to.”

That sounds wonderful to me, and now that I’m retired, seems like it could be possible.

Would that work for me?

I don’t think so:

1. I do like to be functional and productive.

2. I do not want a divorce.

3. I want to finish this book I’m writing.

4. I do not want my house to fall into disrepair or overwhelming clutter.

5. I would lose my mind (the part I have left).

So I need to regain my structure, which I’ve lost (upcoming post).


The link to discussion:

link to Camil and adult ADHD website (scroll down to Jenny Derksen)      

Bonus Link:

Homey’s Planners


Without too much structure:

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Retirement, Time, and Other ADD ADHD Illusions — ADD Tip o the Day 518

With ADD, ADHD, we tend to be interested in a lot of different things.

When we moved to Santa Fe, I planned to cut down my practice. Then I would have time to do things on my wish list, like woodworking, painting, hiking, etc.


I wound up doing my own bookkeeping, secretarial work, and screwing around with the insurance companies. My practice quickly became a full-time job.

Then I retired.

Now I will have time to do all the things on my wish list.


Almost everything I’m doing, I’m doing because I want to, and I’m enjoying it. I have no complaints. But my “free time” is pretty well taken up with writing my new book, and there’s not that much free time to start with.

With ADD ADHD, we need to set priorities, limit the number of projects we try to do at once, and accept that we can only do so much.


Quote o the Day:

“I don’t know how I ever had time to work.” –  from almost every retired man I’ve ever spoken to.

Just for another issue to include, we have a heck of a time with time.   More later.

Stimulants can help.

Stimulants, anyone?

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Causes of ADHD? — ADD Tip O the Day 517

Do we know the causes of ADD ADHD?

We know that our brain circuitry and functioning and neurochemistry is different.

Presumably, that comes from our genes (ADD ADHD tends to run in families, especially among males).

We  have a lot of new information about epigenetics,which shows that it’s not just the genes we’re born with, but also how they’re regulated, turned on and off and when and how much. This tends to be the result of environmental factors, such as trauma and stress, for example.  Such factors possibly could include diet or exposure to toxins.

One of the models for many psychiatric and medical  illnesses is that a person’s genes may make them prone to have the illness, but whether or not it develops depends on their environmental experiences.

Do we know the causes of ADD ADHD?

Add,adhd,adult add,adult adhd,add controversy,adhd controversy,attention deficit

I don’t have ADD??????????


(Notice that I said “causes” plural. I think this is probably correct.)

Well, yes and no. I think the information above is fairly accurate, but we have not yet pinned down specific genes or other specific factors, though there are some known correlations  (see the links below).



Hopefully, some of you who are more scientifically astute and informed than me will make comments about this and try to correct some of my misconceptions.



from rebecca ruiz  more science

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Time, Pressure, Urgency, Impatience and ADD ADHD — ADD Tip o the Day 516


1. I did the hard work – reviewed the records, made notes, and then dictated the report and edited it. It’s ready to go, except there’s two documents I’m missing. I don’t think they’ll make any difference, but I don’t have them.

Still, even though there’s no deadline, I’m fighting the urge to submit the report, the incomplete report, right now.

2. I’m working pretty hard on the book, plugging away, making progress, but still feel this pressure to hurry up and get it done. Why? There’s no deadline. Nobody is going to get this published ahead of me.  What’s the hurry?


Do I just want to get things done, so I can cross them off and they’re not hanging over my head?

Do I want the reward, the satisfaction of completing something?

Am I simply impatient?

Is this the opposite of procrastination??????

Your ideas?


bonus link:

change your password- brilliant!             

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Relax! Slow and easy.


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Piddling with ADD ADHD — ADD Tip o the Day 515

Do you piddle?

I was going through my emails, deleting some and putting some into folders, which is like touching the same piece of paper twice, not really doing anything. I paid a bill and made a few to–do notes.  I studied the table of contents of the book I’m working on and wondered how to organize it better.

So I wasn’t just wasting time, and I wasn’t stagnant, but I was kind of procrastinating, not really accomplishing much.  I couldn’t get my teeth into anything significant.

Suddenly I realized, “I’m just piddling.”

My strategy was to get up and make the pleasant walk to the mailbox to get the mail. Now I’m back, and I’m writing this post, so I’m not piddling anymore. The break broke the spell.

The strategy:

  1. Recognize that I’m piddling.

2. Name it – piddling.

3. Do something else instead.


Question o the Day:

Isn’t piddling  a good thing sometimes?    


Bonus link:

Why more women are getting treated for ADHD (video)

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The mountains are still there!



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