ADD ADHD and Technological Challenges – – – ADD Tip O the Day 552

 The iPhone

I’m walking again for exercise, doing well. I was delighted to find that I can use my iPhone and dictate things while I’m walking! Great multitasking, conservation of time, efficiency, etc. etc. etc.

But I wish I could find a free app that lets me dictate and converts it to text and  saves it on the iPhone, even when I turn it off. I use Dragon right now and like it, but it won’t save the memos. Have to email them to myself right away. Any suggestions?

I was walking along this morning, had done a lot of dictation, and suddenly my iPhone was stuck. I kept sliding my finger at the bottom, and nothing would happen. I was  just seeing my rabbit picture and the time and date. Frustrating. What am I going to lose if I turn it fully off to reset it?  Should I just take it straight into the shop?

I can’t see real well, especially when I’m walking and wearing my sexy shades.                Took me a while to realize that I was sliding my finger in the wrong direction.

HTML Code?  Greek?  Ancient Arabic?

I probably told you that this website was named one of the top 10 ADHD websites for 2014, right? Well, with that award comes a logo  that I can put on the website if I’m not averse to showing off a little bit. They sent a note telling me  how to do that; they gave me a little HTML code to write in . Where? How? Huh?

The Booklet Proof

I got the proof of the new ADD ADHD booklet in the mail today. I was testing create space.  Looks great. Very pleased. I can use create space for my next book! A few glitches need correcting.  How do I do that?  My copy  that I sent in is in PDF form, and it won’t let me do anything. Do I have to start over from scratch to make a few corrections?

Technology is wonderful!

Isn’t it?


I need to pick one problem at a time, look it up on the net, and try to resolve it.                Call for help if I have to. Yes, that is what I need to do.

Is this what they mean by the term ” procrastination”.


Previews? Or Warnings?

1. Soon I may write a bit about Naturally Speaking, the dictation program that I’m using right now.  It’s wonderful, but – – –

2. My wife says I should blog about having too many cards in my pocket, and how I have trouble finding the one I want. Maybe – – –

3. I’m not going to even mention trying to download and install the new update to the antivirus program.


Bonus Links

from Anthony Good  on many aspects of childhood ADHD ADHD and diagnosis

Another technology whine


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Some days it does seem a little complicated

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Coping with Turmoil — ADD Tip o the Day 552

Arghhhh!! ADD ADHD and all this too!

We’re selling our house and moving to a wonderful community, El Castillo.            We’re excited about it.

But at the moment, it’s like living in a hurricane and an earthquake at the same time.

We’re restaging our house – i.e., totally rearranging – for better showing.

Each showing means cleaning, neating, and shoving everything into drawers and closets. A headache.

Then bring it all back out so we can actually live here, until the next showing.

And monitoring the remodeling of our new apartment.

In the meantime, I’m trying to keep up with my quiet time, exercise, writing, blogging, learning new medicines, learning new Spanish songs for church,  studying Spanish and guitar.

Oh, my!

Strategies for turmoil:

1. Realize and accept that I can’t do it all; this is not life as usual.

2. Make the quiet time and the exercise priorities; then try to do one thing after that.

Puryear’s rules of human nature number three (or maybe it’s number four. I can’t keep up with them) –”When we’re under stress, the first thing we do is give up doing the things that help us cope with stress.”

3. We’re going to take a few days off and go to a resort, and do nothing. Taking breaks is a great strategy.

Puryear’s rule of human nature number five or so:

  “Nothing will test a marriage like moving.”

Oh, by the way:

Oh, by the way, did I mention that this blog was listed in the top 10 ADHD blogs of 2014?

Did I mention that it was number one?

I am grateful and just a little proud, but I don’t want to brag.  Do I?


Top 10 ADHD  blogs

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Everything’s coming up roses!

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Cognitive Maps in ADD ADHD – – – ADD Tip O the Day 551

Cognitive maps

From a course on learning: Starting as babies, we develop two kinds of cognitive maps of our environment. One is directions – go north three blocks, turn left at the pornography store, and right at the next light  –.

The other is a visual image of the landscape which we gradually build up as we explore it.

There’s two kinds, but I’m short one – geographically challenged

My brain never constructs the visual image. I can get lost in our house. In Santa Fe, 20 years now, I still have to look up how to get somewhere, or ask my wife, or follow a map.    I can’t picture where the major intersections are, or anything else.

I also  don’t know where different countries are located, in general. Fortunately, this isn’t so much of a handicap. I do have Mexico and Canada down pretty well by now.

Write it down

This is my strategy. Once I get the directions, I write them down, unless I’ve been there many times. I usually manage okay with the places I go to weekly, but that’s it.

Writing it down is an ADD ADHD strategy I use for many things; trying to hold something in my brain is asking for disaster.

My other strategy is the cell phone, which is a blessing.  Sometimes I can get the GPS to work for me and can follow it; more often, I use the phone to call my wife when I’m lost.  Which is often.

Question of the day

Is this part of ADD ADHD, or a separate dysfunction, dysgeographia, like dyslexia?

Does anyone else have dysgeographia?     


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Where does this road go?


Bonus links

Ten tips from Homey

More on I get lost

Another geography strategy

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I Don’t Wash Wine Glasses – – – ADD Tip O the Day 550

Identify the problem

Every time I put wine glasses in the dishwasher, no matter how I do it, they break.

That’s just part of my ADD ADHD.

Make a strategy

I do not put wine glasses in the dishwasher anymore. I rinse them and set them on the counter for my wife to take care of.

Make it a rule

Do Not Put Wine Glasses In The Dishwasher!

Make it a habit

I never put wine glasses in the dishwasher. 

Now that it’s a habit, I don’t even have to think about it anymore.

Most of life consists of little things

This is just one example of the kind of little things that can pile up to make life more aggravating and difficult if we have ADD ADHD.  When we can identify a problem, and apply the principle – problem, strategy, rule, habit – then our life does go better.


Puryear’s second corollary to Murphy’s Law

If it can be broken, I’ll do it.


One of the reasons I love Spanish -“Se rompio’ el vaso.”  The glass broke itself.

Bonus Links:

Great new free little easy ADD ADHD book -highly recommmended!

Clumsy, dyscoordination, and so on


ADD,ADHD,adult ADD,adult ADHD,attention deficit,strategies,coping with ADD,coping with ADHD,life with ADD,life with ADHD

See, this one didn’t get broken yet. Lunch in Paris.


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Time wasters and addictions – – – ADD Tip O the Day 549

Time wasters, Addictions

I was addicted to computer wargames. They were taking over my time and my mind.            I tried many strategies,  but eventually had to just get rid of them all.                          Nothing else worked.
Next, I got hooked on Free Cell, though not as bad. It’s gone from my computer now.

Currently, I have chess and poker on my iPhone. I only use them at opportune moments and briefly. I don’t think they’re a problem, not yet.


But there are other things I could be doing it at those opportune moments.  My iPhone has good programs on Spanish vocabulary and on the guitar fretboard. My current strategy is to make myself do those before I turn to the chess or poker, usually.  Sometimes I work on all the cards that I carry in my shirt pocket which constantly need updating.


There are many good strategies for dealing with these temptations – set a specific time to indulge, set a timer for when to stop, and others. Good strategies, none of them worked for me.  Or for Homey, whose post about time wasters prompted this post.


There is nothing wrong with these time wasters. They can be beneficial when they provide a break and relaxation, and many of them keep our brain active and stimulated. They provide reward, a sense of mastery, and escape. But when we have lost control, when they take over, that is addiction.   And we can’t do just a little bit.


Homey on time wasters  ie games -

ADD ADHD and addictions

Me and FreeCell

Some of my other addictions


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Peace and calm.

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Stimulants and Religion, misuse and abuse – – – ADD Tip O the Day 548

Part of today’s post is not really about ADD ADHD, but it’s important.

My friend Ken sent a great post today; I have to use it.

What do stimulants and religion have in common?

1. They can both be misused and abused.

2. They were both the subject of such a great post that I had to put the links here and hope you will check them out.

Dr.Rostain on stimulants (link below)

It’s clear that stimulants are being abused, mostly in college. Until there’s more data, I continue to doubt if they help anyone who doesn’t have ADD ADHD (once we have a belief, it’s difficult to change it. We tend to collect data that supports it and ignore data that refutes it.)  If someone wants to stay up all night, it will help do that but I doubt if it helps with learning.

Benefits of stimulants (Ritalin, Adderall,Concerta,Vyvanse,amphetamines)

If someone has ADD ADHD, medications reduce the future incidence of criminality, school dropout, unemployment, and divorce. ( I need to look up the sources to back up these claims; will try to post them later.)

Ken’s comment – not about ADD ADHD, but too good not to post!

The lesson to learn is this: Bad people do bad things and use whatever politically expedient ideology happens to be best at the time.

Bad things happened in the name of Jesus, Allah or the state regardless of what the scriptures or ideals actually say. They happen because bad people do bad things and not because of a belief system followed (in the case of Islam) by 1.6 billion good people. Until people start to realise this, we will continue to live in fear of anyone who seems to be different to us.

Thank you Ken.


from Dr. Rostain on misuse and abuse and alternatives

Ken’s link

Dr. Mason on the stimulant question   

stimulants, ADD medication, ADHD medicine, stimulant medicine, stimulant medication, stimulant abuse, stimulant, misuse,ADD, ADHD, adult ADD, adult ADHD

” This is what ADHD looks like in my head.”

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Doing the Easy Thing – – – ADD Tip O the Day 547

The easy thing in ADD ADHD

I’m working on the fourth draft of the fourth book and toying with the fifth and sixth books.     The writing is fairly easy,  enjoyable, therapeutic, and always rewards me  with a sense of accomplishment when I get a few pages done.

Other things I need to do are less enticing and are piling up.                                                    (is this what Homey means by “need to accomplish” below?)

It’s just  too easy to sit down and write on the book, doing what I want to do instead of what I need to do.

Does that sound familiar?


I’m working off my list, and trying to get at least one needed thing done before I reward myself by letting myself do more writing.

But note

Usually it’s better to do the hard thing first, but sometimes if you’re really stuck, doing the easy thing is a good ADD ADHD strategy.

Homey’s tips on time management

my comments are in italics

Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.  just because something needs to be done doesn’t mean that God is calling you to be the one to do it

My day goes much better when I follow my plan rather than follow my desires (or distractions).   this is the extremely relevant one for me today

When planning tomorrow, don’t just list “to-do’s” – also list things you need to accomplish to-do’s.   I don’t quite understand this one, hope homey will explain

As far as my daily tasks, I do MOST of them MOST of the time but not ALWAYS.  MOST of the time is good enough.  ALWAYS is unattainable.  good enough is good enough

When planning your day, keep in mind how much time things take. You can’t do a 4-hour project if you only have 2 hours.    yes! And you won’t be able to get  two days worth of to-do’s done in half a day

Keep your planner OPEN and nearby and look at it often. You’ll be amazed how much more productive you are.     or your appointment book or red card to-do list or whatever system you use. You do have a system, don’t you?


add,adhd,adult add,adult adhd,attention deficit,to do,to-do

Loaded down with opinions and choices. Some days, the load is too heavy.

Homey’s blog

Great bonus link:

You can only understand if you have ADD ADHD


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