Using ADHD Strategies On the Job  —  ADHD Tip O the Day 757

ADHD Strategies at Work

Probably everyone uses strategies for their work, but it’s more essential if we have ADHD.

I like my new job at the pen. I’ve needed to work out the strategies specific to this job.

I’m writing complicated orders that have to be written perfectly.  I also need to make sure each patient’s name and the date are correctly put on the order and on each progress note.

So I check each chart before I close it. Then, if I have time, I check each one again before I turn it in.

I also complete each chart before I see the next patient, so I don’t get behind and feel rushed, and so I don’t need to remember anything about that patient for later.

Some officers are fast in bringing the patients to me, so I have the patients wait while I finish the chart before I dismiss them. Then the new patients don’t arrive before I’m ready.  If the officers are slow, I dismiss the patient as soon as I can and finish the paperwork while I’m waiting for the next patient.

Usually, I get thru the day’s list of patients. But lots of things can go wrong at the pen. Some days I ‘m waiting a long time for the next patient to come, and sometimes they never do. My strategy to help me not lose patience, of which I have so very little, is a mantra, “I’m getting paid anyway.”   So why get frustrated?  It doesn’t help.  I use the time to prepare charts in advance, and when all those are done I study up on the medications.  And I can just reschedule the patients for next week.  Most of them aren’t going anywhere.

In a real pinch, I can go to the pods and talk  briefly with the patients in their cells.  That’s   unsatisfactory, but I can learn that some I  didn’t really need to see,   and others I do need to schedule for next  week.

I try to get thru the whole day’s list each  time, but sometimes it’s long and a  challenge.  I do some triage, although it seems unfair. For example, I’ll spend more time with a young guy who’s in for the first time, has some intelligence, and will be getting out soon.

 I’ll spend less time with an older guy who  has multiple diagnoses.   

Finally, I have another mantra, “I can only do what I can do.”

It’s taken me time to devise these strategies, and surely I’ll come up with others.  Many of them are specific applications of strategies  I’ve  already been using, like  “Set reasonable goals.”  and “Don’t get into a rush.”, and “Always  double check.”

The point of all this?  Can you identify any problems that come up in your work? Are you using strategies to cope with them?


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2 Responses to Using ADHD Strategies On the Job  —  ADHD Tip O the Day 757

  1. rammkatze says:

    I can relate. At work, each section gets a list of products that were ordered and need to be made. I work alone and highlight whichever products I’ve either finished or partially made and put in a place I can’t overlook – I’m the only worker who does this.
    The banana Cake always got me, though: after flambeeing, it needs to go in the freezer for a while and I inevitably forget to finish it and put it in a box for transport, so I made a new rule: don’t highlight banana Cake after flambeeing, only after taking it from the freezer. When I’m checking the list for the 10th time, I immediately notice the gap in the highlights and go get it from the freezer. One of many tricks.
    It also helps that a certain co-worker doesn’t think highly of anyone but himself, so he’s constantly reminding me of stuff whether I need that or not. He doesn’t seem to realize that I still do a good job when he has a day off. But that’s HIS problem (my mantra to not let him get on my nerves).
    I could go on and on, but I won’t. ;D as always, thanks for sharing you insights and tips! Most these tricks I learned from your blog and your books!


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