Virus, Science, and ADHD — ADHD Tip O the Day 896

Virus, virus, virus and ADHD

What else is there to talk about?

We are blessed with leadership from someone who was born with innate understanding of science so that, despite his being apparently illiterate, he knows more about scientific things than any of the scientific experts. Thus he is able to discount, refute, and disregard their statements, warnings, and advice.

I, on the other hand, was not born with the blessing of such knowledge; possibly it was displaced by the blessings of ADHD. I prefer to put my bets on the scientific experts, imperfect though they are. I consider myself a semi-expert on ADHD and I hope that my statements don’t sound like the disjointed rantings of an idiot.  I want to share with you some information from the real experts, with my comments in italics:

There appears to be a correlation, dose related, with a pregnant woman’s use of acetaminophen  (Tylenol, etc.) and increased risk of ADHD and AST (autism spectrum disorder), especially in the last six months of the pregnancy. This appears to be a good study, and previous studies had similar findings.  It doesn’t say why the women were taking the medicine, which could be a factor.  Presumably the effect is due to epigenetics, with underlying genetic risk.

A Danish study reported 5.1% of boys had combined type ADHD and  1.1% inattentive; for girls it was 2.4% and 0.9%. ADHD was by far the most common psychiatric diagnosis for boys, and the second highest for girls, far behind anxiety disorders. Interestingly, the number for anxiety disorders in girls was about equal to the number for ADHD in boys.  The Danes keep excellent extensive records of all kinds of things.

More research studies next time, probably, and hopefully, less virus.

Personal notes:
1. I previously reported my entanglement in writing a novel, which has grabbed a lot of my attention, so I’m behind on the ADHD book, Living Well with ADHD. My strategy is to do 10 pages a day on the ADHD book, so maybe I’ll finish draft nine next week.   I’d hoped to publish draft nine in April, but I’ve found so many little changes – typos, errors and opportunities for improvement- that I see the need for a draft ten . So it probably won’t be published in April, but it’ll be better.

2. There’s a flood of new sign ups for the blog which is wonderful! Welcome to all of you.  Until I remembered the same thing happened a few years ago and they all turned out to be spam. But if any of you are not spam, welcome again and thank you for joining.

3. We’re doing well here, with lots of help. mostly confined to home, but able to take daily walks which have been very helpful. Everything’s pretty much shut down, canceled, closed. We’ll see. Take care.



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