Lexi’s Question about Medication for ADHD — ADHD Tip O the Day 865

My response to Lexi’s question about taking medication for ADHD:  

First, recognize that everyone is different and someone else’s experience with some medicine may or may not have any bearing on how you will respond.

Second, how you reacted to some particular medication in the past may or may not have any bearing on how you would react to some other medicine now.

Third, finding the right medicine, right dose, and right timing for you or for anyone can be a challenging and frustrating experience, but when it all falls into place it can be fantastic. It’s  important to give each medication a good try before rejecting it unless you are having significant side effects. Be clear what your targets are, what you specifically want it to do.  Understand that some medicines,the stimulants, work quickly, but others, the antidepressants, take time.

Four, If I read your note correctly, your diagnosis is not clear. Do you have ADHD? Depression is a common partner with it. Do you have both? The best thing you can do right now would be to get a very clear  diagnosis and go from there.

Hope this may be of some help to you. Good luck.


Notes O the Day:  Every medicine has possible side effects; that doesn’t mean you will get them. With very rare exceptions any side effect will get better with time or will stop when you stop the medicine. The medicines don’t work for everyone but when they don’t it raises a question about the diagnosis. There is a lot of crap on the net.

Bonus Note O the Day: You need to be taking vitamin D, especially if you live in New Mexico. I plan to do a whole post on this but you can go ahead and start now.


ADHD medicines: the mythology

ADHD medicines: the problem is they list “side effects” instead of “possible side effects.”

My ADHD Brain without meds

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ADHD and meds

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5 Responses to Lexi’s Question about Medication for ADHD — ADHD Tip O the Day 865

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  2. holdthatthought says:

    can we explore or discuss how to cope with some of the side effects of the stimulants? Particularly with sleep–i’ve been really struggling with that lately.


    • dino – great topic. i will try to do a post on it. in the meantime try adjusting the dose and the time you take it.
      also i take melatonin for sleep. works for about 70% of people if you get a high enough dose. start with 5, up to 10, up to 15 if needed. if 15 doesnt work your’e not in the 70 %. you’ll know in a couple of nights at each dose.
      thank you for the suggestion


  3. D K Powell says:

    Wise advice Doug!


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