Things Maybe You Don’t Know About Having ADHD — ADHD Tip O the Day 745

What is it like to have ADHD?

Frustrated, distracted, looking for things, dealing with people I’ve offended or annoyed, very concerned about time, enjoying things that are a waste of time, forgetting things, making mistakes, irritated with others and with myself, impatient, jiggling, trying to get traction to start doing something at least, look there’s a squirrel –

Oh, Ok, I could go on, and on, and on, but –

Anyway – I like being interested in so many things even tho it’s a handicap, and being creative, and hyperfocus can be great depending on what it’s on.

Don’t we all wish that people would understand us?



12 Things You Don’t Know About Me and My ADHD     from Attitude

ADHD Irritable

Question O the Day:  Anything you would like to add to the above lists?

Second Question O the Day: Why does facebook cut off part of some of my pictures so that they don’t make any sense?


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About doug with ADHD

I am a psychiatric physician. I learned I have ADHD at age 64, and then wrote two ADHD books for adults, focusing on strategies for making your life better. I just published my first novel, Alma Means Soul. Your Life Can Be Better; strategies for adults with ADD/ADHD available at, or (for e books) Living Daily With Adult ADD or ADHD: 365 Tips O the Day ( e-book). This is one tip at a time, one page at a time, at your own pace. It's meant to last a year. As a child, I was a bully. Then there was a transformation. Now I am committed to helping people instead abusing them. The Bully was published in January, 2016. It's in print or e book, on Amazon.
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5 Responses to Things Maybe You Don’t Know About Having ADHD — ADHD Tip O the Day 745

  1. Anonymous says:

    I’d add “dealing with feeling irritated and triggered by everyone”. I’m going through a ver rough patch. 😦 It was worsened by my vacation and seeing all of what I can’t enjoy more often.


    • Anonymous says:

      Oh, this is Ram. My cell phone logged me off… 😐


    • Ram – boy, I know what that’s like. Probably caused by stress. sorry about the rough patch, hope it gets better soon. general strategies – try to reduce stress, lower expectations of yourself, like if you had flu. do a little pampering.
      best wishes


      • rammkatze says:

        Thank you, I’ve been doing that. But it’s been a couple of months with no significant improvement, although I had 3 weeks (!) inbetween! I’ll keep doing the “heavy-lifting” of not pushing too hard and pampering myself, but just in case, I have an appointment with my shrink for next month. I think my brain might’ve just adjusted itself to the medication I’m on a bit too much.

        Liked by 1 person

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