Memory????? What memory? —ADD tip o the day 241

Bonnie Mincu just put up a great post:

We think we have bad memories actually we probably don’t, we just have trouble with attention and concentration (ie focus) so it comes out the same.  but we get down on ourselves (a strategy which will mess us up even further) and assume that non-adder’s (the vanillas) have great memories.

Bonnie points out that this is myth – they don’t remember stuff, they just remember to write it down, and then they  remember where they put it.  You may recall, or not, that I have a pocket full of index cards, and they are always right in my pocket – that’s my memory.  and a further strategy – i never plan to remember anything, but assume if it’s not written down it will be gone.

i suggest you remember to check out full details in a really good blog —

Link to bonnies web site is
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