ADHD and Computers – Helpful? or Diabolical Instruments?— ADD Tip O the Day 696

With ADD ADHD, maybe everything is a challenge?

On vacation, I’m using my laptop. I’m cheap, and it doesn’t have Word, but KingSoft, a great free program that will save documents in Word form.

But, oh my! It’s a booger. I’ m slowly getting used to using  it, but still, the cursor is never where I think it is, and the pages jump around, and it doesn’t save what I thought I saved and when it does save something, I can’t find it later.

And I haven’t even mentioned what it does with bold and underline and how it’s always changing fonts on me.

Plus this computer  has some kind of “helper” that keeps popping up for some reason and it’s never been helpful in any way.  

The innate perversity of inanimate matter!

So how much is the computer, how much the program, how much just that I don’t know how to use them, and how much is due to my ADHD?

Well, I think it’s due to the evil spirits that live inside every computer. Sometimes they disguise themselves as a virus, but they’re always lurking in there.  


  1. Somehow find the patience to learn how to use the program before I try to use it. — Are you kidding? Patience?  Read the instructions?  Come on!
  2. Exorcism?- Are exorcists expensive? Might it damage the computer?
  3. And why did it put that 3 there when I didn’t want it and it won’t let me get rid of it?

doug – ADHDer, technologically challenged

If you are reading this, I somewhat got the better of it, for now.


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With ADHD, it’s always a challenge.

Bonus Link:

from Dr. Barkley on the misuse of stimulant medicines


To be perfectly honest, the problems I’m having with Kingsoft aren’t much different from those I have with Word and with WordPress (this program).  But doesn’t that just help make my point?

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Yes, You read it. But how much do you remember? — ADD Tip O the Day 695

How to read effectively

I am blessed with the ability to read fast.  I’ve read a lot of books, and I can get through most books quickly.  But like most gifts, there’s  a downside.  It’s a blessing if I’m reading for pleasure, but a curse if I’m reading something serious for content.  Because I retain very little.

The strategy for that, if I want to retain information, is to stop at the bottom of every page and ask myself ,”What did I just read?”  and then again at the end of each chapter, “What were the main points?”

I know that, but that strategy requires discipline and patience.  Have I mentioned that I have ADD ADHD?   I am so eager to turn the page and discover what’s next.

A Surprise

I just bought a used book that looked interesting and so far, it’s very good.  It’s Reaching for the Invisible God, by Philip Yancey.  It looked new, so shortly after I started, I was surprised to find that someone had marked in it. A little further on, I discovered that the someone was me.  I’ve read it before, but I don’t recognize anything in it, except my handwriting, so called, in the margin notes.

So is that a blessing?  Because I’m enjoying it as though I had never seen it before.  But this time, I’m reviewing a little as I go, though certainly not as much as with the strategy I’m recommending.

Maybe it’ll stick this time, in spite of ADD ADHD?


Pay attention now!

Pay attention now!

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Arguing about ADHD with people who don’t know what they’re talking about — ADD Tip O the Day 694

Response to another good comment from Ram 

Ram – Yes, there are crusade and controversy opportunities all around us. I have a good strategy for dealing with some of those situations – ask questions, ask more questions, then summarize – “So if I understand, you’re telling me that the world is totally controlled, including all the governments and all the big companies, by six men in Switzerland, and you know this because you read it on a blog, but you don’t know who wrote the blog. Is that correct?”
Sometimes the more questions you ask them, the more your adversary unravels.

There are many ways to end this – “So, what do you plan to do tomorrow?” Or “Well, how has the skiing been this year?” Etc. Or you can say “Really???” Or “Well, I don’t agree.” But those keep the conversation open, which you don’t want. Unfortunately, I don’t remember to use this good strategy very often.

But the one I sometimes remember to use is a better strategy, “Goodbye.”

If you’re dealing with a conspiracy nut, they’ve done research, using confirmatory bias, and will present “facts” to prove their case. And they’re totally wedded to it, because being one of the few elite privileged to this secret knowledge makes them important. You’re not equipped with facts, because you haven’t spent time on the subject, and your opinion is based on commonsense, common knowledge, and your own confirmatory bias. Thus, you are at a disadvantage in an argument, which would be totally pointless and a waste of time anyway.

“You can’t win, you can’t break even, and you can’t get out of the game.”
But in fact, you can get out of the game.


Bonus Link:

from Nancy Snell- increase your productivity by 41%

Note:  I hope you are carefully reading all the comments, but in case you’re not, I put this one up for you.


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Another way to deal with arrogant ignorance?

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617.48, or, The Mystery of the Missing Book — ADD Tip O the Day 693

At the Library with ADD ADHD

Went to the library to get a specific book. Computer says it’s 617.48, and it’s on the shelf. Went to the shelf. Not there.  There was a big book on brain injury, a subject I’m interested in, and I considered taking it instead, but I really wanted the first book.

I know myself, ADD ADHD, so back to the card catalog and recheck the number. It’s correct. Go look on the shelf again. Nope.

I’m not proud. Asked the librarian for help. Checks the computer. Says it’s on the shelf. Librarian goes to the shelf. Hands me the book. Was right where it was supposed to be, right next to the big brain injury book.

Best I can figure, the big brain injury book captured my attention and I couldn’t see anything else?

ADD ADHD and Chess?

Also, once again, I’ve given up on chess.  One of the reasons I’m no good is that I only see the pieces I’m  considering and never notice the bishop sitting over there on the corner.

A Good ADD ADHD Strategy – Planning Ahead

Have already set an appointment with the tax man. But when is it? I know I wrote it down somewhere. It’s not in my appointment book. It’s not on Martha’s calendar.  I have to call.  It’s March 3.  Oh, there it is in my appointment book, “tax”, on March 3.  And also on Martha’s calendar, the same.

Maybe I was looking for the man’s name, and not for “tax”?

Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it isn’t there.


  1. Look again
  2. Get help.
  3. But if it’s my glasses I can’t find, look on my face first.


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Try not to punch them. Jail is not pleasant.


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Crusades, ADHD, Hyperfocus,Too Many Projects – Is it all a waste of time? — ADD Tip O the Day 692

Is This Hyperfocus, or What?

I get caught up in crusades.  They seem worthy, but are they worthwhile? Do the politicians listen to us? Is anyone’s mind ever changed?

Confirmatory bias is universal. We emotionally reach a decision or take a position, then we collect any information that supports it and ignore or dismiss any that doesn’t, and then we think we’re being logical.

(I’m about to offer some of my opinions, based on  data I have so far.)

Here’s my recent crusades. Do other people do this?


I get very frustrated with the misinformation. It’s not about mental health, although God knows our health system needs reform. The mass shooters, with one exception, have been frustrated, unhappy, screwed up people, mostly seeking  notoriety, but they are not technically mentally ill.  

The media promotes this phenomena.

They have not been criminals, not before.

The mass killings catch our attention, but the bigger problem with guns is the daily suicides, accidents, misidentifications, homicides.  Research shows that those who have guns to “protect” themselves and their families suffer these problems more often than they ever successfully “defend” themselves. (And do you really want to kill a 16-year-old kid who is trying to steal your TV? Really?)

Thus, laws to prevent criminals, domestic abusers, and mentally ill from acquiring guns are all very worthwhile, but have nothing to do the mass killings.  The NRA (Not Rationally Armed) is delighted to see us focus our attention on these distractions and red herrings, while missing the real problem – guns, large clips, multiple clips, specialty ammunition.


The net is recently flooded with misinformation and propaganda against vaccinations. This is dangerous. I have lived through polio epidemics, seen children with whooping cough, and seen the aftermath of measles. If it were not for people refusing vaccinations, polio would have been eradicated years ago. Vaccinations can cause complications, usually mild. There can be serious complications. These are so rare that it cannot be determined if they were caused by the vaccination or by coincidence.

For example,vaccinations can cause fevers, and in young children fevers can cause seizures, and seizures can cause  brain damage.  If an uncommon occurrence (high fever) uncommonly causes something (seizures), which uncommonly causes something (damage), that last something is going to be rare. (.o1 x .01 x .o1 = .000001) People who protect their children from these extremely small risks are endangering all children.  

The claim that vaccines cause autism, just for one example, has been totally discredited.

Drunk Driving

This blog is already too long, maybe next time.


  1. This post originally contained a rant against the red herring of banning assault weapons, which I thought referred to automatic weapons, but in fact are the semi- automatic version of assault rifles.  I was wrong. Confirmatory bias was at work.

2. The Bully is published.  Now it takes an enormous amount of time, especially with ADHD, to do all the blogs, and links, and posts, to advertise it. And most everything I do takes more time than I could have imagined. Do I have time for crusades?

3. There is no point in trying to have a discussion with a drunk, a conspiracy theorist, a gun nut, or an ADHD denier. That is truly a waste of time.

Question O the Day

Do you get caught in crusades?  What do you think about these ideas?


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No one is more certain in their views than the one who has no idea what they’re talking about.

assault weapons


confirmation bias

The Bully  paperback

The Bully  kindle

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Writing with ADD ADHD? Is It Possible? — ADD Tip O the Day 691

Writing with ADD ADHD?

It takes me a long time to write a book.  ADD ADHD does not help. I’m a lousy writer, so I need many drafts with many suffering reviewers helping along the way.  But I finally got The Bully ready to go.  It was time to send it to CreateSpace for publishing.  They advertise you can do it in two hours. It took me two weeks. A lot of that was due to my ADD ADHD.

I spent all day Wednesday trying to get the back cover right, adjusting it over and over. I finally got it very nearly right. In my last review of the text I found a very few minor errors. There is a time to stop.  I sent it in Thursday morning.

CreateSpace said it would be published in 3 to 5 business days.  Of course, I was impatient; that’s ADD ADHD. But it was published by Thursday noon, showing up on Amazon!  Unfortunately, it won’t show up under The Bully, but under The Bully: A story of violence or under Puryear. Now I need to try to get that fixed.

Is writing possible with ADD ADHD.  Well, yes, but it ain’t easy!


  1. Perseverance, or just plain stubbornness.
  2. Good enough is good enough.
  3. Find good reviewers.  Thank you.



The Bully is a story about growing up with ADD ADHD, although that is not the focus.

The Bully on Amazon                                                           

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The Bully

The Bully website


Bonus Note:

The next project is to get Living Daily with Adult ADD or ADHD into print form. Then use Create Space to publish it. Whew!

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Addictions and ADD ADHD — ADD Tip O the Day 690

With ADD ADHD, we are prone to addictions.

I struggle with addictions. I have two chess games and a poker game on my iPhone. I manage to control myself and only use them when I’m on a trip or have dead time. There are better ways to use my time and I’m afraid of getting addicted to them.  I’ve been addicted to games in the past.

But I have a new addiction, and I love it.


If you don’t know about Brainscape, it’s an app of flashcards in a wide variety of subjects. The cards are good and appropriate, and the program is excellent. It’s well designed based on learning theory and principles.

So far, I’ve downloaded and used programs on Spanish, music theory, nuclear physics, English vocabulary, and religions, among others.   When I have those little moments of nothing particular to do, these are great. The problem is, once I get on it, it’s hard to get off. But I don’t consider this a waste of time.


Check it out. I think you’ll love it too.


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Distracted. Me? Let me look up the definition. Where’s the dictionary? Oh, what is that book? It looks interesting.

Question O the Day:

What you may ask, does this have to do with ADD ADHD?

Answer O the Day:

I don’t know, maybe nothing much.  But then, we are prone to addictions and to wasting time. And with our interest in so many things, it’s easy for us to get stuck in unproductive activities.  This one is at least somewhat productive.

Don’t you think?

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The Wit and Wisdom of Tom Nardone – Coming Out with ADHD — ADD Tip O the Day 689







I am very pleased that Tom agreed to do guest post for me.  He is unique.

Nothing more to ADD.


I was diagnosed over 15 years ago with ADHD. I never intended to be such an outspoken member of the community. It just sort of happened. Today, I don’t think there is anyone who knows me that is not aware of my ADHD. The Idea of hiding it has never occurred to me. What is the point of being this awesome if no one knows why.

I do not judge anyone who feels the need to hide their ADHD. I accept that there are circumstances for which discretion is warranted. Not everybody lets their ADHD develop into some kind of hobby.

I used to be a blogger and after I wrote my book, I shifted over to podcasting where my wife and I do a show together Podcasting allows me to say more than writing does. I enjoy it because I am an attention whore. My wife enjoys it because it is spending time with me.

On the show we celebrate our lives as an ADHD couple and the main purpose of the show is to give people an alternative to learning productivity and self-improvement. There are not many ADHD entertainment options out there so that is our thing.

My real job is being an associate at The Home Depot. One thing I like about them is they encourage Individualism. During this past ADHD Awareness Month, I tried something I had never tried before.

depo2 depot1







I went a different way. My apron reads. Hi I’m ADHD my name is Tom Nardone. I was really curious to see the impact this would have. I am happy to tell you I have not received a single snide comment or insensitive remark about my ADHD.

What I have received is many people thanking me for being so outspoken. Others have shared with me, their own challenges or the challenges of their kids. I have had people asking me questions like what is ADHD and how does it affect me.

One man asked me, “Sir, why is it that I walk around scared to death people will find out I am ADHD and you wear it with pride for hundreds of people to see every day?” To which I replied, “Because you have not figured out what is Awesome about it yet.”

My point is this. If you want to keep it a secret then do so. It is not your responsibility to educate and help the world. I myself am a selfish bastard about a great many things and I do not offer an apology for it. I just have a burden for those with ADHD. Sometimes just by people knowing you are ADHD, you can make a huge difference in someone’s life.

There are benefits to people knowing. The biggest of which is that when people know you are ADHD, you don’t have to be alone with it. Not everyone will be so compassionate about it. Some people are just a$$holes

We have all run into people who are insensitive about it and we have all heard it before. They anger many of us and I have even had friends of mine get depressed about an article they have read. Those people do not bother me anymore. I just say, “Okay, I don’t have any requirement of you to believe me” and I move on. I will never let those people prevent you people from being inspired by this person

I am Tom Nardone, and you are welcome.

Tom Nardone


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Wrongness About ADHD? Who’s Wrong?— ADD Tip O the Day 688

All Wrong

We’re thinking all wrong about ADHD,  Dr. Christakis, “a leading pediatrician,” says.

“The current thinking in the field is that attentional capacity and skills do occur on a    continuum or spectrum.” He also says that in general, pediatrics is evolving toward the idea of proactively supporting attentional functioning in everyone.”

I think he’s going on theory and ignoring the data, and I think he’s wrong, but there may a grain of truth.  Being “a leading pediatrician” doesn’t mean you can’t be  wrong.  Anybody remember Dr. Linus Pauling?


But Dr. Mahone seems to agree. but then says, “It doesn’t mean that diagnoses and medication aren’t helpful and appropriate in severe cases of ADHD.” And, he says, “There is strong, and growing, evidence of specific brain abnormalities associated with severe ADHD symptoms, which would lend support to the concept of ADHD as a brain disease.”

It is a little confusing.

Dimitri Christakis is a professor of pediatrics at the University of Washington and the director of the Center for Child Health, Behavior and Development at Children’s Hospital in Seattle.   The link:   All Wrong

Mark Mahone is a pediatric neuropsychologist at the Kennedy Krieger Institute for children with special needs.

There’s lot more. You need to read the article.  All Wrong

Is it a bell shaped curve or is there a big blip off to the left?  See what I mean?



I was just informed that this post is not clear.  Basically, Dr. Christakis is saying that ADHD doesn’t really exist.  I disagree.  Dr. Mahone first agrees with Dr. Christakis but then says ADHD does exist.  If you define ADHD as a set of symptoms, and then find that there are differences in the brains of people with those symptoms compared to those without, then it exists, in my and Dr. Mahone’s opinions.

Dr. Christakis says it’s just that some normal people have lower attention than others, some have higher, and most are in the middle.  It’s a bell shaped curve, like height, for example. But I suggest that people who are midgets, caused by abnormal genes, are off the height curve, and  we ADDers are off the attention curve.  We have less attention than the normal people with low attention. That’s why we are the blip beyond the lower end of the curve, off the bell shaped curve, not just normal and at the low end.

I hope that clarifies.  Now technically, it’s maybe not that we have low attention, it’s more that we have poor control of our attention, but that’s a whole nother argument.

ADD,ADHD,attention deficit,controversy,controversy,disorder,normal,abnormal,adult add,adult adhd,@dougmkpdp,@addstrategies,#add,#ADHD

Dr. C’s theory

ADD,ADHD,attention deficit,controversy,controversy,disorder,normal,abnormal,adult add,adult adhd,@dougmkpdp,@addstrategies,#add,#ADHD

doug’s theory

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Too Many Projects — ADD Tip O the Day 687

Creativity and ADD ADHD

One of the many “gifts” of ADD ADHD is that we are creative.  Is it a blessing or a curse?  Doesn’t it depend on how we manage it? – if we manage it.

I just read Derek Halpern’s post on focusing and about not trying to do too much at once.  He says with ADD ADHD we have too many projects going at once and have trouble finishing any of them.


Boy, this is me.  How many projects am I working on?

  1. New book The Bully
  2. Autobiography for descendants  Transformations
  3. Keep up with these ADD  ADHD posts
  4. Develop The Bully website.
  5. Keep up with posts on The Bully website
  6. Other ways to market the ADD ADHD books
  7. Other ways to market The Bully
  8. Transform the e book Living Daily with Adult ADD or ADHD into a new updated print edition.
  9. Figure out how to give away the pamphlet Six Basic Strategies for Coping with Adult ADD ADHD   — I think I just figured it out!  Will take some work.
  10. Re edit Transformations for the general public

I will also need to keep up with the basic tasks of living, including taxes, exercise, working, guitar, Spanish, etc.



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Where do I even begin?? ADD ADHD and priorities.

Derek Halpern on “Go all in.”

Jerry Bair on accountability and motivation


If you want to study a language I highly recommend the free DuolingoIt’s great.

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Flexibility and Perceptions with ADD ADHD — ADD Tip O the Day 686

My ADD ADHD locks me into unpleasant things

I needed to do my morning routine, and then exercise and shower, and then I had a         one  PM appointment.  I was feeling rushed – hate that feeling.  Then I realized there was no reason I couldn’t do the exercise and shower after the appointment.  No more rushed.  That worked well.  We tend to get locked into perceptions and fail to recognize alternatives.


Feeling rushed, overloaded, overwhelmed, can be a red flag.  It says to pause and consider other options.


Bonus Links:

Perception and ADD ADHD

Attitude and ADD ADHD

A Positive Note

After gaining all that weight over the holidays, I got back on my plan.  It works!  I’m almost back to where I was.  But I still need a strategy for when we’re on the road, or for just when we’re eating out.  Your suggestions are welcome.

focus, distratction,#add,#adhd,@dougmkpdp,@adhdstrategies,ADD,ADHD,attention deficit,adult ADD,adult ADHD, gifts of ADD,gifts of ADHD,benefits of ADD, ADHD, benefits, controversies, opinions

With ADD ADHD, there are always other things to think about.

add,adhd,adult add,adult adhd,attention deficit,strategy, strategies, tips,living with ADD,living with ADHD,coping with ADD,coping with ADHD,symptoms,problems,ADD problems,ADHD problems,ADHD symptoms,@addstrategies, ADD symptoms,#adhd, #add, @dougmkpdp,@adhdstrategies,focus,lack of focus,distraction,distractions,attention,inattention,lack of attention

This is ADD ADHD organization.

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Willpower – with ADD ADHD? Who are you kidding? — ADD Tip O the Day 685

I recently posted Willpower #2  with ADD ADHD, which was supposed to come right after this one.  But somehow, this one never got posted.  Imagine that!  How in the world could such a thing have happened?


Willpower?  What’s that?

from Melissa Orlov

“It takes effort to exert willpower, so it makes sense that having to exert willpower for long periods of time would mean that you would tire.  This has some implications for both partners in struggling ADHD relationships:

  • Whenever possible, create situations that require less use of sustained willpower to keep your forward momentum.  For example, consider hiring assistance for housework if you can afford it, rather than create a system that requires repeatedly needing to invoke the use of willpower to get things done.  Or sign up for an exercise class that meets regularly, so you don’t have to repeatedly make the decision to go to the gym.
  • Practice building the ‘muscle’ of willpower the same way you would build a regular muscle – start with shorter duration tasks, then move on to longer periods as you find what helps you sustain effort
  • People who are sleep deprived will find that their willpower lessens more quickly (possibly related to ADHD getting worse with less sleep!)
  • Noting and celebrating successes has the ability to ‘build up’ depleted willpower.  Make sure to celebrate your successes as you have them!

Finally, remember that the task of sustaining effort is significantly harder for most people with ADHD than for non-ADHD partners – by definition.”


I was doing well with my weight control plan.  Then, guess what?  The holidays.  Travel.  Stranded in Decatur, Tx, for 2 days by storm.  Oh, my.  The restaurants didn’t have the great salad bar we have at El Castillo.  Plus they had wonderful chicken fried steak and fried okra and Tex Mex .  My plan flew out the window, or got buried in white cream gravy, or something.  Anyway, I gained a lot of weight.  I don’t have to tell you how much, just take my word for it – a lot.


  1. Get back on the horse.  I mean, back on the plan.
  2. Plan a strategy for the next trip so there’s not a repeat.  Don’t have that down yet.  I welcome your suggestions.


Quote O the Day:

“Would you rather be happy or be normal?”

                 quoted from a book quoting another book-I couldn’t keep track.               

add,adhd,adult add,adult adhd,attention deficit,strategy, strategies, tips,living with ADD,living with ADHD,coping with ADD,coping with ADHD,symptoms,problems,ADD problems,ADHD problems,ADHD symptoms,@addstrategies, ADD symptoms,#adhd, #add, @dougmkpdp,@adhdstrategies,weight,eating,pounds,desert,ice cream,lose weight,losing weight,diet,dieting,diets,exercise

Willpower, good intentions, weight management – with ADHD?


Bonus Links:

more on willpower –  it’s limited

more on willpowerit’s not limited

50 life tipsstart the new year off right (you won’t do all 50)

10 sentences that can change your life

Willpower # 2, in case you missed it.

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Many, many, many things on my mind, with ADD ADHD — ADD Tip O the Day 684

Three other things

Often when I’m doing something, my mind is on three other things I need to be doing (or want to be doing.)  That’s ADD ADHD.

Can anyone relate to this?


Write the other three things down. 

But I hate to stop what I’m doing to do that.  It seems best if I can just commit to getting the one thing done, no matter what’s going on in my head.


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Bonus Links:


Handling Distractions

Recognize Distractions

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Distractions, anyone?

When my brain works at all.

When my brain works at all.

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Isn’t ADD ADHD life interesting? So many things to think.

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The ADD ADHD brain is different. And very busy.

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Willpower #2 (or not)— ADD Tip O the Day 683

Do you think you have weak willpower, or none?  It’s an ADD ADHD issue, for sure.  Maybe you can do something about it.

From Nancie George:

“Expert Tips to Cultivate Willpower

Are you lacking in the willpower department? Our experts shared some ways you can flex your willpower muscle.

Think back on your accomplishments. “First, notice the times in your life where you’ve actually displayed the ability to tolerate discomfort for a longer term good that you deemed worthwhile,” says Bea.

Once you can get a list of those accomplishments together, then you’ll see that willpower might be something you had all along but didn’t know it. One simple example would be not scratching an itch. “That’s small, but it’s a way to display to yourself that you’re able to tolerate discomfort,” says Bea.

Remember your strategy. Bea says that the number one reason people don’t reach their goals is because they lack a good strategy. “Try to understand, for the many things that one has accomplished it wasn’t just willpower. There may have been a strategy that one employed,” he explains.

Cut yourself some slack. Carmichael believes that willpower is a finite resource. “We only have so much self-discipline available at any given point in time,” she says. Because we may not be able to both start a strict diet and quit smoking at the same time, it’s wise to use willpower strategically.

“For example, if you’re going to a cocktail party and the goal is to avoid overindulging on hors d’oeuvres, give yourself leeway in some other department — allow yourself to take a taxi to the party instead of the subway, skip the towering stilettos, or plan to sleep in late the next morning,” she says.

Offer incentives. In order to achieve your goal, offer yourself an incentive for your discomfort. For example, if you’re trying to quit smoking, offer yourself a financial incentive. For each day that you don’t smoke, compensate yourself for that discomfort. As a longer-term incentive, pick out something you really want and use that “discomfort money” to buy it.

This employs the use of a strategy because you’re compensating yourself for your discomfort. You have incentive because you want that financial reward, and if you fail then you have the same incentive the next day to go for it again.

Get active. Carmichael says that yoga and meditation are excellent tools to increase willpower. “Yoga involves mindful awareness of many things, sometimes including minor physical discomfort — anyone had their quads burn during warrior pose before?” she says.

“Learning to greet minor discomfort as a welcome sign of growth, while keeping your mind focused on the pose, helps build willpower and strength of mind.”

Makeover Your Goals 

If you really want to work on cultivating willpower, take a second look at your goals. Makeover your goals so you’re more likely to reach them. First, keep goals small, measurable, and systematic. Remember to celebrate small successes, and ditch disqualifying self-talk like “I can’t,” “I’ll never,” and “It’s impossible.” “


Bonus Links


And another

More tips on willpower — The Link for the Whole Article Above

Good Tips on Weight Control


Bonus Tip O the Day:

Words have powerful effects.  Eliminate these destructive words from your vocabulary, especially your internal dialog, especially if you have ADD ADHD:

“should,”, “have to,” “ought to.”

Final Note:

The new book, The Bully, seems about done.  But it’s seemed that way before.

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Some days you’re just not that into it.

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Stimulants for ADD ADHD, Yet Again — ADD Tip O the Day 682

First, Happy New Year to everyone.

Just read a post that was based on a recent study of ADD ADHD kids on stimulants.  The post said the the study outcome was that there are many kids on stimulants and that parents are not being warned of the dangerous cardiovascular side effects and that there are better alternatives. In fact, the study found that there are many kids on stimulants and that the cardiovascular side effects are few and not very serious.

We all choose our beliefs and then try to find facts to support them and ignore those that disprove them (mostly unconsciously), but this seems a little over the top.

I tried to find the post on facebook but couldn’t.  Will post the link if I can find it.

Just found it!  On MY facebook!    The Link


And the classic French kids link – it’s the grains of truth that make the pile of BS look appealing.

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I’m struggling to get the blog and the twitter                   @thebullyonline working.  They are both up and running, at last, but need some work.  Arrrgghhh!

Quote O the Day

“Would you rather be happy or be normal?”

             quoted from a book quoting another book-I couldn’t keep track.

Bonus Quote O the Day

“If ignorance is bliss, why aren’t there more happy people?”

              from who knows where



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Distortions, half truths, and lies about ADD ADHD.

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My New Year’s Resolution — ADD Tip O the Day 681

First, I hope you each have a wonderful 2016. Keep identifying problems and working on strategies.  It’s bound to help.

My New Year’s resolution is not to make any New Year’s resolution.  They don’t work for me, probably because of my ADD ADHD lack of willpower.  Plus, maybe I tend to make them too grandiose, unachievable. That’s part of ADD ADHD, too.


But I do find it useful to set goals. Somehow I’m more able to make those achievable. And it’s a good time for me to review my goals, and see what I am doing or not doing that interferes with achieving them. That’s a good strategy.


Bonus Link O the Day

I rarely watch videos, but this one is worth it.

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But, the road to Hell is paved with good intentions.

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Merry Christmas, or Whatever — ADD Tip O the Day 680

First, things have been a little rocky and a little more chaotic than the usual ADD ADHD life, and I am a little behind. BUT

Michael is home! after more than 2 weeks in ICU. Thank you everyone for your prayers and support.  AND

A blessed Christmas to each of you, and if Christmas is not your thing, then I hope Dec. 25 goes great for you, and if  you have another holiday of choice, then I hope it is blessed too.

Just read an article by W. M. Dodson, MD, about the stimulants.  Hope to post on it soon.  He is an ADD ADHD expert, who gave me the

Quote O the Day

‘The purpose of the stimulants is to help you focus enough to use the strategies.’

Note O the Day

I know this post is not up to par, hope to do better next time.  I am also struggling to develop  another website, The Bully.


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Life can be hard. With ADD ADHD, it’s harder.

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Sleep, and Health, and ADD ADHD — ADD Tip O the Day 679

Inadequate sleep makes ADD ADHD worse

I’m a little more disorganized than usual, thus so is this post.  Probably because I didn’t get enough sleep last night.

Sleep is of fundamental importance to our health and well-being, but even more so with ADD ADHD.  Our symptoms become  worse if we don’t get enough sleep.

Sleep hygiene can be very helpful, but most people don’t want to hear about it.  Most of us just want a pill.  I put links for sleep hygiene below.

I use melatonin at bedtime.  It’s “natural,”for whatever that’s worth. And unless I take it in the middle of the night, there is no hangover.  I believe in doing whatever we need to do in order to get our sleep.  Ambien (zolpidem) works well for most people, although not for me.

Stimulant medications

Daytrana and other stimulants (Adderall, Ritalin, amphetamines) can be very helpful for ADD ADHD symptoms, but can keep us awake at night unless we managed the dosage and the timing carefully.  I need to take my Daytrana patch off by 1:30 PM or I will have insomnia.  I use the alarm on my cell phone. It’s set for 1:20 and again for 1:30 – because I don’t always take it off the first time.

The big secret tip about sleep

Get up.

That’s it.  Get up.

If you’re not asleep in 15-20 minutes, or if you wake up in the middle of the night and can’t get back to sleep, just get up. Do something not too stimulating until you feel sleepy; then go back to bed.  Repeat as necessary.  There is nothing more guaranteed to keep you awake than trying to go to sleep.  And few things more miserable.

And lying in bed struggling to sleep will condition your brain that the bed is not a place to sleep.

(When do you think I write all these posts?)


Sleep hygiene

Sleep hygiene 2

Great Note O the Day:

Michael is doing very well and is supposed to be coming home Monday.  Thank God.

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—that knits the raveled sleeve —. Boy, are my sleeves raveled!

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The Free Secret of Weight Loss, Even with ADD ADHD — ADD Tip O the Day 678

The Secret to Weight Loss

OK, I won’t keep you in suspense any longer, here’s the secret:

We are blessed with a wonderful salad bar, with  decent mixed greens and all kinds of accompaniments.  My favorites are olives, mushrooms, celery, and cucumbers.  But there’s lots of other stuff, too, like broccoli (ugh!) and beets (ugh again) for people who like that kind of stuff.  And a wide choice of dressings.

So here’s the secret. It’s an issue of attitude.  I started thinking of salad as the main course, and small portions of anything else as side dishes.  And I eat the salad first.

That’s the big tip, right there.  The salad is the main course.

Smaller Tips

I didn’t cut out desserts. It doesn’t help to feel deprived. But I only have the ones that are especially appealing, maybe one a week. And I take a very small portion, which usually satisfies me. And after a desertless meal,  I often eat one square of very dark chocolate. Dark chocolate is  an exception to the rule that anything you like is bad for you. It’s one of the few things where I can eat just one and be satisfied. Of course, I don’t really eat it. I let it dissolve in my mouth, so it lasts a long time.

I cut down on alcohol. And I switched from Scotch to red wine.  I thought it had fewer calories, but researched it just now, for your edification, and it’s actually about the same. 

I changed my exercise routine to include high intensity training. This is supposed to be more effective while taking a less time. I love saving time.

I’m drinking  lots of glasses of ice water.

I don’t know if any of these smaller tips have made any difference, but the overall program is working, so I’m sticking to it.

The Other Big Secret

The other secret is that it’s not really so much about losing weight. That’s the easy part. It’s about keeping it off after it’s lost. That means I’ll need to stick with this program forever.  It’s a program, not a diet.  Have I mentioned that diets do not work?

And the secret within this secret is that I enjoy the program. I do not feel deprived or burdened or unsatisfied.  I enjoy the food and the exercise.  And as I’ve noticed before, once I’ve lost weight, I rarely feel hungry.  


Note O the Day:

Michael is still in ICU but much better. Off the ventilator.  Needs lung treatments.  Hoping to go home next Wednesday.  Thank you for your prayers and kind thoughts.

Joke O the Day (especially for Scott):  (this may be a repeat?)

Knock, knock.

           Who’s there?

Control freak.  Now you say, “Control freak who?”


Did I mention that with my ADD ADHD I don’t have much willpower?

So I’m using the strategy of “locked in.”  By telling you all about this, I’ll have to confess if I mess up or it doesn’t work.  That fact helps lock me into the program.



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It shouldn’t be so hard to lose weight.






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Your Weight and ADD ADHD — ADD Tip o the Day 677

Losing Weight, Even With ADD ADHD

I’m an expert on losing weight.  I’ve lost hundreds of pounds.

I’m also an expert in putting pounds back on.  Done that, too.

If I work really hard at it, I can lose a pound in a week.  That would be 52 pounds in a year!

With no effort at all, I can gain five pounds in one evening.

But I think I’m onto something now.  Have lost 17 pounds in several months and so far haven’t put it back on.  I’ll share my secret, but first, I have to tell you –

Diets don’t work. 

Diets do not work.  Sometimes people do lose weight on a diet, but also, inevitably, they regain more than they lost.  Because – diets do not work.

As you very well know, what works is to change your eating habits and your lifestyle.  Permanently.  You know that, you just didn’t want to hear it again.

We live in El Castillo, a wonderful place, and they feed us very well.  Extensive menu, good choices, good food.  Great multi choice desert table   –    I gained ten pounds in our first three months here.  Wasn’t sure which of the six choices was the best, so I had to try all of them.  Plus the frozen yogurt or ice cream after, which of course didn’t count.  One of the features of ADD ADHD is a lack of will power, have you noticed?  I mean, it was sitting right out there in front of me.


So, my secret next time.


Bonus Link

Sentences that can change your life from J Kansara

NOTE:  Michael is still in ICU but off the ventilator and seems to be doing well.  Thank you all for your prayers and support.

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El Castillo Desert Table

Oh, my!


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More Things You Can Do To Be Healthy In Spite of ADD ADHD — ADD Tip O the Day 676

The Four Most Important Things You Can Do For Yourself,                           Repeated  From the Previous Post, Because They Are So Important

 (in order of importance)

  1. Stop smoking   2. Exercise   3. Meditate   4. Omega-3 fatty acid    5. get enough sleep

Vicki commented that sleep belongs on this list, so now there’s five – I promoted it from the list below.  Thank you , Vicki.

Other Ways To Help Yourself

But here are many other ways, not in any particular order importance:

Stop drinking any sodas.

Watch the quality and quantity of what you eat.

Minimize contact with toxic people.

Minimize stress and have ways to cope with the unavoidable part (exercise, meditation, therapy, hobbies, etc.)

Get out of doors.


Help others.


Make strategies to cope with problems.

Moderate alcohol intake (isn’t this both a verb and an adjective?  That would work.)

Exercise your mind.

Be kind to yourself; minimize self-criticism.

Set realistic goals, not excessive expectations.

Practice awareness; pay attention to what’s going on, face your problems and deal with them.

For many people, a short mid-afternoon nap is helpful, if it doesn’t interfere with night time sleep.

For many people, small healthy between meal snacks are helpful.

Get help when needed. You don’t have to do it all by yourself.  Getting help is not a sign of weakness, it’s a sign of strength (I suspect this comment is aimed mostly at men?) 

Important Note O the Day:

Many of these healthy tips are also specifically helpful for ADD ADHD.


Please share, which of these are you doing, and which ones not?

What can you add to this list?


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add,adhd,adult add,adult adhd,attention deficit,strategy, strategies, tips,living with ADD,living with ADHD,coping with ADD,coping with ADHD,symptoms,problems,ADD problems,ADHD problems,ADHD symptoms,@addstrategies, ADD symptoms,#adhd, #add, @dougmkpdp,@adhdstrategies,exercise,smoking,cigarettes,meditation, prayer,mindfulness,tai chi

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Four Ways To Be Healthy, Psychologically and Physically, Even With ADD ADHD — ADD Tip O the Day 675


Staying Healthy Isn’t Really That Hard 

 Here’s the four most important things you can do for yourself (and for your family), in order of importance.  ADD ADHD makes it harder, but you can be healthy.

  1. Stop smoking.
  2. Exercise.
  3. Meditate (yoga, tai chi, prayer, mindfulness, etc.).
  4. Omega-3 fatty acid daily (be sure the label shows more EPA than DHA).

See, that’s not so hard.  But with ADD ADHD, you’ll need strategies to help you stick with it.

There are many other things you can do to promote your physical and psychological well-being, but these are the most important four.  I’ll list some of the others in the next post. 


Bonus Link:

57 lose weight tips – very good!

Joke O the Day:

Knock, knock.

Who’s there?

Control freak, now you say “control freak who?”

add,adhd,adult add,adult adhd,attention deficit,strategy, strategies, tips,living with ADD,living with ADHD,coping with ADD,coping with ADHD,symptoms,problems,ADD problems,ADHD problems,ADHD symptoms,@addstrategies, ADD symptoms,#adhd, #add, @dougmkpdp,@adhdstrategies,exercise,smoking,cigarettes,meditation, prayer,mindfulness,tai chi

Is exercise a dirty word?                                        Find something you like, not a horrible chore.

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ADD ADHD Symptoms and Some of the Many Ways They Can Mess Up Your Life — ADD Tip O the Day 674

Examples of various ADD ADHD symptoms and their bad effects

One of our major symptoms is impulsiveness.  That leads to blurting out inappropriately.   It also leads to  making snap judgments of people, but that’s common with vanillas, too.

And we have trouble controlling our emotions.  On rare occasions, I get a brief high, feeling very good, almost silly, and get carried away with myself.  I’m pretty sure I’m not bipolar.

When I was a kid,  I was in that high state after we won a football game, feeling like a million dollars, ten feet tall.  A bowling game wouldn’t work and wouldn’t give me my quarter back, so I stole the disc.  That wasn’t like me at all.  Got in trouble.

As an adult, I was to be honored at a meeting, and was on a high.  I met a woman I liked who was in a position to be very helpful to me.  I asked her a very stupid silly joking question and lost any chance of further connection with her.

Similarly,  another woman I liked, and who could be helpful, started telling me of a painful situation she was in.  I wasn’t high, but I took the opportunity to pour out part of my sad story, on and on.  That was the end of the friendship.

I was introduced to a new addition to our family.  He made a really stupid inappropriate comment.  I wrote him off as a big jerk.  But over time, I got to know him better, and it turns out, he is a big jerk.

I was introduced to another guy, and he made a really stupid inappropriate comment. I wrote him off as a big jerk.  Much later, I was required to do some work with him.  I dreaded it.  It turns out, he’s an extremely nice guy.

We have trouble with social skills and relationships

No wonder!


  1.  I need to note when I’m in a high.  I need to recognize it’s a red flag, and  to be careful of what I do or say.  Fortunately, it’s not often.
  2. Similarly, making a snap judgement of someone is a red flag.  I need to not immediately write them off.

Hope you had a blessed Thanksgiving.                                     

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You say I’m socially inappropriate?                What’s this “inappropriate” sh–?


Bonus Link

Niall’s take on ADD ADHD symptoms, especially memory problems and their consequences

#add #adhd #adultadhd @dougmkpdp


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Irritability and ADD ADHD— ADD Tip O the Day 673

This is a question I use often to help with my ADD ADHD irritability problem:

                                     Does it really matter?

Often the answer is, No, it really doesn’t matter.

Right now, our grandson Michael, 13, is in ICU with pneumonia.  He’s on a ventilator.  He is getting a little better.

That changes my whole perspective on what matters and what doesn’t.  Very little matters.

I would appreciate your prayers for Michael.

thank you


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The sky is large. We are small.

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Comments About ADD ADHD — ADD Tip O the Day 672

I keep worrying that you may not read the comments.  If you don’t, you’re missing a lot.  Here are some fine examples:

Homey– — I’ve been enjoying the pomodoro technique of time management. I only do something for 25 minutes and then I do something else. I know I’ll get to everything eventually but I can pick one thing for now and then do something else. Otherwise I’m the same as you – paralyzed and overwhelmed!!!

The pomodoro technique is great.  Uses a timer.  So I can do this task which I dread because I know it’s only for 25 minutes.  And I remind myself that I survived the army for two years, so 25 minutes of hell is nothing.  doug

Betsy – Here is my new way to handle tax preparation. I am behind by more than one year. I can not get it sorted. I have all the information I need but I cannot get it to the accountant in any form. I asked her to please send me, by email, a list of three things she needs as she assembles the information. When she sends me the list of three, I send her what she needs. Then, she sends me a new list.

Sometimes the list is easy, like looking up numbers; sometimes it is hard, like figuring out my office P and L for a calendar year. Or scanning a 1099 into my computer and emailing it to her.

But three are do-able. She just waits until she has the three things. No reminders, no admonitions, her mailbox is open to me and when I get the three things ready, I send them.

There is no way in the world that eventually the tax returns will not get done. And I will continue to do them this way forever and not be behind.

This is a brilliant application of the strategy, break it into small steps.  So you don’t need to think, “I have to do my taxes.” You just think “I need to add up the office checks.”  doug

Scott -I have lists of what needs to be done, projects I would like to do if I have extra time, a work list, a “today” list, and even a “project security list” where I put all of the projects so I don’t have to look at them on my normal list until I choose to put them there, when I am ready to start doing them.

It seems complicated, but it is working more and more. I used to just spin and wonder why even though I thought I was busy I wasn’t getting the right things done. I’m finding shorter lists work better for me, so sometimes just choosing a couple of things off the bigger list and writing them down on a short list really helps. That is basically from Doug’s book.

This is like my long to-do list, my short to-do list, and my list of five.  But Scott’s brilliant approach is putting the projects on a separate list, so you don’t have to be see them when you look at your other lists.  Then when you decide to tackle one of the projects, remember to break it into small steps. doug

Thank you to all you contributors.  I love the comments.


Bonus Link O the Day:

Homey – By the way, I started a new blog called I’ll be posting whenever I want and about whatever I want – mainly stuff that happens in my crazy life – definitely ADHD related things.

I hope you had a blessed and healthy Thanksgiving.  More coming on “healthy.”  Watch for it.  doug

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Happens to me all the ti 

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Best Jobs for People with ADD ADHD — ADD Tip O the Day 671

What is the best job for someone with ADD ADHD?

I recently worked in a state hospital.  It was great.

The staff was excellent, the building was good, the work was rewarding.

But none of that has to do with ADD ADHD.  It was a just right job for me, because:

It had structure: I was supposed to be there at 8:00 AM and leave at 5:00 PM (although it never happened).  Had a meeting every morning at 9:00 AM, and an every Tuesday meeting at 10:00 AM.

It was variable:  Different things were happening every day, plus sometimes I was getting new patients.  The patients were each unique.

It was personally interesting: I enjoyed helping the patients, working with the staff, and learning new things.

It was novel: I hadn’t worked in a state hospital before, the patients were new to me, and I was learning new medicines.

It was challenging: Oh, boy, was it challenging.

There was an immediate heavy deadline:  The only drawback was the paper work.  Ugh!  But I had to get it done on time and the deadlines were never far away. And the paperwork was novel and challenging, if not personally interesting.  I became much more efficient with time and it wasn’t a burden anymore.  

And I had to get to know the patients right away in order to do my job.

And The Point Is:

  1.  With ADD ADHD, we need structure, and we also need variation.
  2. Our focus centers do not turn on just because something is important.  They turn on if something is of personal interest, novel, challenging, or has an immediate heavy deadline.

What is the best kind of job for someone with ADD ADHD?

That question is asked often.  I just answered it.  If you are considering a job, these are the points you need to look at.

PS It also helped that I was part of a team and people were suggesting to me what needed to be done next and reminding me of the meetings I needed to go to.  It also helped that I didn’t really have a “boss”.  I don’t do well with close supervision.


Bonus Link O the Day

Forty neat little tips ( I would call most of them strategies).

PS PS Happy Thanksgiving to each of you.

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I do better without a “boss.”











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Too Much, Too Much, Too Much — ADD Tip O the Day 670

Sometimes with my ADD ADHD, I can’t think straight, or even walk straight.  Sometimes it’s all too much.

I was going to the library. It was a nice day. I was going to walk.

Since I was going out, my wife wanted me to take the old newspapers to the trash bin. And on my way, to also take the filled water bottles back to my car. And while I was there, get the empty water bottles out of her car, and also check to see if the scarf I lost yesterday was in there.  And bring  the water bottles back to the apartment, and the lost scarf, if I found it.

Arrggghhhhh!  My head was spinning and my brain was about to explode.

But I did it! And I didn’t even get lost on the way.

And I did find the scarf.

I have strategies.

 Strategy 1.  It would have been smart to just stop and write it all down, but that would’ve felt silly and it would’ve required enough patience to stop and actually do it.

Strategy 2.  So I just kept saying it over and over to myself: trash, my car bottles, her car bottles, scarf.  That seemed to help; the headache that was coming didn’t.


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See how confusing it is?



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Amphetamines ??? — ADD Tip O the Day 659

Adderall is crystal meth!

This is not accurate, but it does make a sensational headline.  It’s from a recent post on the net. Adderall and meth are not the same, but they’re pretty similar.  And so–????

If it helps you and doesn’t harm you, that’s good.  

Please check out the links. The comments section illustrates the depth and breadth of ignorance about these things.  The level of ignorance and the level of fervor and certainty seem correlated.

Adderall is crystal meth–  the headline.

Are they the same? – well, not exactly.

Difference between?  – note some apparent contradictions.

I’ve been waiting for a good chance to use these:

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Me, after counting the millions I made prescribing stimulants.

medicine abuse,medication abuse,misuse,stimulant abuse,stimulant misuse,medication,medicine,stimulant,adderall,amphetamine,meth,add, adhd,adult add,adult adhd,attention ,deficit,myths,ignorance,beliefs,study,college,, @addstrategies #adhd #add @dougmkpdp,

And did you know that no French children have ADD ADHD?







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He who knows, and knows he knows, he is wise, follow him. He who knows, and knows not he knows, he is asleep, wake him. He who knows not, and knows he knows not, he is a child, teach him. He who knows not, and knows not he knows not, he is a fool, shun him.

medicine abuse,medication abuse,misuse,stimulant abuse,stimulant misuse,medication,medicine,stimulant,adderall,amphetamine,meth,add, adhd,adult add,adult adhd,attention ,deficit,myths,ignorance,beliefs,study,college,, @addstrategies #adhd #add @dougmkpdp,

No one is more certain in their views than the one who has no idea what they’re talking about.

If you’re in the Toronto area, be sure to read Shannon’s comment below.

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The Power of One, for ADD ADHD — ADD Tip O the Day 658

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Am I procrastinating? Or just waiting til the time is right?

List of One – for ADD ADHD Overwhelmed

I was already overloaded when I got the notice that my gross receipts tax (New Mexico!) had not been paid for December, 2014. Think of the penalties! Think of all the research to do. Think of filling out the forms and writing the check and addressing the envelope. Oh my!

My short to do list was already too long and my list of five was already up to seven. I couldn’t decide where to start. I alternated between sitting, paralyzed and stagnant, or spinning around in circles.  

Then I made my list of one.  On the back of an old envelope, I wrote, “TAX.”  That was probably the most important thing on my list of eight, but it didn’t matter. I just needed to do something.

One Thing

Sometimes I think I have too many things to do.  This can cause stagnation, demoralization, procrastination.

And it’s not true.

I only have one thing to do.  In the example above, it’s the tax.

So when I’m doing something, or thinking about doing something, I’m thinking,”But, oh, I need to do this, and I need to do that, and I need to do the other, too.”

No, I only need to do one thing.  When that one is done, then I’ll need to do the next one thing, but right now, it’s just this one.

That works better.


Bonus Link:

Does ADD ADHD change with age? – from Linda Roggli


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Life with ADD ADHD, Part Whatever — Add Tip O the 657

Here’s another life with ADD ADHD episode:

I had to do some clever detective work on the net to find the phone number I needed.  Was real proud of myself.  Wrote it down.  Closed the website.  Picked up the phone.

You following this so far?

Started dialing on my cell phone.  Got to the last two numbers. 


But it didn’t matter much.  I was dialing on my calculator.

Oh, well.

Found the number again on the net.  Wrote it down, legibly.

Dialed it carefully.  It had been disconnected.

You still with me?

Rechecked the website.  I had transposed two numbers.

Redialed.  Got the right answering machine.  Left a message. 

Hope I left my phone number correctly.  Pretty sure I spelled my name right.

Anybody understand what I’m talking about here?

The strategy:

Whenever I write down numbers, stop at once and check that I can read them.  I know this.  I just didn’t do it.  

A strategy for the rest of it?  No strategies, that’s just life with ADD ADHD.


Bonus Link :

Planning Systems from Homey

add,adhd,adult add,adult adhd,attention deficit,stategies,add problems,adhd problems,living with add,living with adhd

                                Life can be just a little harder with ADD ADHD.

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Living with ADD ADHD, Homey’s Version — ADD Tip o the Day 657

I’ve been gone and am a little behind (what else is new). So was delighted when Homey came up with this great post, comparing living with ADD ADHD to living without it, like her husband does.  Of course, he’s obviously a little exceptional, but he still helps make the point.  Homey is exceptional, too.  I continue to be amazed at all she accomplishes, ADD ADHD or not.  She’s the planner maven, so she thinks her post is about planners, but I think it’s about living and coping.

So I’m coasting today.  Enjoy:


My husband, David, and I are very different in the way we go about our day-to-day activities.  He’s a remodeling contractor.  He has a planner I set up for him and he sort of uses it.  He mainly uses the blank paper to write notes or to-do lists.  He frequently writes lists on random scraps of paper and throws them away when they’re done.  He doesn’t write his daily plans on paper.  He doesn’t have printed routines or schedules or to-do lists.  When he’s working on the house, he just does the next thing and he intuitively knows what that is.  He cleans as he goes, picks up after himself and doesn’t forget (usually) important tasks.  Did I mention that he’s a born organized?  He just knows what to do and he does it.

I’m a full-time homemaker.  I blog, spent lots of time with my grandkids and take care of the house.  I cook, clean, pay bills, grocery shop, etc.  And I can’t live without a planner.  I write anything and everything down.  I am NOT a born organized and I don’t intuitively know what needs done next.  I have ADHD and it’s a real pain in the butt when it comes to managing my home and my time.

However, I can accomplish almost as much as David does but I need a little help doing it.  My brain doesn’t work as efficiently as his does so I have to compensate a little – okay, maybe a lot.  The compensation comes in the form of my planner.

  • He has a lot going on his brain but somehow he’s able to process it and put it in its rightful place inside his brain.  I have a lot going on, too, but I can’t process it.  It overwhelms me.  I have to get it out of my brain and on paper.  Then and only then can I put it in its rightful place.
  • He makes a list, does it and then throws it away (he doesn’t always make a written list – often he keeps it in his head). My response is much more complicated.  I make a list.  Then I rebel against the list.  Then I decide maybe I’ll do a few things on the list or maybe something else.  Eventually I get some of the stuff done on the list. But I never throw it away because there are unfinished things on the list and I need a record in case I have to look back to see if I did something and when.  But I still do better than if I didn’t have a list.
  • He intuitively knows what to do next.  I don’t have a clue.  Because of my ADHD, everything seems equally important.  And there’s so much I think I need to do that I don’t know what to do next.  Since I don’t have that intuition that he has, I have to make a list – actually, a daily plan.  A list doesn’t always cut it for me.  I need to plan out the day and figure out what I need to do and when I might be able to do it.  If I simply wing it, I won’t get anything done or I’ll get the wrong things done.  And getting the wrong things done is almost as bad as doing nothing at all.  So he can plan his day in his head but I have to do it on paper.
  • He has a routine and follows it.  I have to thoughtfully create a routine, write it down and then remind myself to follow it. I have a page in my planner that includes my routines.  It may seem silly, but it’s the only way I will consistently do them.  I know that sort of contradicts the idea of a routine (something you do automatically) but trust me, I have to do it this way.
  • He’s motivated.  He knows what needs done and he does it.  Period.  That’s it.  I, on the other hand, lack motivation and have to find ways to create it.  I use games, strategies, rewards, stickers – whatever it takes.  Sometimes it’s as simple as writing things down and marking them off.  He doesn’t need the satisfaction of marking something off.  I do.
  • He cleans as he goes.  He sees something that needs done and he does it.  I see something that needs done and I add it to my list.  I’ve gotten better at cleaning as I go – by following his example – but I’m still not great at it.  But I have learned that when I see something that needs done, to write it on my list.  We both get it done – it just takes me longer.

ADD/ADHD makes time management much harder, but having the right tool, in my case a planner, can make the difference between success and failure.  Without my planner, I flounder.  With my planner, I can defeat (or at least cripple) my ADHD and accomplish great things.  David might be superman all on his own, but with the help of my planner, I can be super, too.

Thank you, Homey


Quote o the Day:  The two secrets of life are showing up and hanging in there.

.         E J Khantzian, MD

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Homey, the ADD ADHD Planner Maven

Homey’s Website







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Structure and Routine And Strategies for ADD ADHD — ADD Tip O the Day 656

Structure and Strategies

Structure is essential.  I don’t consider it a strategy though.  Not quite sure why. Probably because it is so basic.

Basics include sleep, structure, exercise, and maybe getting outside, mediation or yoga or something like that.  Basics also include to-do lists and appointment books and calendars.

Structure pretty much means routine.  Get up and go to bed at about the same time usually, same for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and tooth brushing.  Church on Sunday. Don’t have to think about those things, don’t have to make decisions.

A strategy is a way of dealing with a very specific problem. 

I keep losing my keys, I’m often late picking up the kids from school, I’ve driven off with the gas hose in my tank three times, I’m paying late charges because I don’t get around to paying the bills, etc.  Those are specific problems.

To qualify as A Problem it has to be frequent enough or serious enough or inconvenient enough to make it worth the effort to work on it.  Or put another way, fixing it is going to make my life better.

Then the principle kicks in: identify the problem, make a strategy, make a rule (and keep on it even when I slip up), make it a habit.  Then I don’t have to remember it or think about it. Life will get better.

Note: Some people don’t like structure.  But then, some people like drama.

Second Note: I think this post came off a comment from Ram.  Hope all of you are reading the comments.  They’re great!


add,adhd,adult add,adult adhd,attention deficit,strategies,schedule,structure,strategy,disorganization

A weekly schedule. More structure for my ADD ADHD.


Bonus Link:  Very interesting ADD ADHD information from Dr. Amen. I fear it may be a little too advanced for me.




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ADD ADHD and My Addictions. What Are Your Addictions? — ADD Tip O the Day 655

Many things can be addicting for us.  I’ve been  addicted to computer war games and to caffeine, but not anymore.  My only current addiction is food.

Hall marks of addiction are craving, time and energy and money spent on thinking about it, on seeking it, and on doing it, and loss of control. Boy, I have sure had those.

I loved my computer games but they were eating up my life.  I came up with a good strategy to deal with that.  It didn’t work, so I figured out another good strategy.  It didn’t work either.  After three or more strategies, I erased all the games off my computer and threw away all the discs.  It was very painful.  I loved those games.

I still have free cell on my wife’s computer (she never plays it) and chess and poker on my cell phone, but so far I can control the free cell, am not playing it at all lately, and only play the phone games when I’m stuck waiting or on a trip.  So these haven’t been a problem.  Yet.  And maybe they won’t be – I enjoy them but don’t love them.

What are your addictions and what do you do about them?


Niall on ADD ADHD and various addictions

ADD,ADHD,addiction,adult ADD,adult ADHD,ADD brain,ADHD brain,attention deficit

One of my old dear addictions.


Bonus Link: Not about ADD ADHD but you owe it to yourself to watch this

– the brpppp act if you haven’t seen it yet..

Bonus Bonus Link:   The Terror of the ADD ADHD Diagnosis

Quote O the Day:

If playing computer games was an occupation, ADD ADHD would not be a disorder.


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Living with ADD ADHD, another chapter – – – ADD Tip O the Day 654

Oh, my!

These kinds of things happen to almost everybody sometimes. They just happen to me a lot of the time. A lot of the time.

  1. A friend graciously agreed to read an early draft of the next book.  Early drafts are ugly.

So I emailed it to her.  But I spelled her name wrong in the address.  “Nacny”.  This could happen to anyone, right?

So I corrected it, and sent it again.  “”

Do you see where I’m going with this?

2. I rushed to the County Court House to vote absentee because I can’t make it Nov.3.  But the election clerk’s office was locked and no one answered my knock.  I found someone in a nearby office and they phoned and a nice lady came and led me to the correct office. Could happen to anybody, right?

The nice lady told me the election is not until June.  Could happen to – – –?

I filled out the form requesting the absentee ballot anyway.  Who knows where I might be June?

When I got home, I realized I had put down the wrong zip code. Could happen – – –?

I realized that my little voice had told me that I wasn’t sure about my zip code and I could check it on my driver’s license, but I was in a hurry and I was holding up the nice lady and I ignored it. It wasn’t very loud. Could – – –?

3.  Getting ready for cold weather.  Found 4 pair of long underwear bottoms.  No tops.

4.  I had a great link to post but then I couldn’t find it so I wrote a long thing about that but then I found it. But I’d already written the long thing.

Anyway, here it is –  you really need to watch this.  Give Yourself a Treat Even If It’s Not About ADD ADHD.


1. Double check everything.  This takes a little more time, but not nearly as much as if I don’t.

2. Listen to the little voice.  I just wish it was a little louder and that I didn’t have to keep learning this same lesson over and over.

3. Get my wife to find the long underwear tops.

Note: You can’t make this stuff up!

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Plan ahead. Give God a good laugh.


Bonus Link:

Homey hits another homer – don’t we always plan for more than we can possibly do?



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Diet and ADD ADHD, New Findings — ADD Tip O the Day 653

Much has been written about diet and ADD ADHD. The research shows that special diets can have some benefit for some people, but  sound like a headache to manage and often for small benefit. I have been dubious.  Now more general research  (by Felice Jacka PhD) is showing an effect of diet on the brain. This could have implications for ADD ADHD.

In summary, the Western junk food diet causes a shrinkage of the left hippocampus. A more rational, balanced diet can cause growth of the left hippocampus. The left hippocampus is associated with memory and learning.

From the article:

Many animal studies show that saturated fats and refined sugars have a negative effect on the brain proteins that protect brain cells from oxidative stress and that promote growth of new brain cells.

Further, antioxidants, or protective lipids, like omega-3 fatty acid (fish oil), increase these protective proteins.

So I try to keep an open mind, even with my shrunken hippocampus.  These findings don’t suggest that bad diet causes ADD ADHD, but since we presumably have no hippocampus to spare, bad diet could make us worse.

I’m working on  a big post on recent science about ADD ADHD, but it’s complicated.  Be patient.


Link to the full article

Fun quick pretty complete presentation on ADD ADHD

Another Freebie – James Clear on Habits

Another Link: Not about ADD ADHD, but you really need to see this.  Well, actually, maybe it could be related to ADD ADHD.  OK, so I lost the link. But let me assure you, it was great.  Still looking.

ADD,ADHD,attention deficit,adult ADD,adult ADHD,adult ADD,adult ADHD, ADD,ADHD,adult ADD,adult ADHD,diet,food,omega,fish,science,controversy,hippocampus, western diet,memory,learning

With ADD ADHD, it can be hard to remember to get everything you need.


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The Answers to All Your Questions — ADD Tip O the Day 652

Is Life Complicated?

Clearly it’s more complicated if we have ADD ADHD.  But wait!

Life is not as complicated as people think.  In fact, you can understand any situation, answer any question, by simply using one of four keys:

  1. It’s about the money.
  2. It’s hormonal.
  3. It’s more complicated than that.
  4. It will take longer than that.

Can you think of any question that can’t be answered by one of these?


Legitimate question: What does this have to do with ADD ADHD?

Answer: Beats me.  I just thought it was valuable enough to share with you.

Note:  My wife thinks some of these posts are too long.  Like the last one.

Bonus Bonus Bonus:  Jerry Bair’s new book on the to- do list is just out and for the moment it’s free.  It’s very good.  I suggest you grab it.   clik

Bonus Link: I read that everyone with Tourette’s Syndrome also has ADHD.  You really need to watch this.

ADD,ADHD,attention deficit,adult ADD,adult ADHD,explanations, understanding,questions,answers,life,answers to life

With ADD ADHD we’re not too good with time.


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Rules Can Help You With ADD ADHD: a follow up – – – ADD Tip O the Day 651

My wife is back!

  Thank God!

But I didn’t unravel.  I give the credit to the rules, although having the structure of writing on the next book was also helpful.

Report on the rules:

  1. No alcohol.  – I scored 100% on this one. It wasn’t very hard. However, I’m ready to resume the cocktail hour with my wife and the Friday night frozen margarita with Mexican food.  We’ll have to watch the effect on my weight.                                                       
  2. Only one free cell game per day. – I managed to stick to this. It was very tempting to do more. My other little voice- “Come on, just one more won’t hurt.” Does that sound like an alcoholic? Free cell is addictive, at least for me.

                    I plan to lay off of free cell again. There’s nothing wrong with playing free cell    cell except it’s addictive. I can spend the same time practicing the guitar or the harmonica.  That’s relaxing too. I remind myself, if I only play one game a day and it only takes five minutes (fat chance), that’s over a half hour a week and over 30 hours a year.  I think even I could improve my guitar playing with 30 hours more of practice.

3. No TV. – I never turned on the TV. Our neighbors had me over for coffee and they were watching football. I  enjoyed watching the last minutes of U Texas getting beat. High point of my day. Surely this doesn’t count against me.  I was tempted to watch the Raven’s game, but that would’ve taken up a lot of time and wouldn’t have  been as much fun  by myself.  So I passed.  I didn’t miss it.

Report On Goals:

I can get a lot of work done.  – I did. Finished the first draft of my next book and started on the second. Yea!

Maybe lose weight.  –  Lost 4 pounds. Very difficult. Lots of salad, small portions of other food, only one dessert the whole time – couldn’t very well pass up the lemon meringue pie. I must confess I ate the fantastic banana nut bread my wife had baked for me.

Do more guitar practice.  –  I did! Caught up on some old pieces  I had lost and learned some new fretboard and techniques. I owe thanks to my nephew Ron and the videos he made for me.  He’s an excellent teacher.


I used the “locked in” strategy. By posting to you what I was doing and knowing that I would report the result, I was locked in. That improved my chances.


Rules can be helpful.

Doug                        add,adhd,adult add,adult adhd,attention deficit,disorder,dysfunction,disfunction,games,free cell,free-cell,alcohol,rules,habits, strategy, strategies,tips,living with ADD,living with ADHD,coping with ADD,coping with ADHD, @addstrategies #adhd #add @dougmkpdp
Some days with ADD ADHD just surviving is a great triumph..

Bonus Link:  Dr. Brown on myths about ADD ADHD

@addstrategies  #adhd  #add  @dougmkpdp

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Living with ADD ADHD: Another Typical ADD ADHD Experience — ADD Tip O the Day 650

We Procrastinate

I’ve been needing to get my fingerprints done (don’t ask). At the Department of Public Safety, waaaay across town. I finally got all the paper work done and then  carefully put it all in a manila folder. I labeled  the folder so it wouldn’t get lost.  I even double checked  to see that it was all correct (Yea me!).

I made a commitment to get the prints done today. I did piddle around a while and time was slipping away, but I picked up the folder and set out. I drove waaaay across town and didn’t even get lost once.

We Screw Up

When I got to the Department of Public Safety, I picked up the manila folder and started to get out of the car. That’s when I noticed that it was the wrong manila folder.

I drove back home without incident.  Maybe I should wait until tomorrow to go back and not do all that driving back to back? But that sounds suspiciously like procrastinating. And I’d rather get it done.

Sometimes We Do Good

So I drove back.  Did I mention that it’s  waaaay across town? Everything went smoothly. It was a good feeling to cross this off my to do list. It had been on there for a while.

Not Everything Is Our Fault

On the way back, along the same route, I got stuck in the wrong lane.  I had to make a slight detour. No big deal. Then a guy in a big black SUV decided to cross in front of me.  I stayed calm, did not curse,  and made no hand gestures. I just slowed to let him cross.  Instead,  he decided to stop in the middle of the road. I slammed on the brakes.  Another car was coming toward him from the other side. It could have been very interesting. But we stopped and he went on. Okay, I did make a hand gesture then but not the one you’re thinking of.

We Can Try To Keep A Positive Attitude

When I got home, I said to myself, “I deserve a drink.” But this is the week my wife is gone and I’m not drinking (See  post 649).  Then I said to myself, “Well, at least I can get a post out of it.”


Optomistic Thought O the Day:                                                  

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ADD ADHD has just been practice?

Something good comes out of everything.

Bonus Link O the Day:

Natural selection at work – so why are there so many of us still around?

(This is similar to the link that I lost. Still can’t find that one. )

A Heads Up:

The next post is a report on how I did while my wife was gone.  Just in case you’ve been wondering.

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Rules Can Make Your Life Better with ADD ADHD — ADD Tip O the Day 649

Using Rules:

A major principle for coping with ADD ADHD is:  identify a problem, design a strategy, make it a rule, make it a habit.  But with ADD ADHD there are other uses for rules .

Some of us do better with people around us. Some don’t. Some study better with music. Some find it a distraction. Some study better with someone else in the room. Some don’t. I do better with someone around and with music.

When my wife is gone, I do great. For three days. Then everything starts to unravel. I do better with her around.  And without her, a lot of my structure is gone.  I stop functioning.

But this time, I’m trying new strategies, based on rules.

  1. No alcohol.
  2. Only one free cell game a day.
  3. No TV.

Goals: I can get a lot of work done. Maybe lose weight. Do more guitar practice.

I know that if I break a rule once, the dam is likely to break and I can just forget it.

We’ll see.


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When I’m unraveled with ADD ADHD

Bonus Links:

15 good habits to make to make your life better


Follow Up On Call to Verizon:  In case you’re wondering, I did call Verizon.  Wasn’t on hold too long.  The lady was nice. She took a long time researching options. While I waited. Turns out that once our contracts are up, we could save a few bucks by reducing the minutes available to us. Don’t want to do that.  But I did make the call.  Can cross that off.

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you can check the good comments by clicking comments in the long list at the bottom of the post

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ADD ADHD Talking To Myself — ADD Tip O the Day 648

Sometimes I talk to myself out loud, sometimes just inside my head.

“You need to call Verizon.”

I don’t want to call Verizon.

“You need to call Verizon anyway.”

It probably won’t do any good.

“You need to try.”

OK. Let me do one game of free cell first.

“You’ll have plenty of time to play free cell while you’re on hold.  Aren’t you always bragging about multitasking?”

No.  Anyway, this conversation would make a good blog post.  Let me get it down before I forget it.


—- to be continued.  How will it turn out?

Does this sound familiar to anyone?

doug and “doug”      

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With ADD ADHD, we need all the help we can get.




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Is ADHD A Disorder? — ADD Tip O the Day 647

I found this on the net.  The link is below if you want to watch it.  I didn’t.

“ADHD As A Difference In Cognition, Not A Disorder: Stephen Tonti at TEDxCMU”

Well, it is a difference.  It’s a difference that is not “normal” – ie it’s not very common – and it causes a lot of dysfunction – that’s in the definition of ADD ADHD. Isn’t normal and causes dysfunction.  How is that different from a disorder?

Does this kind of misinformation cause harm or does it not matter?

Could it-

  • cause people to not get help?
  • cause insurance companies to not cover treatment?
  • cause more stigma?
  • cause less stigma?
  • have any other effects?

Disorder, Disease, Normal

I was surprised to find that these terms have no commonly accepted medical definitions.

Or can someone correct me on this?

clik for the you tube talk – if you do watch it please comment.

Important note:

Ram watched it.  Be sure to read Ram’s comment below.  Thank you Ram.


add,adhd,adult add,adult adhd,attention deficit,disorder,dysfunction,disfunction,brain,imaging,normal,abnormal,cognition,different,difference

Is ADD ADHD a disorder?

Bonus Links:

from Melissa Orlov on marriage, but applies to more

Terms and Definitions Related to ADD ADHD

Note O the Day:

The Santa Fe New Mexican published an edited version of my letter about the Rosemond piece on diet.  They cut out that he is not a psychologist and that he has been in trouble for misrepresenting his credentials.  They publish his column.

Also one of the two pediatricians he misquotes is not a pediatrician but a nurse practicioner.

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ADHD Medications: Side effects, Dangers, and other Boogey Men — ADD Tip O the Day 646


Why we don’t take the medicine:

Some people just don’t like to take medicines.  It’s just a thing.  OK.

Some people think all medicines are harmful.  Well, that’s OK, too, I guess.

Some people are uninformed or misinformed.  Well, there’s a possibility of help for that.

I prefer natural substances.  Are  you aware that if natural substances work, they generally do the same thing in your body that the medications do?  That they are produced without regulatory control? That most of what you buy does not contain what it says it does and some of it contain things that are harmful?

I don’t want the side effects.   The side effects listed for the medicines are possible side effects.   That does not mean you will get them.  The percentages are available for each medicine – maybe 40% of the people taking this medicine get this side effect, or maybe only 1 in 100,000.  It will still be listed as a side effect.  If you do get a side effect, most of them will go away in a few days if you stay on the medicine.  Or you can reduce the dose, change the timing, or switch to a different medicine.   Almost all side effects will go away if you stop taking the medicine. You don’t have to stay on it and suffer.

It’s too expensive.   Very good point!  But see about the generic, shop different pharmacies, see if your doctor can help you with this.  There may be another less expensive form.

I want to beat this myself, without a crutch.  Good luck with that!  If you try a while and it’s not working, then maybe you’ll try the medicines.

Those medicines are addictive.  The research shows that there is a very low rate of abuse and an extremely low rate of addiction from these medicines in people who actually have ADD ADHD.

The medicines are dangerous.  If you are in generally good health, don’t have high blood pressure, haven’t had heart problems and don’t have a family history of certain heart problems, the medicines are safe.  Even if you have risk factors, usually you can use one of the medicines with some precautions.

My cousin’s neighbor said that her friend’s hairdresser told her that that medicine made his brother-in -law’s hair turn green and his ears fall off.          What can I say?

Try It:

I believe that everyone with ADD ADHD, adult or child, deserves a trial of medication.  It may not help, it will help many, for some it’s  a miracle.  You won’t know without trying it.


Definition O the Day: 

Confirmation bias is the tendency to search for, interpret, favor, and recall information in a way that confirms one’s beliefs or hypotheses while giving disproportionately less attention to information that contradicts it.

or put another way:

The Misconception: Your opinions are the result of years of rational, objective analysis.

The Truth: Your opinions are the result of years of paying attention to information which confirmed what you believed while ignoring information which challenged your preconceived notions.

Bonus Link:

Long well-informed well-reasoned excellent discussion by K. Kalikow MD about using medication.

ADD,ADHD,attention deficit,disorder,medicine,medication,drugs,

ADD ADHD, the gift that keeps on giving.

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ADD ADHD and Wisdom? A Dozen Top Tips — ADD Tip O the Day 645

We ADDer’s are not renowned for our wisdom. Even so, you would think that by this advanced age I would have learned some things that could be of value to others.

So here is my advice, for what it’s worth. Some of it is specific to ADD ADHD.

  1. Trust in God. This is very hard to do.
  2. Do what is right. Be prepared to pay the consequences.
  3. When you are absolutely sure you are right, consider the possibility that you’re wrong.
  4. Look for opportunities to help others but take care of yourself and don’t be a patsy.
  5. Practice saying “No.”
  6. Meditate. Exercise. Take omega three fatty acids and a multi-vitamin. Do not smoke. Try to keep your weight down – this is very hard.
  7. Do it now, do it right and do the hard part first.
  8. Break everything into small steps and focus on one thing at a time.
  9. Make a long to do list but work off of a short one.  Realize that you will never catch up.
  10. Recognize that the most important things are your relationships, your health and your time.  Really!
  11.  Don’t ignore the negative but focus on the positive. Appreciate the beauty that you are surrounded with.
  12. Remember that we are all more alike than different, yet everyone is unique. And everyone is carrying a wound or a burden that you are not aware of.

Extra Note: There is so much more than we can ever imagine and so much that we cannot ever understand.

Invitation: Will you share your own hard earned wisdom with us here?


I finally found the lost link!

Just about everything about coping with ADD ADHD from Segal and Smith


add,adhd,adult add,adult adhd,attention deficit,to do,to-do,strategy, strategies,wisdom,tips,living with ADD,living with ADHD,coping with ADD,coping with ADHD

With ADD ADHD I get to keep learning the same things over and over.


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Lies, Distortions and Half-truths About ADD ADHD – Is This Harmful? — ADD Tip O the Day 644

“Best treatment for ADHD: Healthy diet”

This is the headline from John Rosemond’s syndicated column in the Santa Fe New Mexican, 9/13/2015.

He states that he and Dr. Ravenel  found that there is no good evidence that ADHD is a disease, probably inherited, that affects brain chemistry and function.

He states that “on numerous occasions” they have seen ADHD symptoms disappear completely without medication.  As opposed to the headline, they attribute these results to “a combination of strategic discipline, restricting electronic media and diet.” This is called anecdotal evidence, as opposed to scientific research. At first, I assumed that Mr. Rosemond would not lie about this and I wondered if those patients had been incorrectly diagnosed. Now, I question my assumption. Also, Mr. Rosemond didn’t mention that they do not believe that ADHD exists.

Mr. Rosemund states that two pediatricians, Millichap and Yee, “emphasize adding Omega-3 fatty acids and decreasing or completely eliminating processed foods, artificial colorings, and preservatives.”  He quotes them, “Supplemental diet therapy is simple, relatively inexpensive and is more acceptable to patient and parent.”

The abstract of the Millichap Yee paper actually states “In practice, additive-free and oligoantigenic/elimination diets are time-consuming and disruptive to the household; they are indicated only in selected patients. Iron and zinc are supplemented in patients with known deficiencies; they may also enhance the effectiveness of stimulant therapy. In patients failing to respond or with parents opposed to medication, omega-3 supplements may warrant a trial.”

Yee, by the way, is not a pediatrician, but a nurse practitioner.

The scientific research shows that some children benefit somewhat from diet modification and many benefit a little from omega – 3 supplements.  Also that the medications, which Rosemond and Ravenel oppose, are not helpful to some, are significantly helpful to many, and are a miracle for some.  This fits with my  experience (anecdotal).

The scientific evidence is quite strong for the existence of ADHD, its partially genetic basis and the demonstrable abnormalities in brain structure, chemistry and function.

from Wikipedia:

Rosemond is known for his old-fashioned parenting philosophy and approach. That, in combination with his outspoken political conservatism, has earned him a number of critics, especially within the mental health professions. Rosemond, a psychologist, generally begins his presentations by telling his audiences that “psychology is a secular religion that one believes in by faith” and that psychology has done more harm than good to the American family.

Rosemond advocates what he calls a traditional disciplinary approach to parenting, a view that makes him controversial. Some don’t like his views on toilet training[3] and spanking [4] as they run counter to other parenting experts’ recommendations.

John Rosemond has a master’s degree (MS), and is licensed as a “psychological associate” in the State of North Carolina. Over the years, Rosemond has received disciplinary sanctions from the North Carolina Licensing Board for misrepresenting his professional credentials and assuming provider-client relationship in inappropriate circumstances.

There is nothing wrong with trying diet modification, electronic media restriction and appropriate discipline. Unfortunately, discipline is not very effective with ADHD children. The damage would come from waiting too long if this is not working. I believe that everyone with ADHD deserves a trial of medication.

PS I am adding the excellent point from Mindbody (see comments) that even if there is some improvement from these approaches and without medication, it is unlikely to be sustained when the situation changes – the parents get tired of maintaining such discipline or the kid goes to college and loses his important structure, for examples.


ADD,ADHD,attention deficit,adult ADD,adult ADHD, adult ADD,adult ADHD,relationships,understanding,What ADD is like,what ADHD is like,living with ADD,living with ADHD,#ADD,#adhd,#@addstrategies

Distortions, half truths, and lies about ADD ADHD.

John Rosemond’s column

Paper from Millichap MD and Yee CNP

ADHD does not exist -Ravenel and Rosemund


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ADD ADHD Rocks! Or Does It Suck? — ADD Tip O the Day 643

Does ADD ADHD rock or does it suck?  A controversy!

This is from my gifted buddy Ken (edited).  My comments are in italics.

Why ADHD rocks – surprising view of a freelancing expat
Date: September 2, 2015

By Ken Powell –
“…  If you could give me a pill to take it away – I wouldn’t touch it! I love my ADHD and wouldn’t be without it.
I’m blessed that my particular form of ADHD didn’t need medication and is something known as ‘twice exceptional’ – in other words I’ve never struggled with behaviour or concentration or any of the other negative things we often associate with it.        WOW!!
My ADHD has enabled me to do MORE, learn more, love more and help more.
In fact, there’s good reason to suggest that ADHD has never been the problem at all – it’s society that has the issue.”

Ken goes on to suggest that society is the cause of ADD ADHD.  He argues that if hyperactivity and hyperfocus gave our early ancestors an evolutionary advantage then the problem is that we are now expected to go to school.  But wouldn’t that mean that our ancestors had ADD ADHD but it wasn’t a problem until school?  So it wouldn’t be society that caused ADD ADHD, society just caused it to be a problem instead of the advantage it previously was.

…So really this condition was made by society changing. Girls can have ADHD too …but history seems to have made it so that most kids with ADHD are male. This is correct for ADHD but seems to minimize the problems that ADD inattentive type causes for girls.

There’s hundreds of attributes known to be typical of ADHD but no one has them all. To be diagnosed with ADHD you usually have to exhibit a significant number of these traits but not every one. Yes, except I would quibble about “usually”.

Here I want to share just a few reasons why ADHD, when harnessed well, is brilliant and not debilitating.   When harnessed well!!!!

My Top 9 Positive Points for ADHD

1. We have tons of energy – the trick is harnessing it!  Exactly!

2. We’re enthusiastic – we’re free thinkers and our enthusiasm is infectious. Can be, but a lot of times we just piss other people off.

3. We’re generally pretty nice people
We’re warm, loving, kind and have a great love of humor. We’re sensitive and compassionate. And we’re great with kids! In fact we’re very family-minded, love to volunteer to help others and love making new friends. I believe that Ken is a nice person and has these traits.  Sometimes I have some of them myself.  Sometimes. Much less so when I’m stressed by the problems my ADD ADHD causes or when I’m hyperfocused.

I don’t have any data about us being nice in general.

… they make great babysitters.  If we don’t drive off with the baby on top of the car or set the house afire or forget that we’re baby sitting or —.

4. We’re big-picture people.
We can see patterns in chaos, notice things more broadly and make connections easily. That does mean sometimes we see things differently, so differently you might wonder what planet we’re on, but on the whole we can give a fresh perspective on things.  I agree we have that tendency.

5. We hyper-focus on the stuff we find interesting. Yes, and we can be very productive. But I don’t have much control over when or what I hyperfocus on or when I unhyperfocus, so it can be a problem.

6. We live in the ‘now’.
We’re impulsive and don’t live too much for the future. Well, I have a lot of concern about the future and try to plan ahead but I have a hard time telling when the future is. Something I need to prepare for that’s next month seems like eons away.  It will sneak up on me.  That’s a problem.  

…that makes us good company.  Unless we’re being inappropriate and annoying and not doing what we’d said we’d do.

7. We need less sleep.  I can get by on less sleep sometimes because I have insomnia but I don’t  function as well.  I have no data that we need less sleep, just that we get less sleep.

8. We’re speedy thinkers
We’ve learned to think on our feet and adapt well to change. … That makes us good to have around in a crisis or when a quick decision needs making.  Sometimes a crisis triggers our hyperfocus and we do extremely well.  Sometimes.  I’m not sure it’s consistent.

9. We’re creative.

Brainstorming, thinking outside the box, creative solutions: That’s us!   We do seem to do this.  Yea, us!

This comment already from anon – so good I’m adding it here:

” I’m happy for those who don’t feel their ADHD is a problem, as long as they acknowledge that most of us actually suffer a great deal, and respect that. Though part of me wonders if anyone can be diagnosed with ADHD if they’re NOT suffering as a consequence of having it. And more than just with school. Isn’t that part of the DSM criteria? Significant impairment in multiple areas of life? I do enjoy my creativity (sometimes, when I can channel it – being creative without being able to accomplish anything meaningful for long periods of time is intensely depressing.)”


More Later.                                                            

add,adhd,adult add,adult adhd,attention deficit,goals,strategies

One of my ADD ADHD problems.

ADD,ADHD,attention deficit,adult ADD,adult ADHD, strategy,strategies,symptoms,problems,creative,time,focus,hyperfocus,hyper focus,out side the box,crisis,annoying,irritating,piss off,outside the box,nice

My ADD ADHD brain works. Sometimes.  Someways. Where was I going with this?


ADD ADHD,add,adhd,adult add,adult adhd,attention deficit,medicine,medication,medications,drugs, alternatives,natural,herbs, vitamins,supplements,biofeedback, feedback,neurofeedback,natural,food coloring,food additives,diet,evaluation,diagnosis,treatment,therapy,counseling

If this isn’t my ADD ADHD, what is it?


Ken on ADHD Rocks!

Ken’s website on writing

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Your Brain and Your ADD ADHD — ADD Tip O the Day 642

ADD,ADHD,attention deficit,adult ADD,adult ADHD, strategy,strategies,symptoms,problems,brain,genes,genetics,frontal,frontal lobe,amygdale,subcortical,science,research,mind

The ADD ADHD mind.

Your Genes

We each have two copies of the serotonin transport gene, SERT, one from each parent.  This gene regulates uptake of serotonin back into the cell.

The gene comes in two flavors, long (L) and short (S). If you’re lucky, you got LL. You are not very sensitive to stress and you’re unlikely to become depressed no matter what happens.  You also have less anxiety.

With SS, you are very likely to become depressed in response to stress.   With LS, you’re in between.

With early childhood stress, the frontal area of the brain does not develop as well.  There is a lack of volume in the areas responsible for controlling response to stress and to unpleasant feelings and for controlling impulses.

If you have SS, you’re more sensitive to stress and this effect on your brain is more profound.

With SS things that are stressful to you will cause a bigger reaction than for your buddy with LL. He might not even find them stressful it all.  On the other hand, if you have ADD ADHD you might be creating more stress in your life.

Your Brain

Recent research shows that those of us with the combination of SS and more stress have less frontal brain volume and more severe ADD ADHD symptoms.  Those with LL have more normal frontal brain volumes and less severe ADHD symptoms, regardless of  stressful life experiences.

With ADD ADHD  there is also less good connection between the regulating frontal areas and the stress responding lower areas (subcortical structures).

For most ADD ADHD children the brain gets more normal with aging.  Stimulants (ritalin, adderall, vyvanse, daytrana, etc.) also change brain structures toward normal in children and in adults.

We have to be careful about confusing cause and effect and remember that  correlation does not prove causation.  But these findings are very suggestive.

Your Input – a request

I welcome comments from everyone but especially invite our scientists to correct any misinformation here.  I don’t claim to really understand this stuff.



ADD,ADHD,attention deficit,adult ADD,adult ADHD, strategy,strategies,symptoms,problems,brain,genes,genetics,frontal,frontal lobe,amygdale,subcortical,science,research

Is this what made you?

“Brain Correlates of the Interaction Between 5-HTTLPR and Psychosocial Stress Mediating Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Severity”,van der Meer et al,Am J Pychiatry, August 2015

ADD ADHD brains function differently

Stimulants improve brain structure in case the link doesn’t work)

ADD,ADHD,attention deficit,adult ADD,adult ADHD, strategy,strategies,symptoms,problems,brain,genes,genetics,frontal,frontal lobe,amygdale,subcortical,science,research,mind,imaging

The ADD ADHD brain is different.

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ADD ADHD Lies We Tell Ourselves — ADD Tip O the Day 641

I’m busy.  —  No, you only have one thing to do.

I don’t need to write it down. — Oh, really?

It’ll be OK. — No, it won’t.

I have plenty of time. — Yeah, right! How many ways can you find to screw around so that you’ll wind up late?

I have to —.   No, you don’t have to do anything (except die maybe).  You choose which consequences you choose to have.


Bonus point:

Here is a great comment I got on the first edition of this post, from Jeff:

Also, you forgot one of the lies I often tell myself: “I’ll have more time to work on this later.” – No I won’t. I have to realize this lie isn’t true, and keep that in mind upon deciding when and if to work on the task at hand. Jeff

Orlov on “have to”  and on nagging

@addstrategies @dougmkpdp #add #adhd

ADD,ADHD,attention deficit,adult ADD,adult ADHD,,strategies,busy,time,late,forget,remember,memory,lies,delusions

Time is a booger.

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Diagnosis and Therapy for ADD ADHD? — ADD Tip O the Day 640

A Response To Some Questions

Everyone needs a careful thorough evaluation by a competent knowledgeable professional (good luck there) before being diagnosed with ADD ADHD.  (There are other things that can look like ADD ADHD and there are other conditions that often accompany it.)

Managing ADD ADHD
Once diagnosed, you need:
1. Education about ADD ADHD.
2. Strategies to cope with specific problems. Plus, basic overall approaches (sleep, structure, exercise, meditation, outdoors).  A coach would be good.
3. Discussion of  options about medications. Most people would be best served by trying them. (Sometimes they are wonderfully helpful, sometimes not.)
4, Therapy/counseling ( This might start a little later; this diagnosis and program is a big pill to swallow all at once).

Why Therapy?

ADD ADHD generates shame, demoralization, feelings of futility and helplessness, low self-esteem, etc. etc. etc., and often depression. These need to be addressed. That will help you do better with strategies and the strategies will help you do better with these problems. The medications will help you focus enough to use the strategies.

While simply addressing the psychological emotional issues can be a significant help, it won’t be enough by itself  to address the ADD ADHD.

Other Approaches

I think this is the best approach. I’m not really familiar with  other approaches. At some point, it could be useful to discuss other options, such as neuro feedback, diet alterations, or other alternatives, but I don’t have much knowledge about them or strong data supporting their use.
These are my opinions, based on my own experiences and the amount of studying and research I’ve been able to do.



@dougmkpdp @addstrategies #ADD #ADHD

ADD ADHD,add,adhd,adult add,adult adhd,attention deficit,medicine,medication,medications,drugs, alternatives,natural,herbs, vitamins,supplements,biofeedback, feedback,neurofeedback,natural,food coloring,food additives,diet,evaluation,diagnosis,treatment,therapy,counseling

You want to be sure of your ADD ADHD diagnosis.

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“ADHD Science Says – – -” – – – ADD Tip O the Day 639

Some ADD ADHD Science

I’ve been collecting scientific tidbits.  Much of this is from Dr. Margolis, Dr. Mason and other articles:

ADD ADHD kids have a high risk of substance abuse.  The medications reduce that to about the normal average.   The same is true for adolescents and accidents and arrests.

Most people with ADD ADHD do not abuse the medications.

College kids with ADD ADHD do not abuse the stimulants but many share them or sell them.  Many non ADD ADHD kids use them inappropriately to help study. There is also misuse of other medications in colleges.

In most young adults without ADD ADHD stimulants make little improvement in performance but give people the illusion that they are doing better.  They can help college kids stay up all night but they won’t perform better.

Marijuana makes ADD ADHD worse.


Alpha blockers (non stimulants – clonidine, guanfacine) can help with hyperactivity, not so much with other symptoms.

Vyvanse is the best selling ADD ADHD medication.

The percentage of adults using the medications has risen to be similar to children.


In states that held teachers and schools accountable for performance before No Child Left Behind (NCLB), the % of low income children diagnosed with ADD ADHD has not risen recently.  In states where they were not  held accountable before NCLB it has, except in states where schools and teachers are not allowed to recommend meds.  (I am no fan of NCLB.  These teachers are under tremendous pressure, often without any means of achieving required goals.  Don’t get me started.)

When diagnosing ADD ADHD, we must rule out vitamin and iron deficiency, hyperthyroidism, vision and hearing problems, central auditory processing disorder (often present with ADD ADHD but not part of it).

Many people with other disorders (depression, bipolar, anxiety, etc.) also have ADD ADHD.  People with ADD ADHD have a higher incidence of those disorders, as well as substance abuse and criminality.

All patients with Tourettes syndrome also have ADD ADHD ( I had no idea!).

Brain Imaging:

In children with ADD ADHD there is less cortex in brain areas related to control of attention.  These areas do not light up with tasks as they do in vanillas.  There is also less activation of areas associated with inhibiting responses, but in some there is increased activity (go figure).

About half of these kids improve around adolescence. Their cortex has normalized. Not in the rest of us.


Bonus Links:


Science or hash?

Homey, the planner maven, on choosing a planner

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We with ADD ADHD are different!






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ADD ADHD and Decisions — ADD Tip O the Day 638

With ADD ADHD we have more trouble making decisions than vanillas do.  There may be many reasons for this.  We have shaky self esteem and maybe fear making another mistake.  Maybe there are just too many choices.  But part of the problem is our misconceptions about decisions.

We act as though there is a Right Answer engraved in stone somewhere and it’s up to us to figure it out.

If it’s that hard to decide, then probably there’s no right answer.  It’s a toss up.

If you’ve done a reasonable amount of homework and made a decision and it turns out badly, that doesn’t mean you made a mistake.  It just means you made a reasonable choice that didn’t turn out well.

You can’t ask every adviser, read every article, google every possibility.  You’ll just get more confused and you’ll never make a decision.  You’ll miss a lot of opportunities.

So do a reasonable amount of homework,taking a reasonable amount of time.  Not too much (obsessing, procrastinating ) nor too little (impulsive). If you still can’t decide, flip a coin.  Then stick with your decision.  No second guessing.

Homey has some good suggestions about this, including listing pros and cons (I love lists) and setting limits  Set a time limit, a research limit, a choices to  consider limit.

All of this applies to the many choices we have to make, large and small, including setting priorities.


Quote O the Day:

“At some point you have to stop doing research and decide.”


Comment O the Day:

Every morning we wake up with a certain amount of psychic energy.  Every time we make a choice or decision or exercise any willpower, we burn some up.  Then there’s less available for the next challenge.  Aint that a booger?

from homey – on how to make decisions                              

ADD,ADHD,attention deficit,adult ADD,adult ADHD, stuck, paralyzed, stalled,can't start,can't get started,procrastinate,decide,decisions,choices, making choices,making decisions,psychic energy,willpower,will power

ADD ADHD work arounds.

Bonus Link:

Too many choices

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Some Days Are Just Like That When You Have ADD ADHD — ADD Tip O the Day 637

ADD ADHD Paralysis

Homey just wrote a good ADD ADHD post about having an unproductive day.  I’m bouncing off her post:

Some days I just can’t seem to get going, can’t get any traction.

Strategy 1:

Try to figure out what the problem is:

Do I have too much to do? Feeling overwhelmed? Something I don’t want to do? Didn’t get enough sleep?  Bad attitude?  I can use strategies (often small steps strategy) to deal with some of these.

That doesn’t always work.

Strategy 2:

Pick any very small very easy task and do it, just to break the deadlock and get moving.

That doesn’t always work.

Strategy 3:

“Screw it.”

Give up.  It ain’t gonna happen. Just let it go. Write the day off, goof off, relax, do nothing.  And be good to yourself, and no criticizing.  It’s OK.  Some days are just like that. 

Fortunately, not very many.


ADD,ADHD,attention deficit,adult ADD,adult ADHD, stuck, paralyzed, stalled,can't start,can't get started, goof off

Accomplishments! Even with ADD ADHD.

Homey’s post

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Relationships, Including Marriage, and ADD ADHD — ADD Tip O the Day 636

For ease, I’ll talk about marriage  but this applies to all intimate relationships.

Things they don’t tell you

Marriage is hard work.

Especially if one of you has ADD ADHD.

Quote O the Day

The only thing worse than being married is not being married.

Things I’ve Learned (Often the Hard Way)

Intimate relationships stir up our old stuff.  This give us the chance to work it out.  It also can lead to divorce.

The key to relationship is communication.  Easy to say.

A communication strategy- listen, ask questions, make sure you really understand the other’s point before responding.   Another:  be clear that feelings and perceptions are as important as fact.  Maybe more.

We each have different tolerances and desires about closeness/distance.  This underlies many relationship conflicts that may seem to be about something else.

We enter relationships with different expectations.  These are usually just assumed and unspoken and often unconscious.   The sooner they can be spelled out and negotiated the better.  There should be a law requiring premarital discussions of : how will we resolve disagreements, who does which chores, how will money be handled, how will children be raised, how will we deal with in-laws, what kind of sex life do we want.  Have you had these conversations yet?

You cannot make the other person happy, no matter how hard you try.  And that’s not your job.  But you  can make them unhappy.

Some things are not worth taking a stand or arguing about.  Some things are.  Strategy: let the little ones go.

Men and women are different. Learning about this can greatly improve your relationship.

The One Year Course On Marriage/Relationships

the ADHD effect on marriage – orlov
the dance of anger – lerner
men are from mars, women from venus – gray
love is never enough-beck
I dont want to talk about it – real
getting the love you want – hendricks
one of John Gottmans many books
disarming the past – lewis

ideally, read these together and discuss them as you go.

ADD,ADHD,attention deficit,adult ADD,adult ADHD, relationships,marriage,listen,books,listen,listening,negotiate,problems,conflicts,divorce

Does ADD ADHD make it harder to listen?


Bonus Links – these are worth checking out

5 things that can poison a relationship

adhd-doesnt-cause-divorce-denial-does from Melissa

20 things to remember if you love a person with ADHD.  from June

10 things not to do  from June


The site has just reached over 75,000 hits.  Thank you!   Yea!

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ADD ADHD and Reading? or “Reading” — ADD Tip O the Day 635

Sometimes I read and sometimes I “read.”


We ADDers have an increased incidence of dyslexia.  Both ADD ADHD and dyslexia result from faulty brain wiring.  Do I have dyslexia?  A lot of times I get numbers or letters transposed.  If I write down a phone number, I need a strategy – check again to see if I got it right, then check one more time to see if I can read it.

Also in my appointment book – I’m working on making sure that what I write is legible. Otherwise on Thursday I’ll spend half the day worrying about – 1:00 Ghdllsqs.  Unless my wife can figure it out for me.

But I’ve always read a lot and enjoy it.  I’m a good reader.  But sometimes I “read.”


Recently I wanted to buy a small edition of the new DSMV.  I looked it up on the net and found one – except the description didn’t sound quite right.  I was in a hurry and I was “reading” it, skimming over it. I do that a lot with things I’m not real interested in, especially if they’re long.   I just “read” it and  I didn’t listen to the little voice -“You need to check it again before you order it.”


It came.  It wasn’t at all what I wanted.

I learn the same lesson over and over – “Listen to the little voice!”


ADD,ADHD,attention deficit,adult ADD,adult ADHD,dyslexia,reading,reading problems,strategies,cards,index cards,card system,to do list,to-do list,rules,strategy,problem,problem,appointment book solving,@addstrategies,@dougmkpdp,#add,#adhd

Life with ADD ADHD

Joke O the Day:

Did you hear about the dyslexic who walked into a rab –

Bonus Links:

Homey on motivation

James Clear on exercise

ADD ADHD and Reading

ADD ADHD and Learning Disabilities

Reading or Not with ADD ADHD


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Better Sleeping Through Technology, with or without ADD ADHD – ADD Tip O the Day 634

Sleep is an essential part of ADD ADHD management

So Jerry Bair gave me this guest post.  He is a tech whiz, so his approach is a little different.   Here it is:


Top 10 Tech Hacks To Give Your Body The Sleep It Deserves
July 30, 2015 by J.J. Bair Leave a Comment

ADD,ADHD,attention deficit,adult ADD,adult ADHD, symptoms,problems,sleep,insomnia,technology,procrastination

Did you know that you can improve your ability to gain new insights into complex problems by 50% with 8 hours of quality sleep?
I had two immediate thoughts when I first read this statistic. The first was: “Who in the world gets 8 hours of quality sleep these days?” The second was that they specifically mention “quality” in front of the word “sleep.” For those that don’t know, “quality sleep” is basically referring to the amount of time spent in REM or deep sleep, the stages where your body recharges and consolidates.
That being said, many people don’t have the option to sleep eight hours a night, and for those that do, many prefer to use that time for other things. I’ll admit that I’m guilty of the latter sometimes.
So, it stands that if we can’t get enough sleep in terms of quantity, then we should focus instead on quality. There are many natural and supplementary ways to do this, but being the “techy” I am, I figured it would be nice to show people what’s out there from a technology perspective.
Here you go…

Top 10 Tech Hacks for Better Sleep
1 Sleep as Android
Top 10 Tech Hacks for Better Sleep | Sleep as Android

ADD,ADHD,attention deficit,adult ADD,adult ADHD, symptoms,problems,sleep,insomnia,technology,procrastination

Use this app to keep track of your sleep quality and wake up in a light sleep phase so you’re less groggy (for Android)

2 Sleep Cycle alarm clock
Top 10 Tech Hacks for Better Sleep | Sleep Cycle alarm clock

ADD,ADHD,attention deficit,adult ADD,adult ADHD, symptoms,problems,sleep,insomnia,technology,procrastination

This is another smart alarm clock that tracks your sleep and wakes you in your lightest phase of sleep, so you wake up feeling rested. (for iOS)

3 ResMed S+
Top 10 Tech Hacks for Better Sleep | ResMed S+

ADD,ADHD,attention deficit,adult ADD,adult ADHD, symptoms,problems,sleep,insomnia,technology,procrastination

The S+ is a non-contact sleep system including a bedside sleep sensor, smartphone app, and web-based app. It tracks and analyzes your sleep patterns, then gives you personalized feedback on how you can improve your sleep.

4 Withings Aura
Top 10 Tech Hacks for Better Sleep | Withings AuraADD,ADHD,attention deficit,adult ADD,adult ADHD, symptoms,problems,sleep,insomnia,technology,procrastination

Withings Aura is similar to the S+ in that it’s also contactless and analyzes your sleep patterns to help you get the best sleep quality. This bundle comes with a sensor that slides under your mattress, a cool-looking bedside device with light/sound programs, and a smartphone app.

5 SleepRate
Top 10 Tech Hacks for Better Sleep | SleepRate

ADD,ADHD,attention deficit,adult ADD,adult ADHD, symptoms,problems,sleep,insomnia,technology,procrastination

The SleepRate Sleep Improvement Kit comes with a proprietary app (for iOS) and wireless heart rate sensor that goes across your chest. Wearing this sensor during your sleep helps assess your sleep patterns and possible sleep disruptions.

6 Hexoskin
Top 10 Tech Hacks for Better Sleep | Hexoskin


Hexoskin’s biometric shirt tracks a multitude of health and fitness metrics. Plus, it looks like something a Navy Seal would wear. As far as sleep tracking goes, wearing this to bed allows you to monitor resting heart rate, breathing, and even sleep positions.

7 Somnus Sleep Shirt
Top 10 Tech Hacks for Better Sleep | Somnus Sleep Shirt

ADD,ADHD,attention deficit,adult ADD,adult ADHD, symptoms,problems,sleep,insomnia,technology,procrastination

Say hello to the Nyx Devices Somnus Sleep Shirt, a biometric shirt which was born from technology made at MIT. This shirt has sensors that, when paired with the SleepLogger app, allow you to track and optimize the quality and quantity of your sleep.

8 Basis Peak
Top 10 Tech Hacks for Better Sleep | Basis Peak

ADD,ADHD,attention deficit,adult ADD,adult ADHD, symptoms,problems,sleep,insomnia,technology,procrastination

Is the Basis Peak the Ultimate Sleep and Fitness Tracker? It’s definitely up there. This sweet-looking smart watch monitors a multitude of fitness and sleep metrics, keeps you socially connected, provides built-in coaching, and streams your data to various other iPhone and Android apps. As far as sleep goes, it tracks sleep duration, REM and deep sleep and sleep disruptions to help you optimize your sleep quality.

9 Bulletproof Sleep Induction Mat


The Bulletproof Sleep Induction Mat claims to help you fall asleep faster, feel more refreshed, and improve overall energy levels. According to the site, It’s about the size of your pillowcase and can be rolled up when you need to take it on the road.

10 Low-Blue Nightlight
Top 10 Tech Hacks for Better Sleep | Low-Blue Nightlight

ADD,ADHD,attention deficit,adult ADD,adult ADHD, symptoms,problems,sleep,insomnia,technology,procrastination,@addstrategies, @dougmkp #adhd #adhd

Do you toss and turn, or wake up a lot in the middle of the night? The Low-Blue Night Light has a custom amber LED bulb that doesn’t emit any blue light which can trick your brain into thinking it’s still daytime. The F.lux desktop app works similarly in reducing blue light exposure in the evenings.
Better Sleep is awaiting…
Now that you’ve had a chance to go through the Top 10 tech hacks for better sleep, what were your favorites? Were there any missing that you think should’ve been on the list? Share your thoughts below.

Keeping pushing things off? Want to start taking some action? Get the free Breaking Through Procrastination Workbook!
Stop procrastinating. Take action, follow through, and start achieving success today.

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Thanks, Jerry.      

To sleep, or not to sleep, that is the ADD ADHD question.   And how?

ADD,ADHD,attention deficit,adult ADD,adult ADHD, symptoms,problems,sleep,insomnia,technology,procrastination,@addstrategies, @dougmkp #adhd #adhd

To sleep, or not to sleep, that is the ADD ADHD question.


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A Typical Day With ADD ADHD: Where in the world does the time go? — ADD Tip O the Day 633

My Typical ADD ADHD Day
Sleeping 6 hrs      Trying to sleep 2 hrs
Quiet time   .5 hr
Exercise  1 hr
Shower shave dress teeth bathroom  1hr
Eating 3 hrs                                       Thinking about eating – all the time
Looking for something I just had in my hand  1 hr
Looking for things I put where I could easily find them  1 hr
Doctor’ s appointment  1.5 hr
Errands  1.5 hr
Getting lost going to appointment or errands  1 hr
Walking dog  1 hr.
Trying to figure out what to do  1 hr
Getting things done  2 hr
Cleaning up messes I made doing things 1hr
Making explanations and/or apologies to wife  1hr

Total 25.5 hrs – No wonder I feel so busy!


It does help to do an occasional time analysis and see where our time is going.  Sometimes we realize some activities don’t have enough payoff to justify the time we’re giving them.   Also, if we make a list of our values, what’s important to us, then we can check to see if our time allotments are congruent with our values.


Bonus Links:

Homey on time management

Time and ADD ADHD

ADD,ADHD,attention deficit,adult ADD,adult ADHD, symptoms,problems,marriage,relationships,time,schedule,values

Eastern time, Central time, Mountain time, Western time, ADD ADHD time.


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Flyfishing with ADD ADHD, and LIfe As She Is — ADD Tip O the Day 632

Is fly fishing a metaphor for life with ADD ADHD?

I don’t think fly fishing is as hard as they say, but with ADD ADHD it sure can be harder.

When you are fly fishing, there are many things that could possibly happen.  You could catch fish.  Your could lose your fly in a tree, or weeds, or on rocks. Your line could get tangled up on itself, on your rod, on you.  You could hook a person. You could hook yourself.  In the hand, or the ear, or the face, or just your clothes or equipment.  You could break your rod. And you could fall in.

Do you see where I’m going with this?

Ain’t life just like that?


1. When I’m fishing I try to pay attention to everything I’m doing, all the time, not be off thinking about something else. Awareness, being present, being in the moment.

2. Do it right.  Every time. Not just kinda, not OK, but right.

3. Don’t get fancy.  That’s the other time, besides inattentive, that I tend to mess up.

4. Accept that untangling line and losing a fly now and then is just part of the process.  Revel in the time I actually catch some fish.  (Saturday, I caught 7, by the way, and five of them were BIG).

5. Remember that with patience you can usually untangle a tangled line.  Patience is not one of my strong points.  Sometimes you just have to cut the line and start over.

6. I try to be careful, but that’s not necessarily a good strategy for ADD ADHD.  Maybe it’s too general.

7. I talk to myself, talking my way through what I’m doing and through these strategies- “Ok, now do this right.

Application to real life (or, why am I telling you this?):

Can you think of any other situations in life where these strategies might apply? Would driving a car be an example? Any others?

Next post:

I have just read two posts that are so good I might just copy them.  Save me some time and trouble and I could do some more fishing.  Or would that not be following the strategies?  But I don’t think we need to be that compulsive all the time or in every situation.

One is Homey’s on motivation and the other is James Clear on The Rebound Effect. Really good!  And my wife just showed me another one- David Brooks on gratitude.  None of these are specifically about ADD ADHD but they all apply.  I will try to get them to you.


Twitter stuff: @addstrategies @dougmkp #add #adhd #life

ADD,ADHD,adult ADD,adult ADHD,attention deficit,problems,startegies,aware,attention,careful

This is kind of like fly fishing with ADD ADHD.

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Your Genes and Your ADD ADHD — ADD Tip O the Day 631


Causes and Courses of ADD ADHD

Interesting article from JAMA Psychiatry July 2015 by Pingault, et al.  I don’t really understand the article, but here’s what I get out of it.

Genes and Environment and Their Interaction

Most psychiatric disorders have an environmental basis and a genetic basis.  The genetic basis usually consists of many genes, each adding only a small amount to the risk of developing the disorder.  In other words, if you don’t have some of these genes, you probably won’t get the disorder no matter what, and the more of them you have, the more likely you are to get it, depending on what happens in the environment. Scientists have spent a lot of time trying to find the single gene that causes a specific disorder and it’s generally not like that at all.

Epigenetics and Neurodevelopment

Some of the possible environmental factors for ADD ADHD (and other disorders) include pollution, alcohol, tobacco, toxins, medications, and stress.

This is epigenetics, where environmental factors affect the activity of the genes or even turn them on or off.

ADD ADHD is a neurodevelopmental disorder and studies show differences in our  brains compared to non ADD AHD brains.  So genes and environment affect the development of the developing brain and these factors continue to have effects after development is complete, except that it never really is.

The Course of ADD ADHD

Some ADD ADHD children get better or well, others persist or get worse.  One set of genes determines how severe the ADD ADHD will be at first and a different set determines what the longer term course will be.  Further, different sets of genes may be affecting the ADD ADHD at different times over development.  This is a new concept to me.

Hyperactive/impulsive symptoms tend to get better after early childhood.  Inattentive symptoms tend to get worse in early childhood and then persist or get slightly better. But these are just tendencies and the course can be quite different in different people.  The differences are thought to be correlated with different paths of development in the brain.  The thin cortex of ADD ADHD in certain areas tends to normalize with time in some people and not in others, and these latter are the ones with continuing symptoms.

Late Onset ADD ADHD?

Just to make it more complicated, another study by Moffitt indicates some adults develop ADD ADHD without having it in childhood and have a somewhat different course than the rest of us.  I am doubtful about this one.

New Concept

And I have just found a new concept. The genes continue to turn on and off (or get more or less active) throughout life, not just in earliest development.  So we are born with one set of genes and that doesn’t change, but the set of genes that are actually affecting you at 20 years old can be quite different from the ones affecting your brain development as a fetus, or at 5 or at 15.  Genetically, you could be like a whole different person.  Amazing!  Complicated!



We have some scientists out there.  Please offer corrections, clarifications and comments.  Thanks

ADD,ADHD,attention deficit,adult ADD,adult ADHD,genes,environment,epigenetics,causes,course,brain,cortex,progress,progression

Genes and ADD ADHD: those pesky little boogers!

genes2 Genes_DNA_chart[1]

ADD,ADHD,attention deficit,adult ADD,adult ADHD,genes,environment,epigenetics,causes,course,brain,cortex,progress,progression

Can we blame our chromosomes for our ADD ADHD?


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ADD ADHD and the Benefits of Fidgeting — ADD ADHD Tip O the Day 630

Can’t Concentrate With ADD ADHD

We were at a Wagner opera, which I love.  But I had a lot on my mind (what else is new?) and I wasn’t able to concentrate on the opera.  I was missing a lot of the enjoyment of it.  Then I started tapping my foot in time to the music or even tapping when there was no music.  Suddenly I was able to focus!


I used to get all over our son Duane when he fidgeted at the dinner table.  Bugged me.  But was I fidgeting too?  I usually am.  Waiting at a restaurant, I play with the silverware until my wife tells me to stop.  Then I play with my water glass or jiggle my leg. Until she tells me to stop that.  Then I get the cork out of my pocket and squeeze it.  That doesn’t bother anybody.

Do you have some special fidgets to share?

The Science of Fidgeting

Recent posts describe an experiment with ADD ADHD children who were asked to do a difficult task. The  children who fidgeted more did better at the task than those who fidgeted less.

But with science, you have to be careful.  Did the fidgeting help with the concentration? I think so.  But what if the non-fidgeters were using up part of their concentration to sit still?



Fidgeting Helps

ADD,ADHD,attention deficit,adult ADD,adult ADHD, strategy,strategies,symptoms,fidget,fidgeting,focus,concentrate,science,jiggling

ADD ADHD medicine usually helps.

Longer Article On Fidgeting

@addstrategies @dougmkpdp

#ADD #ADHD #hyperactivity

ADD,ADHD,attention deficit,adult ADD,adult ADHD, strategy,strategies,symptoms,fidget,fidgeting,focus,concentrate,science,jiggling

I know you have ÁDD ADHD, but could you stop that?

ADD,ADHD,attention deficit,adult ADD,adult ADHD, strategy,strategies,symptoms,fidget,fidgeting,focus,concentrate,science,jiggling

With ADD ADHD, we’re gonna fidget!


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ADD ADHD and Marriage or Similar Relationships — ADD Tip O the Day 629

With ADD ADHD, Relationships Are Hard

In older couples, the divorce rate is twice that of vanillas.  According to Melissa Orlov, the major problem is undiagnosed and untreated ADD ADHD.

Quote O the Day:

“You have to be a superwoman to be marrie