Five Disconcerting Facts, Relevant To But Not Limited To ADHD — ADD Tip O the Day 759

Disconcerting Facts:

1. Our decisions are made unconsciously, based on unconscious factors, mostly emotional.  After a decision is made, we think we “decide.”  Then we come up with “facts” to support our decision and make it appear to be rational.

2. Our memories, clear, strong and certain, are inaccurate. And every time we bring up a memory,  we change it from the time before. (Note:  this inaccuracy and certainty of memory can be the source of marital or other conflicts.  Not the only source, though.)

3. Natural substances, marketed for health purposes, are made under uncontrolled conditions, often do not contain what the label says, sometimes contain other substances also, some of which may be harmful, and, of course, these products are chemicals.    (Note: this may or may not disturb you, depending on your viewpoint about medicines.) 

5. Facebook and WordPress are not necessarily designed to enable you to post what you want, looking the way you want it to.  (Note: This is related to something called “formatting”, whatever that is.)

6.  Not everything you read on the internet is necessarily entirely true.  (Note:  We are now officially in the “Post Truth” era, related to “The Age of Ignorance.”)

A Small Comfort

It may, or may not, be of some comfort to you to realize that we with ADHD are not the only ones significantly screwed up. 


It will be useful to remain aware of these facts as you stumble through your daily life.


Heads up Note O the Day:

I have decided that the next post will be more information about natural alternatives and medications for ADHD.  (If I remember.)

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  1. we’re all unique, but we have alot in common
    thank you for commenting


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    This is me!

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