Ram’s Comment —ADHD Tip O the Day 878

Ram makes good comments, and this one raises issues about structure and routine, skimming instead of reading, and our ADHD difficulty of picking one thing.

Great post! I laughed out loud at your “skimming” comment. I did read your whole list, but only because I forced myself to. I was skimming and I forced myself to start from the top when I caught myself skimming, thinking “No, you might miss something important! This is Doug’s blog and you came here deliberately”. Then I reached your comment about skimming. HA! :p   (I had commented that I would not have read my whole list; it was too long and I skim.)

My personal insight: I’m a person who thrives on routine. For example: once I went to work in Spain for 14 days, and I had to create a morning routine for myself for breakfast. Luckily there was a nice café in front of the hostel, so I quickly settled into dropping in at the same hour every day for the same breakfast meal and a quick chat in broken Spanish with the waitress. 🙂
My routines do tend to change a lot. I wish I could set things in stone, but sometimes a routine stops working for me (for whatever reason), so I change it and quickly set into a new routine. But I DEFENITELY need routine and, as I mentioned, thrive on it.

On a side note: I think it’s cool you play the guitar. I don’t know if I ever mentioned it, but I picked up guitar playing about 2,5 years ago with a teacher – a great dude who is VERY patient – and I enjoy it. But I sometimes find myself not practicing enough. I think it’s a settled deep and inconscious fear of failing – affraid of getting frustrated and losing interest… :/ It’s such a weirdly counter-productive take on it…


In reply to rammkatze.

Ram- as always, thank you for your contributions. I appreciate your endorsing the skimming and the routines. I think we change routines, and strategies, even if they’re working, because they are no longer novel and we lose interest or get bored?
you are a good writer. if you ever are ready to write another post, doubtful since your ordeal, just pretend you are writing a comment and it should be easy.
the guitar, i dont practice enough, but its important not to make it a chore. i am struggling to settle down on what i want to do – learn ONE song or technique and then move on. hard to choose one, easier to just piddle and do what i already know. that’s enjoyable but i would like to improve and learn new things.
i might make this a post, maybe.
best wishes,


James Clear on Picking One and other ADHD Matters

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Complaint O the Day:

If you say yes to one thing that means you are saying no to something else.  But I want to do it all.  Nobody told me that life would be fair.

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