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Using ADHD Strategies On the Job  —  ADHD Tip O the Day 757

ADHD Strategies at Work Probably everyone uses strategies for their work, but it’s more essential if we have ADHD. I like my new job at the pen. I’ve needed to work out the strategies specific to this job. I’m writing complicated orders that have to be written perfectly.  I also need to make sure each patient’s name and the date are correctly put on the order and on each progress note. So I check each chart before I close it. Then, if I have time, I check each one again before I turn it in. I also complete each chart before I see the next patient, so I don’t get behind and feel rushed, and so I don’t need to remember anything about that patient for later. Some officers are fast in bringing the patients to me, so I have the patients wait while I finish the chart before I dismiss them. Then the new patients don’t arrive before I’m ready.  If the officers are slow, I dismiss the patient … Continue reading

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Worrying — ADD TIp o the day 139

I have some concerns about the book: 1. to some it sounds like my life is very hard with all the rules and strategies.  It is not; they have made my life much easier than it was 2. It may … Continue reading

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