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What Does It Really Matter? — ADD Tip o the Day 435

Sometimes it take a significant incident to help us see things in perspective.  That happened with me recently.  Is this particularly a problem for those of us with ADD or ADHD? So I  got a new strategy, a tool, that … Continue reading

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frustration and irritation followup — ADD Tip o the Day 280

Kilian  kindly  pointed out that one of the links on Tip 279 was wrong; took half hour of frustration to fix it, was forgetting to clik the update button after i corrected it.  over and over.  life with ADD or ADHD.  dystechnologica.  was … Continue reading

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Irritability — ADD Tip o the day 207

Did you know that irritability is part of ADD?  So its not just me.    I get annoyed by little things, and have some pet peeves. 1. The waiter says, “No problem.”  This is a resturant.  You’re a waiter.  Why in … Continue reading

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The Book! and slow down — ADD Tip o the day 149

The book came (on the net) from the publisher yesterday.  Now I need to proof read it.  Big job, finding a lot of errors to correct.  I am eager, excited, and in a hurry.  I want to get it done … Continue reading

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