ADD ADHD and Reading? or “Reading” — ADD Tip O the Day 635

Sometimes I read and sometimes I “read.”


We ADDers have an increased incidence of dyslexia.  Both ADD ADHD and dyslexia result from faulty brain wiring.  Do I have dyslexia?  A lot of times I get numbers or letters transposed.  If I write down a phone number, I need a strategy – check again to see if I got it right, then check one more time to see if I can read it.

Also in my appointment book – I’m working on making sure that what I write is legible. Otherwise on Thursday I’ll spend half the day worrying about – 1:00 Ghdllsqs.  Unless my wife can figure it out for me.

But I’ve always read a lot and enjoy it.  I’m a good reader.  But sometimes I “read.”


Recently I wanted to buy a small edition of the new DSMV.  I looked it up on the net and found one – except the description didn’t sound quite right.  I was in a hurry and I was “reading” it, skimming over it. I do that a lot with things I’m not real interested in, especially if they’re long.   I just “read” it and  I didn’t listen to the little voice -“You need to check it again before you order it.”


It came.  It wasn’t at all what I wanted.

I learn the same lesson over and over – “Listen to the little voice!”


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Did you hear about the dyslexic who walked into a rab –

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10 Responses to ADD ADHD and Reading? or “Reading” — ADD Tip O the Day 635

  1. I read ALL the time! It’s the one thing I can really focus on. In fact, I focus so intensely that I take on some of the details of the book. If it’s winter in the book but summer in reality, I can feel cold. I also don’t hear anything going on around me when I read. My husband and daughter have had complete conversations next to me and I missed all of it.

    But like you, I keep learning the same lesson: “I learn the same lesson over and over – “Listen to the little voice!” I am getting better, though. I probably listen as often as I don’t. That’s an improvement.

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  2. rammkatze says:

    Absence seizures makes me shudder. I sometimes worry if my adhd could mask something more severe, but then I allways decide it’s the anxiety talking.

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  3. ram- interesting comment. sounds like lack of attention and distractability ie ADD ADHD, (but does make me think of little absence seizures), so, another type of reading problem
    thanks for commenting

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  4. Jeff says:

    Doug, do you know when (approximated what year) schools began diagnosing students with ADD ADHD? I have always loved reading, but have always been a very slow reader with sub-par comprehension.

    My reading problem was noticed by one of my teachers when I was in high school. It was suggested I take a special class that used techniques that were to help improve a student’s reading speed and comprehension. For example, a device was used that would shine a horizontal beam of light on a line of text in a book, and scroll down the page at a certain speed. I was expected to keep up with whatever line in the book the beam of light was on. But after several weeks of trying, I flunked!

    Only recently did I realize that my problem was most likely due to my undiagnosed ADD ADHD. My brother took a course in Evelyn Wood Speed Reading, with some benefit. I would just like to be able to read NORMALLY! Jeff

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    • jeff – i dont know what year. back in the60’s it was MBD – minimal brain dysfunction. occasionally diagnosed, rarely treated or helped. i think i often do speed read, but then cant remember anything i read.
      the strategy, or one strategy, which i find difficult and takes a lot of will power – after every page, or every paragraph, etc – ask yourself – what did i just read?- before moving on.
      but i’m always in a hurry.
      thank you for commenting.


  5. rammkatze says:

    Hehe, I have my problems with reading too, but dyslexia is fortunately not one of them. I do tend to read without reading, especially if I’m excited or preocuppied. And the awful thing is, the eyes wander over the text at the same speed they would if I was really reading, and my reading turns on and off without me realizing. I realize this when I got “Wait… what the hell is this character doing here?!”, then I know I have to track back until I find a passage where I know what’s up (usually at least one full page back). That’s why I like reading and loathe Audio-“books”.


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