Music – Studying, or for any Task Needing Concentration —- ADD Tip o the Day 473

With ADD ADHD, studying and learning can be a challenge, but there are a lot of good strategies.  I regret not knowing where this post came from, but it’s good:

I know maybe some of you have used this before but if you’re like me you sometimes forget your little ADHD life hacks that have worked in the past.

I’ve been trying out classical music while doing math. It helps my brain stay on track and think out the problem instead of blanking out half way through like I usually do. I think that only certain types are beneficial however.

I like more repetitive types. I’m listening to this at the moment. I actually preferred this one though because it was more ambient and similar to white noise.

Please post any links to more if you have them. I think music can be an amazing helper for ADHD symptoms. Even when I’m angry, happy, sad, frustrated, etc certain music can help me feel it wholly instead of in pieces (which is aggravating), if that makes sense.

My tips:
The most important is self testing, right from the beginning:
Read the page, then see if you can jot down the main points, same thing for chapter  (also if studying notes).
Learn todays work, then again in 3 days, then again in 10 days.  This utilizes the forgetting curve- after the 3rd time, you will own it.  This is learning; it’s much better than cramming.

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The forgetting curve flattens out with each repetition.

At the least, close your eyes after each page and repeat the key points.

As you go, try to guess what will be on the exam.

Get enough sleep, exercise, breaks – all nighters, cramming ultimately are inefficient..
Know your time of max efficiency, 1 hr for most of us, and take breaks. Also know and use the time of day when you are most effective.

excerpt on how we learn, from ken:

No one learns simply by seeing or listening or doing. We rely on different areas according to the situation. For instance, although I’m very much a visual learner, sometimes I need to hear information or even speak it out loud for myself to truly understand it. Many students have found that a passage of text incomprehensible to them in the classroom is easy when they read it out loud (Aural) at home or walk around the room as they review it (Kinaesthetic).

Music all the time

I use music with almost everything; certainly with writing blog posts.  I like Spotify and grooveshark.



Here’s another site with choices of music for concentrating

The whole post from ken on learning

There’s tons of info on reddit, of varying quality    clik

From Jenna  sleep tips

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Lively music, not for studying.

more on ADD ADHD medications, ritalin, strattera, adderall etc

Great review from Homey !    thanks!

About doug with ADHD

I am a psychiatric physician. I learned I have ADHD at age 64, and then wrote two ADHD books for adults, focusing on strategies for making your life better. I just published my first novel, Alma Means Soul. Your Life Can Be Better; strategies for adults with ADD/ADHD available at, or (for e books) Living Daily With Adult ADD or ADHD: 365 Tips O the Day ( e-book). This is one tip at a time, one page at a time, at your own pace. It's meant to last a year. As a child, I was a bully. Then there was a transformation. Now I am committed to helping people instead abusing them. The Bully was published in January, 2016. It's in print or e book, on Amazon.
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3 Responses to Music – Studying, or for any Task Needing Concentration —- ADD Tip o the Day 473

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  2. homemakersdaily says:

    I’m the opposite – I can’t handle having music playing when I’m trying to concentrate or think. It’s actually very rare for me to play music for anything. It distracts me. I find myself trying to listen to the words instead of thinking about whatever I’m working on. Background music during a party or dinner is horrible! It’s like another conversation going on. I like silence. But maybe that’s because I homeschooled my two kids and they talked a LOT. Seriously. So whenever they were gone, I went for silence. Always. No tv. No music. No nothing. Just silence. And I still prefer silence. I concentrate best with nothing going on in the background.


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