More ADHD Science —ADHD Tip O the Day 897

We’re all tired of the virus thing. I just ask that you pay attention to the scientific experts, especially those willing to admit they don’t really know, and ignore the blathering and BS.

Here’s more ADHD science:
1. Sleep problems are the most common comorbidities with ADHD. ADHD and sleep problems make each other worse. ‘ADHD is a disorder of self-regulation, circadian rhythm, overstimulation, and motor activity, which manifest both day and  night.’
We have initial insomnia, circadian rhythm disturbance, restless legs syndrome, and periodic limb movement disorder. I think the next blog will be about my problems with sleep and legs.
Many people with ADHD actually require less sleep than vanillas.   Which would be reassuring, except I don’t think I’m one of them.
Consistent bedtimes and wake times are very helpful. I try, but —

2. There’s question about ADHD medications increasing the risk of psychosis in teens and young adults. There is a risk, but the rate is very low; it’s is higher with amphetamines than with methylphenidate ( Ritalin, et al).

3. Many studies suggest things that may be helpful, but most of these studies so far are flawed and only give weak evidence one way or the other: An elimination  diet may help 1/3 of hyperactive children.   It’s difficult to stay on these diets. Biofeedback might be helpful, but expensive. Fatty acids (fish oil) may be helpful, but less so than regular medication.  It’s probably more effective in people who have low blood levels of the fatty acids and the test is probably not expensive. There is some correlation with ADHD and low blood levels of zinc. There may be some benefit from L carnitine in inattentive type, and from saffron, various herbs and vitamins, special kinds of acupuncture, yoga et al, massage. 

Many things show possible benefit, but none of them have received adequate scientific testing. Generally they were possibly helpful when combined with the medications. You might want to try something that is inexpensive and has no side effects. Remember that the supplements are produced without regulations and you can’t be sure what’s in them and they can have side effects and interaction.

Make use of the science and keep safe.


Personal Notes O the Day:

1. Draft nine of the new ADHD book is and I’m ready to start on draft 10. I think it will be the one that gets published. When?

2. I take omega 3 and think it helps some.  Yoga, Tai Chi etc, probably help but I don’t use them. I do try to meditate; it’s hard but inexpensive.


Omega – 3 FA

More FA


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4 Responses to More ADHD Science —ADHD Tip O the Day 897

  1. rammkatze says:

    I am, sadly, also not one of the ADHDers who don’t need sleep. I usually need 7-8h of sleep. Even worse: over the years, I developed a harder time falling asleep and staying asleep, despite my medication. So now I have to take a very low dosage anti-pshychotic drug to help me sleep. Then I started sleeping 14-15h every night and thought I had an underlying condition (because this side effect actually started a couple months after starting the medication). Eventually, because of something too complicated to explain here, I figured out I could just take half a pill and I still could fall assleep, sleep the night through, and I didn’t need more than my usual 8h! I discussed this with my shrink and have gave me the ok to take only half a pill. Yessss! But sleep… it’s always a hassle!


    • ram – yes, its difficult, lots of adjusting.its a good idea to discuss with dr before changing anything, good for you. hope you get some good sleep.
      thank you for the comment
      best wishes


  2. holdthatthought says:

    I love your science articles. funny you mentioned the bit about sleep, I actually just had to have a sleep study done. needing to sleep is a terrible weakness of ours


    • dino -wouldn’t it be great if we didnt need to sleep? think of what we could get done if we had those extra hours available. or would we just find ways to waste them?
      hope your sleep study will be helpful.
      i’m planning another science blog and also one on sleep problems
      as always, thank you for your comment
      best wishes


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