“Science Says —” ADHD Tip O the Day 933.1

“Science says–.”

What does that even mean?

That means that there have been more than one or two studies supporting this hypothesis and the original findings have been replicated by other scientists in other places. The studies have been reviewed by experts in the field who agree that the studies were well designed and the results valid.  Then the  results have been published in reputable scientific journals.  Thus the findings are substantiated by data and evidence and the majority of scientists agree with the findings. 

So, “Science says —.”

 Notes O the Day:

  1. Most scientists have a PhD in their field and do research.
  2. Many MDs, not nearly the majority, are scientists, and some have a Phd also.
  3. I have done a little research and kind of think of myself a little as a scientist because I think in the scientific method.  I am not a researcher.
  4. There are some people without this education or experience  who believe that their opinions are more valid than those of the scientists.
  5. There is a cultural move towards anti science, anti intellectualism, anti experts, and  anti “elitism.”  This is often accompanied by bitterness and conspiracy theories and frequently by a sense of superiority.
  6. Science says that ADHD is a neurodevelopmental disorder. This is supported by brain imaging and other studies, ie by data and evidence.
  7. Science is not perfect.  That’s a topic for another post.


  1. If someone voices an opinion on something, see if they have evidence or data or a reliable source to base it on.
  2. It is rarely worth the time or effort to try to change someone’s mind about something.
  3. It is best to minimize time around toxic people.


Quote O the Day:

“I respect your right to your opinions,

though they may sound like the ravings of a madman.”

Old Spanish saying


The Scientific Method

The Scientific Method- Extensive Article

Brain Imaging


Sorry about laughing at your ideas, but I actually know what ADHD is.
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