More Enthralling Adventures Living With ADHD — ADHD Tip O the Day 749

A short list to- do, but with ADHD, it’s still challenging

It looked like it was going to be a very good day. Only two things on my to-do list, go vote and go pick up a book at the library. Maybe it was just too easy.

When I got to the court house, without even getting lost, there were signs for early voting on the parking spaces, and there were empty spaces. Amazing! So I pulled into one. Then I noticed there wasn’t a sign in front of my space.  Did I have to feed the meter?  Unclear. But I didn’t have change on me, and digging into the junk box in my car was a daunting and possibly futile task. So I decided to take a chance.

Fortunately, the line for voting was very short, and I got in and out quickly. No ticket! Could’ve ruined my whole day. Still, I was nervous the whole time I was voting.

Off to the library

Didn’t get lost.

Lucky again. Plenty of parking spaces. Locked the car door, walked up to the library, saw the parking tag box, realized I had to pay for a parking tag. Twenty five cents.  A quarter.

Walked back to the car. Unlocked car door. Wound up digging into the junk box after all. Found a quarter. Yea!

Walked back to the tag box, put in my quarter. It worked!

Walked back to the car. Put tag in the window. Locked the car door.

Walked back to the library. They had the book. I had my card. Got the book. Wonder of wonders.

Walked back to the car. Unlocked the car door.  Drove home. Didn’t get lost.

Another ADHD adventure. And so it goes.

Have a good day.


Strategy O the Day:

Remember to plan for everything you do to take twice as long as it should.

Mystery O the Day

I wonder if anyone will really understand this story if they don’t have ADHD?

Information tidbit O the Day:

Swamped, I mean swamped. Of course, a lot is that I do blame on ADHD. My goal is to keep up two posts a week, but honestly, I’ll be doing well to get one a week for a while.

Bonus links:

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Oh, really?

A typical ADHD day

A talk on the ADHD brain – it is different

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About doug with ADHD

I am a psychiatric physician. I learned I have ADHD at age 64, and then wrote two ADHD books for adults, focusing on strategies for making your life better. I just published my first novel, Alma Means Soul. Your Life Can Be Better; strategies for adults with ADD/ADHD available at, or (for e books) Living Daily With Adult ADD or ADHD: 365 Tips O the Day ( e-book). This is one tip at a time, one page at a time, at your own pace. It's meant to last a year. As a child, I was a bully. Then there was a transformation. Now I am committed to helping people instead abusing them. The Bully was published in January, 2016. It's in print or e book, on Amazon.
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10 Responses to More Enthralling Adventures Living With ADHD — ADHD Tip O the Day 749

  1. Teresa says:

    Whenever I’m going to check out a book from the library I find it on the online library catalog first and write down the call number. That way I: a) make sure the book is actually there and b) go straight to the book and check out, so that I don’t end up wandering the aisles with 10 books in my arms because I’m definitely going to read them all at the same time and finish them all in the next 4 weeks.

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  2. Pingback: Jeff, on bullying, and what in the world has happened to our country? | The Bully

  3. Pingback: Jeff, on bullying, and what in the world has happened to our country? | The Bully

  4. jeff- Wow! quite a comment. If you don’t object, I will post it on my bullying site. Which I have been neglecting. I agree with everything you said. As an older person, it is our job to sit around, wring our hands, and bewail how everything is going to hell. However, what we see is a wave of bullying,disrespect, discourtesy. Is this our new culture?
    I voted for Clinton. I don’t like her, although I don’t think my reasons are entirely rational. I cannot see how anyone could actually vote for Trump. the idea terrifies me.
    If you list all the bad things about him, and all the bad things about her (most of which are not true), then look at the bottom line: she is rational and competent. He is neither.
    Thank you for commenting, as always

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    • Jeff says:

      No objection Doug. I think that when we get older we long for the good old days, thinking of all of the good times we had. But the good old days weren’t always good. We tend to forget about the unpleasant things relating to those days. Maybe we think of the fun shows of the 50s, when TV was in its infancy, or going to the neighborhood soda shop. We tend to forget about the racism shown toward black people, and how Sen. Joe McCarthy ruined the careers of many Hollywood actors and directors by accusing them of being Communists. I believe this is what Trump plays on when he claims he will “Make America Great Again.”

      As to Trump’s bullying, I didn’t even mention one of Trump’s most heinous acts of bullying: When he makes fun of disabled people for something that is outside of their control! Yet, as a demagogue, he has the ability to rally people into a frenzy, just like the way a bully’s pals cheer as the bully picks on someone smaller than him or her. Nowadays, with social media, bullies can pick on others anonymously. This makes it more difficult to prevent the bullying. Online bullying is also done nowadays by bullies who are termed “Internet Trolls.”

      I had wondered why Trump was so successful in gaining the support of many of my friends, who I know to be good people. Then I read an article that explained this phenomenon. It turns out that when someone says something that you want to believe, like “Make America Great Again,” people want to believe this. They want to believe that there is someone who can solve many of their problems, even if that person hasn’t demonstrated that he has any ability to do so!

      For example, WHY would Trump want to solve your problems when he’s never done anything for anyone other than himself and his family? (as opposed to Hillary’s government service) HOW can Trump solve any of your problems or the country’s problems when he hasn’t been very successful in business? Not only have many of the businesses that he has started ended up in bankruptcy, but one business lost so much money (perhaps a billion dollars) that Trump hasn’t had to pay income tax for many years! (and no, that does NOT make him “smart” – as Trump stated during the debate)

      Any comments on what I’ve said above, Doug? Jeff

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      • jeff – comments? i can only agree with you. and that’s just a little of it. i have read that he has a very short attention span.


        • Jeff says:

          Hi Doug. It looks like Americans will have a Bully-in-Chief leading our country for the next 4-8 years beginning in January! Why did this happen when Hillary was predicted to win?

          Only one-third of white males, like myself, voted for Hillary – two-thirds voted for Trump! Most women without a college education voted for Trump, not wanting the country to have its first woman President! A large percentage of minorities, Hispanics and blacks, didn’t bother to vote! Hillary was considered the most qualified person to ever run for President, while Trump was considered the least qualified. And that doesn’t even take into consideration his other disturbing qualities, especially for women.

          I look at it as a sad time for our country. The American people, and people around the globe, can look forward to being bullied over the next several years. I had an appointment with my family doctor yesterday. She was surprised and felt dismayed (to say the least) that so many women didn’t want to see our first woman President.

          How did YOU react when you heard the news that Trump had won the election, Doug?


  5. Jeff says:

    I think spouses and others who care about us would understand your story, Doug. Speaking of voting, would you please address another issue that concerns both of us – bullying? In particular, I’m upset that about half of the country supports a candidate who is known for bullying others – Trump. He bullies people who disagree with him, encouraging his supporters to attack protesters at his rallies. He bullies debate moderators who ask important questions he wants to avoid answering. And it appears he bullies women in general.

    Trumps supporters are also well known for bullying others. When the Arizona Republic endorsed a Democrat for the first time in its long history, employees received death threats. On the news yesterday I heard reports that Trump supporters were intimidating African Americans in attempts to scare them away from voting sites! Yet, despite all of this evidence of bullying by her husband and his supporters, Melania Trump had the nerve to say recently that, upon becoming First Lady, she will work on eliminating bullying on social media!

    Bullying in this country has gotten completely out of control, with social media making it even more pervasive. Recently, in the city where I live, two high school students killed themselves as their way to escape from being bullied! How can we tolerate having elected officials who use bullying to intimidate others? Unfortunately, almost half of the country doesn’t appear to be bothered by this! And it’s not limited to Trump. This past week GOP Sen. Burr got into trouble for mentioning that gun owners may want to put a “bullseye” on Hillary! Isn’t this sort of thing crazy?

    What are your thoughts on this subject, Doug? You know how I feel. How do you feel about bullying by political candidates? And, are you willing to tell us which candidate you voted for in the Presidential race? I realize you are very busy, but this subject is of vital importance to the future of our country, and the Election Day is only two days away! Jeff

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