Too much and too many —— ADD Tip o the day 221

Does this apply to you at all?

The New Yorker articles say that everytime we make a choice it uses up some of our limited willpower.  This is especially important to those of us who have ADD or ADHD; we need willpower!   There are so many choices.  I have a new I Phone.  There are hundreds (thousands?) of apps i could get.  There is a steep learning curve for using the I Phone, the camera, the phone – i havent been able to get my numbers transferred to it yet- and each of the new apps.  We have TV with Downton Abby and PBS and Nova and if i can figure out how to hook up the set we can stream netflix and get any movie we want any time we want.  We have the computers with all kinds of programs, including games, facebook, linked in, my blog and others people’s blogs.  We have e mail and texting.

How do we find time to eat or sleep and how many choices an hour are we making and how much are they depleting our will power?

So the tip is to simplify your life.  For the moment, I am trying to limit checking e mail and the blog and book sale stats to twice a day.  but it will take more than that.  and of course, it takes will power.          add,adhd, coping with add, coping with ADHD, strategies for ADD,  willpower and ADD


About doug with ADHD

I am a psychiatric physician. I learned I have ADHD at age 64, and then wrote two ADHD books for adults, focusing on strategies for making your life better. I just published my first novel, Alma Means Soul. Your Life Can Be Better; strategies for adults with ADD/ADHD available at, or (for e books) Living Daily With Adult ADD or ADHD: 365 Tips O the Day ( e-book). This is one tip at a time, one page at a time, at your own pace. It's meant to last a year. As a child, I was a bully. Then there was a transformation. Now I am committed to helping people instead abusing them. The Bully was published in January, 2016. It's in print or e book, on Amazon.
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8 Responses to Too much and too many —— ADD Tip o the day 221

  1. yes, boredom and frustration! and then the exasperation when we realized that we had just learned it last week and already have to re learn it.
    thanks for the good comment.


  2. Linda Secretan says:

    P.S. Have you considered putting an active link to your book on your blog site? When I went to buy it I had to cut and paste the title. Also, if you had a link directly to Amazon, I think you could get a small additional profit from marketing your own book! just sayin…


  3. Linda Secretan says:

    Thank you, Doug, for mentioning the “steep learning curve” for technology.

    It’s not that it’s so hard to learn something new, but that the time it takes seems out of proportion to the benefit it brings. On the way to mastering a new technological skill, boredom inevitably sets in, too. For me, the final barrier to new learning is that one doesn’t have enough occasion to do the practice necessary for a skill to be automatic. For example, I figured out how to change my external monitor to the laptop screen in order to Skype, many times, but it took so-o many times doing it before it became quick, easy, second nature. . I’m always in the re-learning mode, instead of the “set it and forget it” phase.

    In any case, it’s nice to be in good company!


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