“ADHD Meds Are Like Coke or Crystal Meth” — ADD Tip o the Day 395

This is the title of an article by Channing Tatum (should I know who that is? – ok, i just googled him, interesting) on medicines for ADD or ADHD.

Like many bizarre or erroneous ideas, there is a grain of truth – ritalin and the other stimulants (and some anti-depressants) work on the same neurochemicals -norepineprine and dopamine. There is some difference in the chemical structure and ritalin does not have its effect as fast, thus minimizing any “high” if used properly.

Mr. Tatum describes his eventual bad experience with ADD medication.  He then generalizes to say that this is what the meds do, as though everyone would have a similar experience.

Was it just him?  Each person is different, and can have different reactions to medication, sometimes quite strange reactions.

Was it the medication?

Sounds like it probably was, but could it have been something else? Or was he taking something else that interacted with the ADD medication.  Possibilities.

I am reminded of a patient who stopped taking her vitamins because she gained weight while on them.  So she assumed the weight gain was due to the vitamins.  Of course, she didn’t stop to consider what she was eating.

These medicines are not for everyone, but have done wonders for many.

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5 Responses to “ADHD Meds Are Like Coke or Crystal Meth” — ADD Tip o the Day 395

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  2. Benjamin Kuhlman says:

    I’ve dealt with my ADD (diagnosed when I was 30 years old) with and with out the use of Adderall. The use of medication significantly increases my life balance in that my symptoms are easier to deal with. It took me a couple years of going on and off of medications to find the dosage that worked for me. The problem that some people may have, which has happened to me, is that once the initial buzz (side effect) wears off there is the thought that maybe an increase in the medication is needed this can lead to too much medication and begins to have a negative impact and a hangover feeling if a day is skipped.
    I now take extended release Adderall , which removes forgetting to take a dose during the day or accidental double dosing, and when needed one regular Adderall pill. If I miss a day I don’t have a hangover feeling, just the feeling of my ADD with out Adderall.
    Thanks and Make it a great day.


    • benjamin-
      excellent comment. shows that one size doesn’t fit all, each person has to find the right medicine at the right dose on the right schedule for that unique individual, and for some people there doesn’t seem to be a right medicine. glad you found yours and it is so helpful to you.
      thank you for commenting


  3. betsy-
    yeah, who’s the rude one?
    it seems to me that the less they know the more certain they are.
    thank you for the comment


  4. Everyone has an opinion, yes. But not everyone has an opinion about all things. I have been shocked and sometimes hurt when someone asserts something inaccurate and critical about ADHD or the medications for it, which same person would never presume to make a similar assertion and criticism about, say, leukemia and its treatments. I once asked such a person how it was she felt comfortable doing that, when other people’s medical condition and treatment aren’t any of our business. She only sputtered, and of course, thought me rude.


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