Your Life Can Be Better

The book, Your Life Can Be Better:       Using strategies for adult ADD/ADHD
is about the ways I and my friends and my patients have learned to cope with our ADD.
I am not quite perfect yet, so I will happy to hear from others about their coping strategies, or their comments about mine.

Hoping for lots of comments!

The book focuses on strategies for coping with the problems that ADD or ADHD causes.  The Principle is to identify a specific problem, create a strategy, make a rule, stick with it until it becomes a habit.  It is important to only try to change one or two things at a time.

The next book,

Living Daily with ADD or ADHD: 365 Tips of the Day

An e book, for Kindle or other platforms. It is not a book to sit down and read.  It’s like a daily devotional or a theme calendar, with one tip a page, to be read one a day, at your own pace.

The purpose is to inform you, encourage you, and help you to stay on track.

Your Life Can Be Better 

Living Daily With ADD or ADHD

Smashwords, non Kindle platforms

The Bully, a story of violence and transformation

paperback  kindle

best wishes


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The new ADD/ADHD book

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The Bully

72 Responses to About

  1. Hi Doug
    I can’t tell if my response went through. If you have Inattentive ADHD I would like to interview you for an article I am writing about men with Inattentive ADHD.


  2. janalclarke says:

    Currently reading Your Life Can Be Better and really enjoying it. All of the first had advice really makes it easier to apply and helps me not feel like I’m the only one struggling with some of these things. Thank you so much!! How can I sign up to get notifications of new blog posts here?

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    • janal – oh, no, you are not the only one at all! our tribe is 4% of the population. glad you are enjoying the book and its helping.
      sign up – i think you will find a little “follow” message to clik up the upper right under the big picture.
      thank you for commenting

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  3. Lisa says:

    Thank YOU for blogging and for writing Your Life Can Get Better.

    I’m 11 chapters into your book, for the first time in ages I can see a light at the end of the tunnel. All my life I have struggled with a lack in discipline, will power and motivation. I always thought there was something wrong with me, how can everyone else around me remain so organised so easily and achieve their goals?

    I’m still struggling to accept the very recent diagnosis that I have ADD because I am conditioned to thinking that I am just lazy. Your book is incredibly helpful, so thank you! I will be recommending this book to my therapist so that he can share it with his patients.

    Cheers, Lis.

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  4. busydarling says:

    Do you, by any chance, know something about ADHD and pregnancy, or where to find good info on that?
    I tried searching in two languages but in the end can’t find much useful info. Most sites refer me to my doctor, who probably knows less than me. (I can say that because I AM the doctor who doesn’t know much either)



    • busy- boy, what a great question. i know nothing and my pregnancy expert daughter doesn’t either. i guess just look up the relevant meds and pg, but otherwise, it’ just getting enough sleep, continuing exercise, and whatever tools you use for stress? easy for me to say.
      if you do find more info, please put it here.
      thank you


  5. gabriusdruido says:

    Hi there
    Before to talking , i give you a little advice, sorry for my bad English i try to study better but i have Adhd ^___^ i’m different attection and calm so be patient please ^____^
    ok i’m start to read your book , and it’s a little hard like if you need to read it in Italian do you understand? But i’m understand lot thing when i’m start to don’t use my mind to traslate everything.
    It’s a great BOOK and thank’s a lot for it. I’m start to use some your trick and i’m start to create my trick too…usually i have a great skill in problem solving for other but not for me, so i switch to have a crazy talking with me ( well fortunally today in mobile’ era , if you talking yourself , nobody look at you like a mad man ^___^) and i employed me for my problem solver ^___^ i make my first 5 red card and in the eall of my room i put some colorated paper for everyday where i put task for this day… And a red sheet for TOMMOROW/ TODAY things that i have to do ^___^ well i’m starting now and you now I have adhd , so discipline it’s not my best skill ^____^ i’m start my blog journey with my adhd too thanks god to show me your book ^____^

    now i have an hour for continue to read your boom i come he soon for some question thank again. Ops i’m find that i have ADHD only now at 46 years old…only for destiny. I have problem to focus from when i’m born, but actually that my family’s activity failed i need to focused in some project that i have…but it’s hard you know i have adhd, so i start to search some NOOTROPIC’s drug for helping me to focused. I find Ritalin and they talking about that it’s used in ADHD. When i’m read this ADHD i think: what’ is this ? So i’m stopping my research to find a nootropic’s drug for stay focused and i’m start a research about ADHD ( well it’s usually that people like me with adhd switch from argument to other argument, and internet don’t help us, but in this case it’s save me.)
    When i’m readed about adhd all my life make a sense, i’m starting to cry because i understand my life i find an important piece for make my life’s puzzle. Now my life start at 46 years old with a new knowledge and new path ^____^
    have great time

    Gabriele Martelli

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  6. Anonymous says:

    I love your book, your humor, and the many short stories you included in the book. I’m not done with it yet (of course not, since I’m reading 10 books at once) but I wanted to express gratitude before I forget (do it now, do it right … ) Thank you so much!!

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    • anon- glad you like it. And sounds like you are putting it to use. And that you have the concept of taking it slowly, small steps, and not trying to read it through all at once. I think that’s the best strategy.
      I never read 10 books at once, only four.
      thank you so much for commenting and please come back.
      Best wishes

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    • Anonymous says:

      Only 10!!!!!
      Tori Heath

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      • tori
        Maybe if you can keep it to 10 you are doing well? My stack is about 10 but I’m actually reading only about 4 at a time.
        anyway, i think the book works best if you don’t read it all at once
        thank you for commenting


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