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Stuck with ADD — ADD Tip o the day 253

With ADD or ADHD we can easily become stuck or paralyzed.  Sometimes I just can’t get started on anything. I wrote about ‘the one fork strategy’;  just pick one very small thing and do it. A man responded, ‘My wife would not be happy at … Continue reading

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What I want to do —- ADD Tip o the day 250 (250!!!!!)

Saturday afternoon – I want to “relax” (what does “relax” mean?? anyway, I’m not good at it, but I’m good at “goofing off”.  What is the difference?  Maybe it’s that relaxing is intentional, a considered choice, with a purpose.) I’d … Continue reading

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Feedback loops — ADD Tip o the day 130

Most everything seems to work in feedback loops.  If we get depressed, we don’t feel like doing anything.  If we don’t do things we get more depressed, which makes it harder to do things, which makes us more depressed. If … Continue reading

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