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Procrastination, Stigma, and Heroes — ADD Tip O the Day 626

ADD ADHD and Procrastination and Father’s Day has come and gone. I meant to do a great post for Father’s Day, about genetics and ADD ADHD.   I probably got mine from my grandfather.  My father maybe had a touch.  My … Continue reading

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ADD or ADHD -Label or Diagnosis? — ADD Tip o the Day 537

We all have our attitudes Sometimes people have attitudes that seems strange to me, like about medications or diagnoses. But everybody is different, and we all see such things from our own viewpoints and experiences. The best comment I’ve read … Continue reading

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Labeling? Do you want to be labeled? — ADD Tip o the Day 490

New Controversy More recent controversy about ADD ADHD – about the harm of “labeling”.   Is there a difference between a label and a diagnosis? Boy, when I got a label I grabbed it and held on – “Oh, I have … Continue reading

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ADD,ADHD,Stigma, and Coming Out — ADD Tip o the Day 371

Some people with ADD or ADHD have commented on being ashamed or embarrassed,  or afraid to openly acknowledge the problem.  I cannot criticize them because I do not know their circumstances. I have ADD, which I am not ashamed of anymore than … Continue reading

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