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Stuck, and No Motivation — ADD Tip o the Day 338

We with ADD or ADHD can easily get overwhelmed, demoralized, disorganized, unmotivated and just plain stuck. For the motivation issue, there are many strategies            ( I can’t recall which post I just wrote this on, and I’m not motivated to … Continue reading

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Motivation and add —– ADD Tip o the day 240

A comment from Ken  “What I was able to do was ‘start again’ and consider myself to be rock bottom at everything and be ok with this. From then on, rather like the “glass half-full” idea, I took anything and … Continue reading

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Want to — ADD tip o the day 228

“want to” can be a booger when it overwhelms “need to”, but it can also be a great helper.  Recent posts showed the dangers of “have to” and “should” and the advantages of “need to” and “could”.  But even better … Continue reading

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