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Money Problems — ADD Tip o the Day 341

Money is a common ADD or ADHD problem.  We are impulsive, for one thing. There are a lot of strategies to help cope with this; some of them may not be appealing to you, depends on how big a problem … Continue reading

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Problems with money — ADD Tip o the Day 331

One big problem with money is not having enough, but we with ADD or ADHD also often have problems with what we do with what we have.   After all, we are impulsive.  If it’s a big enough problem for you … Continue reading

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Impulse spending —- ADD Tip o the day 256

With ADD or ADHD this can be a big problem.  How big a problem is it for you, and how much do you want to control it?  You need strategies: 1. cut up your credit cards.  You have eight good … Continue reading

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Too much is never enough — ADD Tip o the day 96

I quickly got into the  habit of buying for breakfast two croissant and one pain raisin, which is kind of like a cinnamon roll but more so.  This was obviously too much; I was leaving the table feeling overstuffed and … Continue reading

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