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Causes of ADHD? — ADD Tip O the Day 517

Do we know the causes of ADD ADHD? We know that our brain circuitry and functioning and neurochemistry is different. Presumably, that comes from our genes (ADD ADHD tends to run in families, especially among males). We  have a lot of … Continue reading

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Podcasts and ADD — ADD Tip o the day 251

Do you watch or listen to podcasts? I never have, but there’s some appealing topics  on facebook, some on ADD or ADHD.  I assumed that I wouldn’t have the time or the patience for them, but decided to check it out. Learned … Continue reading

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Side effects —ADD Tip o the day 202

When I recommend a medication to someone (with or without ADD or ADHD), they often ask a very reasonable question, “What are the side effects?”    If I tell you the potential side effects, you are more likely to get them.   So I … Continue reading

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