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ADD or ADHD -Label or Diagnosis? — ADD Tip o the Day 537

We all have our attitudes Sometimes people have attitudes that seems strange to me, like about medications or diagnoses. But everybody is different, and we all see such things from our own viewpoints and experiences. The best comment I’ve read … Continue reading

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Why we need a good evaluation — ADD Tip o the day 536

Get the right diagnosis Diagnosis of ADD ADHD isn’t just based on one symptom. We need a full, careful, and thorough evaluation. That includes: 1. a good history 2. reviewing available documents like report cards etc. 3. ideally, talking with … Continue reading

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Do I have ADD? — Tip o the day 162

Why are you asking?  Do you think you have it or has someone else told you you do?  Why? Do you have trouble getting started on things or trouble finishing them?  Are you impatient, irritable, impulsive?  Do you start out … Continue reading

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