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ADD ADHD is Messy — ADD Tip o the Day 529

Making a mess: I previously told you about my struggles with the plastic dish pan for foot soaking. I would have the pan at the sink, fill it with hot water from the teakettle, take it over to the table and put it under … Continue reading

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Numbers, numbsers, numners!! — ADD Tip o the Day 289

Well, I type letters better than I type numbers, or dial them (or write them down).  With my ADD (or ADHD), I need to carefully double check when I write down a phone number or when I dial one.  Especially … Continue reading

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ADD and reading? — ADD Tip of the day 276

Joke of the day:       a guy with dyslexia walks into a rab…… One of my concerns is that people with ADD (or ADHD)might not read the book, because, well, because they have ADD (or ADHD).  We tend to buy on … Continue reading

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