ADHD Evaluation? – A Terrible Experience – Jeff’s Ordeal — ADHD Tip O the Day 734

What can you learn from Jeff’s experience?

“Hi Doug. I saw a psychiatrist for the first time to help treat my ADHD,  and I wanted to let you know how it went. It went TERRIBLE! What a waste of time! I had called 3 psychiatrists who were in my insurance plan, but the other 2 had left the practices. So I was surprised that Dr. R was able to see me within a week because I had been warned of long delays before being able see a psychiatrist.

We (my wife attended to assist me in remembering what was said) arrived on time for my appointment. First, I was given a BIG stack of papers to read and sign, including the set procedures for filing a grievance! (a bad sign?) Next, we were forced to sit in the waiting room for almost 2 hours before he was ready to see me! He finally took us to an office, but then proceeded to curse because he didn’t like where the phone and computer monitor were located on the desk! Then he disappeared out of the office for 10 minutes!

Dr. R finally returned, and started to talk with us. I handed him a sheet of paper that summarized my ADHD problems, and listed  the few medications I take. He seemed mostly uninterested in this! Instead, he was focused on his cell phone, which constantly rang during our short time with him. He checked who was calling him, and occasionally took the call! One time he even stepped out of the office again! (no more cursing, fortunately)

Eventually, Dr. R allowed me to explain my experiences and symptoms of ADHD. He then stated that it was clear that I suffered from ADHD, but he wanted me to get TESTED by a psychologist in his office who specialized in ADHD testing. Dr. R said this would be necessary before he’d be willing to prescribe any medication. This was even though I was asking to be started at a low dose. Dr. R then took me to the scheduling desk to ensure I set up the testing appointment. My wife and I then left, stunned that a highly trained doctor would treat patients in this manner! This turned out to be the worst doctor appointment I’ve ever had!

The next day I looked for ANOTHER psychiatrist in my area who accepts my insurance, and I found one who treats patients with ADHD. The bad news: She isn’t able to see me until late OCTOBER! The good news: She doesn’t require separate ADHD testing, as I was told she evaluates patients during their first visit – during which she’s expected to prescribe medication!

So, what do you think of my experience, Doug? As a psychiatrist, I’m sure you treat your patients much better than Dr. R does. I hope you enjoyed my (hopefully) unusual story. Jeff”


Oh Jeff, terrible indeed, and an embarrassment to the medical profession. I’m sorry this happened to you. I trust your next appointment will go better.
You have the option of reporting this guy to the state medical board. The comment you posted should be sufficient. If several people report him, he will at least be investigated.

And/or you could google him and then grade him on the various sites and maybe have room for a comment.

In my opinion, there is no need for a psychologist testing just to diagnose ADHD.
I can’t say I enjoyed your story at all. I would like to use at least part of it in a post unless you object.


Always check up on someone before you agree to see them.  Get references from other people, from your primary physician, from reviews posted on the net, from CHADD.

You don’t have to put up with this kind of crap.  Walk out.

There are some very poor physicians out there.

There are things you can do about bad physicians.

If it stinks, it’s probably spoiled.


Bonus Links:

How to Evaluate an Evaluater

ADD or ADHDJeff used ADD but I changed it


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6 Responses to ADHD Evaluation? – A Terrible Experience – Jeff’s Ordeal — ADHD Tip O the Day 734

  1. Jeff says:

    Hi Doug. Because my appointment to see another psychiatrist couldn’t be scheduled until late October, I made an appointment to see a neurologist once again. I’m to see him this week. He will be the 4th neurologist I’ve see over the past 7 years. #1 and #3 only wanted to treat my migraines. #1 refused to address my ADHD problems. #3 referred me to the neurologist I’m seeing this week. #2 did attempt to help with my ADHD, but referred me to a NEUROpsychiatrist who worked in the same practice. But this wasn’t covered by my insurance. I much later learned that this was because he wasn’t a regular psychiatrist. Because of this, the treatment of my ADHD was further delayed. Maybe neurologist #4 can help me, but only time will tell. Do you have any advice on what I should tell him in an attempt to make my appointment more likely to do some good?

    By the way, I noticed you changed my use of ADD to ADHD. Although this may be the proper terminology, I believe that the use of ADHD actually caused a significant delay in my getting the proper treatment I needed. This is because it delayed my being able to self-diagnose myself as having ADHD. The reason? For many years I assured myself that I didn’t have ADHD because I felt I wasn’t hyperactive, and I thought this was proof I didn’t suffer from ADHD! So perhaps the use of ADHD instead of ADD may not be so good after all. What do YOU think about this? Jeff


    • jeff – 1. have you checked to see if he knows ADD ADHD and can help and is covered?
      2. tell him of the problems you have, and your childhood, and take your wife with you again. very important.
      3. tell him you want to make a trial of a low dose of medication, realizing it might not be enough or not the right one.
      hopefully he is a listener.
      4. i used to call myself ADD for the same reason, then used ADD ADHD to reach more people, now use ADHD because thats the official term with 3 subtypes. no more ADD. i fear it may chase some people off as it did you.
      good luck – but check him out first.


      • Jeff says:

        Will do, Doug. Thanks for the advice! Jeff


        • jeff – you’re very welcome. let us know how it goes please.


          • Jeff says:

            Hi Doug. I just got back from my appointment with a neurologist, and followed your advice. He tested me to confirm I didn’t have any dementia or mental impairment. Satisfied I didn’t, he basically told me to be patient until my late October appointment with a psychiatrist, as this was the best way to get my ADHD properly treated. So I guess I’m on hold until then.

            This doctor was friendly, professional, and a good listener. A far cry from my experience last month! I saw him primarily in hopes of finding treatment for a long-time problem I’ve had with frequent spells of chronic yawning. He thinks this yawning MAY be related to my ADHD! Do YOU? I have yet to have found a doctor who has ever heard of this problem. It’s very frustrating for me! Jeff


            • jeff – glad you find a good guy. i dont know of any connection of ADHD with yawning and didnt find any when i googled. I had a resident who was a HUGE yawner – i think he probably had sleep apnea, which can be a cause, or maybe an indirect one.
              thank you for keeping us posted


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