Stimulants and Religion, misuse and abuse – – – ADD Tip O the Day 548

Part of today’s post is not really about ADD ADHD, but it’s important.

My friend Ken sent a great post today; I have to use it.

What do stimulants and religion have in common?

1. They can both be misused and abused.

2. They were both the subject of such a great post that I had to put the links here and hope you will check them out.

Dr.Rostain on stimulants (link below)

It’s clear that stimulants are being abused, mostly in college. Until there’s more data, I continue to doubt if they help anyone who doesn’t have ADD ADHD (once we have a belief, it’s difficult to change it. We tend to collect data that supports it and ignore data that refutes it.)  If someone wants to stay up all night, it will help do that but I doubt if it helps with learning.

Benefits of stimulants (Ritalin, Adderall,Concerta,Vyvanse,amphetamines)

If someone has ADD ADHD, medications reduce the future incidence of criminality, school dropout, unemployment, and divorce. ( I need to look up the sources to back up these claims; will try to post them later.)

Ken’s comment – not about ADD ADHD, but too good not to post!

The lesson to learn is this: Bad people do bad things and use whatever politically expedient ideology happens to be best at the time.

Bad things happened in the name of Jesus, Allah or the state regardless of what the scriptures or ideals actually say. They happen because bad people do bad things and not because of a belief system followed (in the case of Islam) by 1.6 billion good people. Until people start to realise this, we will continue to live in fear of anyone who seems to be different to us.

Thank you Ken.


from Dr. Rostain on misuse and abuse and alternatives

Ken’s link

Dr. Mason on the stimulant question   

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” This is what ADHD looks like in my head.”

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  1. Thanks Doug for quoting from my post. I’m honoured to appear on your blog. Best wishes my friend!


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