Beliefs and ADD ADHD, Controversies, part four – – – ADD Tip o the Day 505

A long article from derek halpern  says it better than I have, here’s an excerpt:


Here’s The Big Reason Why People Don’t Change Their Minds When Confronted With New Data

It’s proven that when we’re confronted with information that supports our beliefs, we’re more likely accept that information. And when we’re confronted with information that opposes our beliefs, we’re more likely to ignore – or attempt to disprove – it.

In one case we’re dealing with confirmation bias, and the other we’re dealing with disconfirmation bias. And in the case of this gluten research, what we’re seeing is known as “attitude polarization.”

Back in 1979, researchers carried out an interesting experiment. They got together two groups of people: one group that supported capital punishment, and another group that opposed it. The researchers then provided these people information that either support or opposed their opinions. What happened? People didn’t change their mind. They instead tended to hold their original belief more strongly.

That’s attitude polarization, and it’s why I always say, “You can’t convince people of anything. You can only hope you provide enough information so that they convince themselves.”

clik  the long article

Adhering to previous beliefs:

“Gee, good to see you!  Wow, you’ve gotten taller and now you’re wearing glasses. But you don’t look a day older!”

“Sorry, you’ve mistaken me for somebody else.”

“No, no, Fred, I’d know you anywhere.”

“I’m not Fred; I’m Joseph.”

“Oh, so you’ve changed your name,too!”


Bonus Link:

homey’s collection of tips of all kinds                       

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“You’re just blowing in the wind!”


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  1. homemakersdaily says:

    I tried clicking it and had to open an account, too. Here’s the link for the blog:


  2. anon- do we??? I don’t know about that? do you mean all the links on the ADD blog??.
    I just tried some of them and they work but one of them does go to microsoft – i think probably i put the link from my e mail instead of directly. will try to fix that and check on the others.
    hope that will work
    thank you for calling this to my attention.


  3. Anonymous says:

    Why do we have to sign up for a Microsoft account to read homey’s link and other links?

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    • ANON – the only one I found was tom nardone, which i fixed. for homey, i just clik and it goes there.
      Is it because i do have a mircrosoft account? guess i do cause i get outlook e mail?
      this is all pretty techno challenging for me. any suggestions? (non obscene, of course)


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