Increase Self Control — ADD Tip o the Day 495

Ritalin May Increase Self Control

If it does, this would presumably apply also to the other stimulants, Adderall, etc, as well as possibly to Straterra.

This could be another hole poked in my belief that these medications do not help people who do not have ADD ADHD.

And what is the connection, or the difference,  between self control and will power? (other than us ADDers being in short supply of both?)

Ritalin may increase self control clik

Bonus Links:

from jenna     listen better

good marriage tip from Orlov.  What does this have to do with ADD ADHD?  Don’t we have more marriage problems than the vanillas?  Don’t we?

Ritalin – pros and cons

Request again:  please give suggestions for the BIG EVENT – Tip o the Day 500

Come on, we’re supposed to be more creative!

Bonus Controversy:  many studies show that as we use our willpower, we deplete it.  But other studies show that exercising our willpower makes it stronger.  How do you make sense of that?



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self control – let the balls go by (you don’t have to react to everything)

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