Singing It to Learn — ADD Tip o the Day 392

Abhi had a great study tip; he memorized the fat soluble amino acids by singing them.

I remembered that I learned the alphabet in the same way.

I am geographically challenged.  I want to know the geography of New Mexico.  There’s a group of towns running along the southern border, abutting  Mexico on the west and Texas on the east.  So I turned to Fiddler on the Roof.  Can you sing along with me?:

If I were  a rich man                                                                            rodeo       columbus

yada dada              dada            dada di                                              white’s city            loving          and jal

all day long        I would bidi bidi bong                                         mesilla                anthony

if i were a          wealthy man.                                                           st teresa             sunland park

amazing, this comes ou tperfectly on the screen until i publish it, then it gets all messed up.  Arghhhh!!!!  computers!!!  anyway, i hope you get the idea.


Is there no punctuation sign for both” : ” and “?” ? (That doesn’t look right either.)

There must be a way to put an audio on here but I don’t know it.  And bet it would cost money.

Anyway, this singing is a good learning tool.


learning from jenna   clik

there is a big section on studying and learning in Your Life Can Be Betteclik   for amazon

or other e book forms  clik

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new mexico

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5 Responses to Singing It to Learn — ADD Tip o the Day 392

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  2. I have to agree with this completely! I used to love “Schoolhouse Rock”. I will ALWAYS remember the preamble to the constitution. Why? Because I learned it in song. Also, I have been learning French the same way. I find a good song and then get the English translation. By memorizing it in French and English I am learning basic French! It works better than anything I know. Great post!!


  3. dars-
    neat strategy! i will try to use it and maybe put it in a post, credit to you.
    thank you for commenting, and come back soon!


  4. darsword says:

    Singing always helped me. So did stories. If I had a bunch of terms to learn for a test I would make a story of the terms or a poem. It not only worked for me but the day of the test my fellow classmates would ask me what the story of the day was. It worked to get us all A’s. The sillier the story the better it stayed in my head. Of course I had to know the real terms and their definitions for the essay parts or later quizzes but to make sure I had all the terms they had to fit in the story, poem or song.


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