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The ADD or ADHD world is abuzz, I mean abuzz! about Dr. Thakkar’s article in the 4/28/2013 New York Times.  He says that some people with ADD or ADHD might be misdiagnosed, and might instead have a sleep disorder causing the same symptoms.

Here’s my take:

I think it’s a reasonable article, but I hope people don’t misread it.  He is saying SOME people might be misdiagnosed, not ALL or even MOST.

I have frequently mentioned the need for adequate sleep, but he’s talking about a specific disorder, a lack of delta wave sleep, one of the phases of sleep that we go through each night (hopefully).  So you could have the problem even if you are getting enough sleep in hours, just not enough delta.  But your ADD/HD symptoms will almost certainly get worse if you’re simply not getting enough sleep.  One clue would be getting sleepy during the day.

Getting a sleep study to check your delta sleep is going to be expensive and a hassle.  Right now I’m thinking I won’t.  However, if you have ADD or ADHD, and have used the strategies and the medications and aren’t really doing any better, you might want to consider it.

I suspect there will be more information about this forthcoming.


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just drift away.

Bonnie Mincu’s post on Dr. Thakkar’s article   clik

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7 Responses to Sleep Disorder? — ADD Tip o the Day 388

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  2. Hmmm…my wife is always telling me I don’t know how to sleep properly – but I wouldn’t say I was sleep deprived. It will be interesting to see how this plays out…


    • ken-
      yes, i’m sure more will come of it. Do you know what your wife means???
      as always, thank you for commenting.
      – doug


      • I have no idea! I tend to be a night person whereas she is a morning person and I usually work or read until I’m dropping before I go to bed. If I get too many nights of sleeping more than 7 hours I find I get insomnia and have to get up at 3 in the morning to work after hours of thrashing around and failing to sleep. I’m actually best on around 6 hours these days going to bed after 1 a.m. and getting up at 7. My wife finds this bizarre behaviour and is convinced I ‘never learned how to sleep’. For me, it’s perfectly normal!


        • ken-
          yeah, sounds like you’re doing fine, if you’re not sleepy during the day. we are all different, with different needs and different patterns. the general advice is to skip the hours of thrashing and just get up, there’s little worse than lying in bed and TRYING TO GO TO SLEEP.
          as always, thank you for commenting and best wishes


  3. busy – me too!but i dont know about the delta part, apparently it is possible to get enough hours and still not enough delta. how to know? it is a problem.
    thank you for commenting.-


  4. busydarling says:

    I have ADHD every day, but symptoms defenitely are worse when I’m sleep deprived!


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