Sticking With It, Part 2 — ADD Tip o the Day 366

My wife, who knows a lot about ADD or ADHD after all these years, said I misquoted her on the last post.   I thought she had asked, “Is it working?”, meaning the whole thing.  She says she was specifically asking if people were sticking with it.

She knows that people are buying the book (thank you!) and reading it and applying the strategies (aren’t you?), and that the strategies work – she has lived with me for many years. But she wondered if people were starting out with enthusiasm, and getting the strategies to work, and their life got better, and then  —- and  then they quit using them and slipped back into their old ways.  That,of course, is what she has seen me do so many times.

So she says I misquoted her.  I think that I simply misunderstood her.  That is a common phenomenon in human communication but is probably worse if one of us has ADD or ADHD.

My strategy is that I am aware of this process, initial enthusiasm and then letting it go, and so I look out for it, and when I see that I’ve stopped using something that was working I pick it up again.  Maybe it needs a little modification, or just a little more commitment, but it will still work, and will make my life better, and therefore, often hers too.


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About doug with ADHD

I am a psychiatric physician. I learned I have ADHD at age 64, and then wrote two ADHD books for adults, focusing on strategies for making your life better. I just published my first novel, Alma Means Soul. Your Life Can Be Better; strategies for adults with ADD/ADHD available at, or (for e books) Living Daily With Adult ADD or ADHD: 365 Tips O the Day ( e-book). This is one tip at a time, one page at a time, at your own pace. It's meant to last a year. As a child, I was a bully. Then there was a transformation. Now I am committed to helping people instead abusing them. The Bully was published in January, 2016. It's in print or e book, on Amazon.
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2 Responses to Sticking With It, Part 2 — ADD Tip o the Day 366

  1. homey
    i think it makes sense. it’s hard to unlearn something, even if we stop using it. but i hope its more like one step back than three.
    thank you for the comment


  2. homemakersdaily says:

    I think it might be about “two steps forward, three steps back.” All the stuff we’re learning from your book helps us move forward, but then we go back, but we’re still better than we were. Does that make sense?


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