Abhi Has Strategies — ADD Tip o the Day 354

Abhi has ADD or ADHD, and has been struggling with studying  for an important exam.  He has been using the ADDerworld for advice, encouragement and general support.  And he has learned some strategies.  Here is his report (with his permission):

” One Week after the Exam:

I sincerely apologise for not updating this thread since the last ten days or so.

The Exam was truly a success!

I did not update my posts in the last four days before my exam, as I had totally got involved in preparations for it. As I said earlier, just one week before the exam we noticed that the pattern of examination had changed.

I think that this change in pattern was a challenge that helped me. We ADDERs love challenges.

so I worked really hard in the last few days. I lost count of the hours I managed to study because it didn’t really seem to matter…

But I did continue a few major routines during this time.

A lot of stuff helped me to success of which i will try to summarize a few of them:-

1. A walk in the park everyday, and some relaxing time with nature, which really helped to calm my impulsiveness.

2. To make note of things to do on my android mobile phone, add reminders, and try to do stuff before a reminder tries to alert me. Trying to beat the clock seem to work….

3. Dividing the day into chunks of one hour each and make a note on scrap paper about how well I used/ how badly I misused every chunk…

( I did not use every hour as I planned, none of us can do it perfectly, but it was a lot better than previous times.)

4. Using music to relax as well as sing along the most difficult parts I had to learn. I still remember the list of hydrophobic amino acids I sang along more than a month ago.. i.e. alanine, valine, leucine, isoleucine, metheonine, phenylalanine, tryptophan, proline.

5. To ACCEPT FAILURE: We do fail… but the reason we fail repeatedly is because we can’t seem to recognise and accept our failure. One important thing I learnt in these 35 days was to accept that things will go wrong,( sometimes unimaginably wrong!), but everything can be mended!

6. Try to follow my routine as much as possible… Any deviations from my routine (like extending my breaks to long hours etc, which are bound to happen) should be cut short as soon as possible, with ample rewards to coax myself towards my books)

To write all this is easier than doing even half of it. But If you read the notes for all the days I’ve posted, it really does help. It instills a confidence in our lives that we can change our lives for the better, no matter how difficult it may seem.

Thanks for all the encouragement you guys have given me on this forum during these days, without which all of this would not have been possible.

Thanks and all the best.

Abhi “

for the whole episode, clik on:  Reply by abhishek malyala on Sunday


strategies are good!

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