ADD and reading? — ADD Tip of the day 276

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One of my concerns is that people with ADD (or ADHD)might not read the book, because, well, because they have ADD (or ADHD).  We tend to buy on impulse, something is novel,we have that initial burst of enthusiasm and the best of intentions, but— you know.         

My friend Tom has several ADD books, has read none of them.  Three the many reviewers of the early awful drafts did not finish reading the manuscripts (so the last part is less edited, hope it doesn’t show).  But I have some wonderful gratifying testimonials of the benefit people have gotten from the book.  So, did you read it?  ALL of it?

Pam wondered if her preference for print over e books has anything to do with ADD.  She does use e books for light fiction.  I also prefer print, but think its just because I love books.  Do you have some thoughts on this?

note: I am fishing for comments,which are always most welcome.

thank you 


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4 Responses to ADD and reading? — ADD Tip of the day 276

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  2. I was diagnosed with ADD when I was 25. I am 28 years old now, and hate that I can never finish a book. I love to read… I read the back of a book, and if it interests me, I buy it. Then I go home, and start reading the first few chapters, get bored and move on to something else. Then I forget about the book. My husband tells me to stop buying more books until I finish at least one of them. Since I want to always be doing things and like to be moving, I just can’t finish a book. I am working on finishing one by the end of the summer.


    • that sounds very frustrating. one strategy would be to just accept it and enjoy it as it is.
      if it bothers you enough however, you would need other strategies, perhaps:
      1. be sure you only get books that really interest you and look enjoyable
      2. set a daily goal- one chapter or 35 pages or 30 minutes. try to stick to it but its ok if you miss occasionally
      3. schedule a time for your reading
      4. keep a check list, gold star every day you reach your goal, and a special prize every time you finish a book (a massage, a movie, ice cream sunday, etc) (maybe your proud husband could agree to give you a massage or the other prizes?)
      5. enlist a friend or your husband and keep them informed daily of your progress
      6. keep a notebook and record one or two sentences about what youve read each day. when you finish a book, record a few words of comment on it.
      7. report what youre doing on facebook etc
      8. these are a few ideas, you might use some of them but you need to desisgn a program that fits you.
      good luck.
      ps thank you for writing. i think i will use this as an example for one of the posts


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