The i phone and ADD: an adventure — ADDTip o the day 275

Kids gave me an i phone for christmas, said I needed it.  I didn’t realize that, thought I was doing fine without it.  Dystechnologica can accompany ADD or ADHD.  Steep learning curve.  Why do half my fotos come out upside down?  How do I get the app that names the star I point it at, and after I have the app, how do I make it work?  How can I get the apps arranged?  And type on those tiny keys????

Now I love it, making progress, got my grandson to teach me how to text.  New problem, kind of addicted, don’t really need to check the e mails and the stock market that often.


quote of the day: experience is the comb we get after we are bald.

blog of the day: anahi on ADD and the disabilities act  clik here

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About The Bully

I am a psychiatric physician. I was the bully, and worse. Then there was a transformation. Now I am committed to helping people instead abusing them. The book, The Bully, A Story of Violence and Transformation, is about that. Learned I have ADD at age 64 My book: Your Life Can Be Better strategies for adults with ADD available at, or (for e books) Also Living Daily With Adult ADD or ADHD: 365 Tips O the Day ( e-book). The Bully to be published in January, 2016
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3 Responses to The i phone and ADD: an adventure — ADDTip o the day 275

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  2. that’s great. i think i can get the hang of it, and perhaps then benefit as you do. but of course, i live in terror of losing it. I do see it as a great tool for ADD/ADHD
    thank you for commenting


  3. I LOVE my iPhone! I mean, REALLY, REALLY love it.

    It keeps my world put together… Everything is at my fingertips.

    For my ADD, I can plan things… I can set reminders, alarms, notes, lists, and I’ll never lose them!!!

    BEST ADHD tool in the world!


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