ADD and outdoors — ADD Tip o the day 184

When I am stressed, worried, feel overloaded, I look at the mountains and remark that they were here long before I came and they will be here long after I’m gone.  It helps put things in perspective.

When I am fishing, I don’t think deep philosophical thoughts about where the water comes from, or how it is flowing to the sea, or how the river is never the same twice; I merely enjoy the water.  It is stress relieving.

When I sit and watch the birds, which is not so easy to do if we have ADD or ADHD, I just enjoy them.  It is relaxing.  Sometimes I think that they are fully engaged in their lives, just as I am, and that their lives are short, just like mine.  But usually I just sit and watch.

Anything that reduces stress helps with ADD or ADHD symptoms.  Outdoors is one on the list of ten that helps.  I will write on structure next, the last one to cover.  Saying that adds some structure.


About doug with ADHD

I am a psychiatric physician. I learned I have ADHD at age 64, and then wrote two ADHD books for adults, focusing on strategies for making your life better. I just published my first novel, Alma Means Soul. Your Life Can Be Better; strategies for adults with ADD/ADHD available at, or (for e books) Living Daily With Adult ADD or ADHD: 365 Tips O the Day ( e-book). This is one tip at a time, one page at a time, at your own pace. It's meant to last a year. As a child, I was a bully. Then there was a transformation. Now I am committed to helping people instead abusing them. The Bully was published in January, 2016. It's in print or e book, on Amazon.
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