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Cards and Lists, Help for ADD ADHD, for Momma — ADD Tip o the Day 464

The Red Card Momma asked for details about how to use the card system for ADD ADHD.   So: First, red card for the to do list, limited to 5 things.  That’s the tasks for today, tho may not get all … Continue reading

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The Best ADD ADHD Post — ADD Tip o the Day 463

I just read what may be the best ADD ADHD post ever, from Homey (Patty).  I will not copy it here but give you the link.  It is great! overwhelmed by homey It’s worth it. doug other overwhelmed links (it’s … Continue reading

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Disorganized Follow Up —- ADD Tip o The Day 337

My friend doesn’t say that she has ADD or ADHD, just that she’s too disorganized to get organized, or actually, that she’s not compulsive enough.  I wrote about having an appointment book, with room for to do lists, etc, with … Continue reading

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Make up your mind — ADD tip o the day 168

Feeling overwhelmed again, lots to do, long to do list.  Those of us with ADD or ADHD have trouble setting priorities, but I was able to make a list of five, the five top things.  Good strategy, but it didn’t … Continue reading

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Stay ahead — ADD Tip o the day 92

The other day I noticed I was quite a bit ahead on my to do things, and how good it felt, comfortable and relaxed. The next day was the opposite, I was behind and feeling kind of pressured and overloaded.  … Continue reading

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