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Chaining in ADD ADHD — ADD Tip o the Day 510

            While working on the new book, Living Daily With Adult ADD.  I noticed that I was procrastinating on finishing the fifth draft,  when I only had a few more tips to edit.  I asked myself, … Continue reading

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Women and ADD ADHD — ADD Tip o the Day 506

Too Disorganized I enjoyed meeting again with my friend, the lovely lady who claims that she’s too disorganized to get organized, or to use any of the tips or strategies. She says she doesn’t have shirt pockets, although she guesses she … Continue reading

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Whining — ADD Tip o the day 204

Life can be hard.  Life with ADD or ADHD is harder than without it.  There are lots of things worse tho.  So, is this whining or just acknowledging facts? But life with ADD or ADHD can become a lot easier … Continue reading

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What could go wrong? — ADD Tip of the day 137

I noticed that there were some newspapers on the front  of the counter, and touching behind them a vase.  It suddenly occurred to me that if I accidentally bumped the newspapers they might knock over the vase which could break. … Continue reading

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Hurry!! — ADD Tip o the day 136

I sent the book to the publisher and they sent me back a sample chapter so I could check and revise the way they had set it up, the chapter headings etc.  I was very excited.  I was in a hurry … Continue reading

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